The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/5/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill is working when Justin comes in and Bill calls him grandma and tells him to stop worrying about his love life. He could ask him the same about him and Donna. Will comes in on a skateboard followed by Katie. Will sits on his dad’s knee and asks Justin if lawyers make a lot of money. Justin says yes, just depends on what kind of law they are in. Will wants to keep his options open. Quinn gushes to Eric about Shauna, her best friend when the kids were young before they left Las Vegas. She texted her so they could meet up again and found just by happenstance that she is now in Los Angeles so they are going to meet up again. Pam walks in and announces Shauna is there. She and Quinn are delighted to see each other and Shauna is impressed that she is married to Eric Forrester. He says he is the lucky one as Quinn is the light of his life. Eric has a conference call coming in so he leaves them alone to gossip. Quinn goes on and on about her daughter, Flo, and what a gorgeous woman she has become. Then she starts in on Wyatt and all the positive things that have happened in his life. Shauna pulls out an old photo album and they walk down memory lane. Shauna is happy that Quinn found all of this and no, there is no one special in her life right now. Quinn gets around to the changes in Wyatt’s life when he came to L.A. he found his father and was welcomed by open arms. Shauna says she thought he was dead. Quinn says he was to her. She understands that Flo does not know yet who her father is but perhaps it is time.

Wyatt stops by Flo’s and says he probably should have called first but she says no as long as that extra coffee is for her. He tells her that Sally is out of town seeing her Grams and he thought he would check on Flo to see if she had heard anything about her DNA test but she replies no not yet. He says more and more these DNA tests have become popular so you never know when they find a relative in the data base and go from there. So try not to pre-worry about it. She says she has no pre-conceived notions of her finding some rich, famous father. She would just like to meet and talk to him. Bill tells Will that he needs to tell him something. He would never say never but he has learned that determination is not only up to him but up to the other person involved too. He looks at Katie. As they talk more, Quinn says every time she mentions Flo and her father then Shauna turns green. Quinn says she can understand as Wyatt’s father was a jerk from way back and she wanted nothing to do with him so she only accepted him now for Wyatt’s sake. Shauna asks about him and does she know him. Quinn says perhaps as he is mega rich and famous. His name is Bill Spencer. Shauna practically turns green again and she mentions his name twice and can't believe this is Wyatt’s father.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack and Abe argued over the way Jack has become. Jack couldnít wait to beat him in the election. When Abe walked away from him, Jennifer wanted to talk. She told him that the Spectator was backing Abe. Jack wasnít surprised. When Jack said that Haley was using their son and nephew, Jennifer thought that he cared. JJ told Tripp and Haley that Claire had the lighter Ben used to burn down the cabin. JJ wondered if Claireís lighter was the one that burned down the cabin. When he was about to take it, Claire walked in and wondered what he was doing. She tried to keep him from taking the lighter. Tripp said that they owed it to Ciara to find out if she was dating the guy who burned down the cabin. Claire agreed to let him take the lighter. Rafe told Hope that Jordan had a baby. He left the baby with Eli. Lani bonded with the baby. Ted wanted to know who Jordanís babyís father was. Ted wanted to know what they were going to do with the baby. Abe talked to Sheila about Jack and the election. Hope said she would call CPS, but Rafe didnít want her to. Lani continued to bond over David (Jordanís baby). JJ saw them with the baby. When she left, JJ showed Eli the lighter.

Rafe thought it would be too hard for Jordan to get David back if he is in the system. Rafe wanted Ted to leave them alone. Rafe and Hope talked about their anniversary plans. Eve didnít like seeing Jennifer getting closer to Jack. Eve took Jack away from Jennifer and told him to stay away from her. Rafe and Hope argued over him not wanting to turn the baby in. JJ showed up at Jack and Eveís rally. Claire showed up at the rally too. At the press conference, Eve brought up Haley getting deported. Haley and Tripp were at the press conference. The crowd wanted Haley to get deported. Hope told Rafe that he keeps putting people before her. She told him that every time she turned around, he was with an ex. He told her that she was always with Ted. Sheila told Abe that they could get Eve away from Jack. She thought that Jack would change if he were with Jennifer. Abe didnít want Jennifer with this Jack. Sheila said she would come up with another plan. Rafe asked Eli and Lani if they could watch David a little longer while he went to see Jordan. Eli didnít want to, but Lani did. She was happy to spend more time with him. Ted found Hope at Dougís Place. He wanted to know where Rafe was. He assumed that Rafe was with Jordan. He asked if she was okay. He kissed her. The footage that Eve wanted to show at the press conference didnít play. Eve told everyone that she and Jack were getting married.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis tries her best to figure out what is next in her life and Michael and Jack both offer sympathetic ears for her to discuss her problems.Phyllis asks Jack to let go of Fenmore's so she and Lauren can run it together but Jack explains he can't do that since Fenmore's is the key to Jabot shifting its focus to fashion. Jack tells Phyllis its nothing personal because she is sure to land on her feet. Phyllis thinks that Jack is the only man that has truly understood her and tells him that he will be the first to know when she decides the next step in hetells Mattir life. The Newman siblingsdecide that the best way to forget about their problems is to sleep with someone new, Nick sleeps with Rebekah Barlow and Victoria sleeps with Brandon Rose the lead singerfor the Bloody Thorns.. Victoria however discovers Bily at her hotel room door shortly after Brandon has left and she is confronted with the reality she doesn't want to face. Traci helps Cane face reality that he and Lily have changed a lot and maybe Lily was unhappy before she went to prison she just could never find the words to tell him how she felt. Cane tells Charlie amd Mattie that he and Lily are getting a divorce and she is moving to another town after her early release from prison. Cane then meets with Michael to sign the divorce papers that put an end to his marriage.

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