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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn asks Shauna what is wrong. She keeps repeating that Bill is Wyatt’s father! It’s not an illusion, it really happened. And she does not know why Shauna does not want Flo to know her father but she thinks by now it is time. Shauna says no, absolutely not, she will never know. Wyatt tells Flo that her dad does not have to be in the data base himself. He could come from Sweden and some fisherman there has kinfolk that is in the base. He could be tracked down from that. Wyatt tells her to dream big. And one thing they know he would be better if she were in his life. She thanks him for encouraging her and says she is really anxious now. He says his own life has changed a lot since finding his father. He will be there for her and not let her go it alone. Quinn always told him that his dad was dead so it wasn’t until Hope came into his life and wanted him to find his father. The truth was around his neck the whole time with the sword necklace and he didn’t even know it. There were some growing pains but so worth it. She will see as you are never too old to need your dad. He tells her that she is a adult now and she has every right to know. Her mother does not even have to know about it. There is half of her that she knows nothing about. So lay off that criminal aspect and think of the great guy he could be and happy to see her.

Bill tells Katie that he missed out in raising Liam and Wyatt and he regrets that. He won’t speak ill of Liam’s mother as she is dead but he will always hold it against Quinn that she did not tell him about Wyatt. That’s the only thing he has against Wyatt – his mother. He shows Katie some papers and says he has financial obligations to his son but not to Quinn so he just wants to make that clear. He says then instead of waiting for Will to arrange another meeting for them, he’d like to invite her out for dinner again. She says yes. Quinn apologizes to Shauna for being so nosy. Shauna leaves and asks Pam how to get to the bathroom. Bill walks in and wants to see Quinn. Bill smoozes with Pam for a lemon bar. Quinn has no time for him now and puts off signing the papers but he sticks around and insists it will only take a minute. Shauna comes back. Bill has his back turned. Shauna apologizes since she did not know Quinn was busy. Quinn tells her it is okay and says she might as well meet Wyatt’s dad, Bill Spencer. Bill turns around and says hello. Shauna says her name and says it is obvious he does not remember her. Flo checks all her e-mails and finally finds one that says they are processing her case. Wyatt says he is here for her, he has her back. She thanks him and gives him a kiss. Then apologizes but says it is bringing up a lot of memories. She loved him once and guesses she always will. Shauna chides Bill that it might have only been one night in Vegas but it was memorable. He probably never caught her name; he was too busy talking about himself and his jet, his money and the like. She lets him know that she has a beautiful daughter now just about Wyatt’s age. In fact they grew up together. Bill starts to deny whatever she is about to say and Quinn jumps in and says she needs to get this straight. Is Shauna saying……..Shauna says yes that Flo and Wyatt could be brother and sister.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Abe and Sheila get close but both end up accusing the other of going for a kiss until Eli and Lani walk in and introduce them to Jordan's baby son David which takes their attention away. Ted kisses Hope until she stops him and says she can't do this while Ted insists on questioning her marriage. Jennifer questions Jack and Eve about their engagement announcement, not believing that's what the rally was really about. Rafe goes to see Jordan and tells her that he can't bring her baby to her while she's in Bayview. Rafe tries to find out who David's father is but Jordan says he will not be involved and she also doesn't want Ben near her son. Jordan ends up asking Rafe to be David's temporary guardian.

Claire gets mad about Eve & Jack losing the video of Tripp saying his marriage to Haley is fake so Eve reassures her that they will still figure out a way to get rid of Haley. Jennifer continues questioning Jack, who insists that no one tells him what to do. Eli talks with Sheila about her and Abe. Sheila insists they aren't friends. Abe worries about Lani being around Jordan's son causing her to think of her own son David who died but Lani assures that her son is always in her heart.

Claire gets annoyed hearing Tripp and Haley talk about their wedding vows. JJ comforts Jennifer as she has to write an article about Eve and Jack getting married. Jack decides he and Eve will get married tomorrow on the same day as Tripp and Haley. Rafe goes to the Pub to get Jordan's son David since she asked him to take care of him. Hope tells Ted that she's not ready to give up on her marriage and apologizes for misleading him. Ted informs her that he's crazy in love with her and continues to encourage her as he believes she has feelings for him and he'll wait until she's willing to admit that to herself.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam goes to visit Kristina at DOD. Harmony also shows up for the ceremony for Kristina that night and the two look at each other as if they both know that the other knows they are up to no good. Shiloh visits Willow at school and Chase tells him he needs to back off. Sonny and Jason try to figure out a plan. Which ends with Sonny calling up Neal the therapist.

Alexis and Chase talk about Kristina and she is beyond worried. Finn attempts proposing to Anna but Robert won't leave them be. Peter and Maxie finally admit their feelings for one another just as Lulu comes to announce she will be leaving PC for a little bit. Peter wants Lulu to write a book about her experience the last year.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Victoria is angry at Billy showing up at her hotel. She tells him to order her room service and to be gone by the time she is done showering. Billy snoops while she is showering and find the note Brandon left her. He confronts Victoria when she returns and accuses her of hooking up with some random guy. Victoria reminds him she is single and the two argue and ultimately discuss their relationship. Victoria reminds Billy of how immature he has been in the past. She then tells him that he has broken her heart more times than she can count. Billy insists that they make each other better and that their relationship can work. They kiss until they are interrupted by a call from Brandon telling her about the poker game. Victoria hangs up and tells Billy that something is going on with her dad. At Rey’s apartment Sharon shows up with a copy of the ultrasound and demands answers. Rey admits that he didn’t tell her because he isn’t even sure the baby is his. He ends up telling her about Mia sleeping with Arturo. Rey assures her he wants a life with her, not, not Mia.

Elsewhere, out on the fire escape Tessa realizes she finally found her magic with her singing again and plays for Mariah. Mariah immediately calls Devon and begs for him to give Tessa a chance. Devon only agrees to consider it. That is enough for Tessa and Mariah. Later Sharon has summoned Mia to meet. The two meet at Crimson and argue until Mia feels a pain that could be something wrong with the baby. Sharon calls Rey and insists Mia go to the hospital. Meanwhile, Mariah and Tessa arrive at Crimson and Ana shows up to listen to Tessa sing. Once at the hospital a nervous Mia tries to get out of an ultrasound. Sharon is asked to leave however Rey arrives and Mia is all set for the ultrasound. She is quiet as the doctor gets ready for the test. To her utter surprise the doctor shows her the baby on the ultrasound. Mia is stunned but covers it. The doctor later tells her she is 12 weeks pregnant!

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