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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge continue to talk about her fears that Taylor keeps wanting to push Hope together with Thomas, leaving Liam for Steffy. Thomas walks in and hears and tells them that Douglas left the door open but he’s down at the cabin. He does not want to impose on Hope as he knows she has her own problems right now. Brooke says she would never feel that way about Douglas so she will always be there for him. Douglas does walk in on Hope who has been alone and moping around while thinking of rocking little Beth. She immediately perks up when Douglas enters and he tells her he is especially missing his mommy today. He hopes they can go skateboarding. Hope tells him later when he can ask his dad if it is okay. Sally laments to Quinn that she does not expect them to be Forrester’s next dream team but she would like to know how Quinn feels about her being with Wyatt. Quinn says all she really wants is for Wyatt to be happy. Sally quickly replies that is all she wants too and she is committed to him and that happening. When Eric comes in Sally says she needs a favor. She would like just a little time off to go see her Grams. Quinn quips she has barely started work and now asking for time off. Eric chimes in that of course it is okay. He hopes nothing is wrong with her grandmother. Later Eric asks Quinn about the tension between her and Sally. She says oh she likes her enough to work with her and she will like her for Wyatt’s sake. But she finds it hard to believe that Eric forgave Sally for stealing his designs. Both he and Wyatt had big hearts. She says she just found out that a girl that Wyatt used to be very fond of is in town and Quinn and her mother were the best of friends. Eric sees where this is headed.

Meanwhile Wyatt tells Flo that it turned out so well for him when he found his father so if she is still interested he would be happy to help her. They go and buy a DNA test kit. It might not work if her dad is not registered but she could find a sibling or some kinfolk that would lead them to the father. Reluctantly Flo says sometimes the best of intentions do not turn out well. Thomas finds his way down to the cabin and Douglas runs into his arms. He wants to catch some beetles outside. They go into the cabin and Hope says maybe they should leave the beetles outside. Alone with Hope, Thomas tells her she has made such a difference in Douglas and now it is over bugs. Thomas tells Hope one of the nice things he remembers when he dated her is her goodness and sincerity and he knows Douglas feels that too. He is so grateful. While Wyatt is still there Flo calls her mother who is happy to hear from her. That happiness soon turns sour though when Flo says remember when Wyatt lost his father a number of years ago. His mother had not told him the entire truth and now he has a wonderful father and she would like to find hers. Shauna says they do not talk about that man. There is nothing good about him. Wyatt reminds Flo that she is a grown woman now and has that right and she agrees that she thinks it is time.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Ben and Ciara that Jordan had a baby. Ben and Ciara were skeptical about the baby. Ted gave Abe his resignation. Abe was upset that Hope kept the fact that he is a blackmailer from him. Ted told him not to blame Hope. Abe said he blamed himself. While they were talking, Jack and Eve showed up and asked them if Ted was quitting. Haley was nervous about meeting ICE with Tripp. Abe told Jack and Eve that he was having a private conversation with his employee. Eve and Jack told him how this was the second one to resign. They wanted to know why Ted was quitting. They wanted to know what Abe was doing. Hope told Ben and Ciara that Rafe went to California to find Jordanís baby. Ben understood that Jordan wouldnít tell him about the baby. Ciara thought that it was possible that Jordan set the first fire that almost killed her. Hope left Benís place. JJ told Tripp that he wanted to see Claire. Tripp wanted to know why. Claire ended up showing up. Tripp apologized for leaving Claire. Haley apologized to her too. Tripp and Haley left to meet ICE. JJ told Claire that he came to see her about her lighter. Abe told Jack and Eve that Ted was quitting. They wanted to know why he was letting Ted go. Abe said that Ted thought they would come after him for being an immigrant. He also said he wasnít accepting Tedís resignation. When they left, Ted wanted to know why he helped him. Abe said that they would have ruined his campaign. He told him to do his job and keep his mouth shut. Claire asked JJ if he went through her jewelry box. He told her the lighter reminded him of the lighter Ben used when Abby and Chad were in the cabin. She asked if it was the same lighter. He thought it might have been a coincidence. He said he heard that Jordan didnít set the fire. Claire asked if he thought it was her.  Haley and Tripp met with Laverne (the ICE agent). She told them that she didnít buy one bit of the case.

Haley and Tripp told Laverne about their relationship. Laverne asked him if he had a girlfriend. He told her that he and Claire broke up. Laverne questioned him about the things Claire posted about him. She thought that Claire was in love with him. He said that he was on the rebound when he hooked up with Claire. Laverne asked Haley about living with JJ. Haley said they were just friends. Laverne asked why she kissed him. Claire was upset that JJ accused her of setting the fire. JJ said he wasnít accusing her. He said Ben was staying there and might have left the lighter there. She told him that she started smoking. He asked if the lighter was Benís. She thought it could have been. JJ thought it could be evidence that Ben started the fire. He said he needed to go to the police with that. Ben talked to Ciara about Jordan and how she helped him. Ciara told Ben to think of the good things about Jordan. They continued to talk about Jordan. Ted went to see Hope. She told him not to quit because of her. He told her that he didnít quit so she was stuck with him. Jack and Eve talked to Abe about his stance on immigration. They told him that Haley and Tripp were meeting with ICE. They said they knew their relationship was a lie. Abe wanted to know how. Haley told Laverne that JJ kissed her. Laverne wanted to know what happened. Haley said it was a friendly kiss. Haley told her that she fell in love with Tripp. She said she was lucky that Tripp wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Laverne said he may had to do it in China. Ted told Hope about his conversation with Abe about why he stayed. Ted didnít want to cause problems. She told him that he wasnít. She told him that Rafe went to California to find Jordanís baby. She told him that Rafe and Jordan used to date. Ben told Ciara that he had to go after the drug cartel to protect Chloe and the kids. Ciara didnít want him to go, but he said he had to. JJ asked Claire if he could take the lighter to the police station. Before she could answer him, Tripp and Claire showed up. They told Claire and JJ what happened during the ICE meeting. Jack and Eve asked Abe if he thought Haley and Tripp were in love. Abe told them that Jack wasnít the man he used to be. He said Jack would have been the one to help Haley. Abe wanted to know where the old Jack was. He said if this was the man he has become, he might as well have stayed dead. Rafe came back to Salem. He found Ted with Hope. She asked if it was a wild goose chase. He said it wasnít. JJ wanted to know what Haley told ICE. She said that it was one-sided and that she was in love with Tripp. Claire wondered if the agent would put the brakes on the marriage if she didnít believe them. Tripp said that they passed. Their marriage had to look real in order to pull it off. Claire asked if he was going to marry Haley. He said that was the plan. Claire wanted to digest the news. Tripp wanted to talk to her. Eve told Abe that he was threatened by Jack. Claire called Eve and told her to release the recording of Tripp and Haleyís lie.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Joss and Oscar have a date at the footbridge. Oscar plays their song and they dance to it. Oscar passes out and Joss calls 911. Carly is already at the hospital discussing her baby with Epiphany when Joss calls her in panic. Kim and Drew are shocked to hear that Oscar is at the hospital already as well. They are told by Terry without Joss that Oscar may not wake up from this.

Julian visits Ava who has gotten a new security system. She thinks that Ryan is going to come after her. Jordan has dinner with Curtis and Stella who want to her to relax from her job. Jordan gets a call about Ryan and goes to visit Ava. She has news about. Ryan who has been found. Kevin goes to visit Laura and Lulu shows up freaked out that it is Ryan. Kevin later finds out he has been suspended from GH.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane and Lily have a long talk and in the end Lily persudes Cane that even though they love each other their love isn't enough to save their marriage. Lily tells Cane that she is getting an early release from prison because of her work with the prisoners. Lily plans to start over in a new place althugh she doesn't know where that place will be yet. Cane blames Billy for the end of his marriage and the two almost get into a fight because Cane thinks that if Billy hadn't told Lily about him kissing Victoria he and Lily would still be married. Traci stops things before Billy and Cane get into a fight abnd she drives Cane ho,me and gives him coffee as she listens to him talk about the end of his marriage. Billy persudes Rebecca Barlow to be a consultant to Jabot for six months as the company shifts its focus from cosmetics and fragrances to fashion. Rebecca is happy about the deal especially when she runs into Nick later and he tells her that he and Phyllis aren't together anymore. Nick asks Rebecca for a date when he finds out she will be around more often since she will be working for Jabot. Dina gets confused and thinks that Kyle is Jack and Summer is Ashley so Kyle and Summer go along and Summer manages to calm down Dina and Kyle is touched by Summer's kindness to Dina. Kyle late thanks Summer for her help with Dina and contributing new ideas to Jabot. Summer tells Kyle that she feels hurt thatKyle still has pictures of Lola on his phone so Kyle deletes Lola's pictures and contact information from his phone to please Summer. Ashley sends Jack a gift basket of all the cosmetics that the real Kerry Johnson developed for Jabot and the card inside tells him that the best thing for Jabot would be a merger. Nick offers Sharon Abby's old job as head of PR and tells her that in addition to her job she could work with the company's charities but Sharon reuses the job because she wants to concentrate on her relationship with Rey. Rey calls Mia's doctor to ask about her pregnancy and later Sharon goes to Rey's place and finds a sonagram of Mia's baby.

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