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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally and Wyatt stop by Forrester and Eric welcomes her back if she is sure this is what she wants for her athletic line. Eric and Quinn wonder what Bill thinks of this. Wyatt speaks up and says he really did not want a fashion house anyway so he will be okay. Sally and Eric shake hands to make it official. Liam drops by Brooke’s and she mentions Hope being at work for a little while but she did drop in to make sure Douglas had his favorite cereal for breakfast. He says he is glad she is there for Douglas; they are good for each other. Brooke responds and says so does Taylor but it doesn’t stop there. She really thinks Thomas should be part of the picture with Hope. Liam is not shocked or even upset. He says everyone is trying to tell them how to run their lives. At work Hope tells Zoe that it is a good thing they hired her as it seems now with Thorne gone that she is the team. Zoe tells her she wondered about that if there was even still a team. And what if Hope got busy with being pregnant again. Hope says that is not likely to happen. Zoe goes to Bikini and of course to see Flo. She tells Flo quite emphatically that she thinks her dad is right and that she should go back to Vegas. They spar with words when Zoe says she just saw Hope and she is back at work. And Steffy has Phoebe/Beth in Europe along with Taylor so all is working out fine.

Sally seeks out Quinn and asks if they are going to be working together. Not too friendly, Quinn says probably not as jewelry and yoga pants don’t mix. Sally mentions Wyatt and Quinn says he has had many wonderful women in and out of his life and even some not so wonderful casting an eye at Sally. Sally assures her that she is in love with him and will do all she can to keep him happy. Wyatt comes to Bikiki just as he sees Zoe leaving. He asks Flo if she was giving her a bad time. Flo says no, she can handle her. He also says he saw her #1 fan this morning, his mom. And it meant so much to him when he finally found out Bill was his father and that he belonged to somebody. If Flo would like to find her father he’d be happy to help. Ridge is not happy to hear Brooke say she had a little chat with Liam and warned him about Taylor’s wishes for Hope and Thomas. Hope walks in on her mother and Liam with her holding his hands. Later she asks what did her mother want, probably something like he has not done something for her that she thinks he should. He said they were talking about her, how much he loves her and he is not going anywhere. He tells Hope that he loves her, wants to always be her husband and someday when they are ready they will have another baby. She thinks twice to have failed she is not meant to be a mother. He reminds her how great she is with Phoebe, Kelly and even Douglas. She is meant to be a mother. She says perhaps that is her purpose in life to help with other’s kids. He won’t buy that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady wanted Gabi to help him get Stefan. She wasnít willing to do it unless he had a plan. He told her he had a plan. Eric and Sarah talked about her marrying Rex. Maggie talked to Rex about him cheating on Sarah. Maggie didnít want him to marry Rex. Kate tried to convince Victor to hire her. While Maggie and Rex were talking, she let it slip that Sarah had feelings for Eric. Rex thought it was a crush and wanted to know what Sarah told her. Eli and Lani went to the DiMera mansion and told them that they had witnesses who were able to identify the drug cartel. Eli said Stefan already knew that. Chloe wanted to know if he knew about it. Lani wanted to know why he kept it from them.  Kate told Victor that her working for him would be the best way to take down Stefan. Eli and Lani showed Chloe pictures of guys who could have been watching her. Chloe recognized some of the people. Brady thought Stefan losing Chloe would tear him apart. Brady wanted Gabi to seduce him. Rex wanted to know what Sarah told Maggie. Maggie told him to ask Sarah. Rex said that Sarah kissed Eric, but wanted to know what else happened. Eric wanted Sarah to have what she wanted. He wanted to know how Maggie felt about the wedding. She said Maggie had her concerns. She wanted to know how he felt. He said he was happy if she was happy.

Maggie told Rex that Eric was good to Sarah. Rex reminded her that Eric killed Daniel. Maggie said she forgave Eric. She didnít know if she could trust Rex. Eric told Sarah that he told Brady that Rex knew the truth. She wanted to know what Brady thought. He said that it would be his fault if something happened to Holly. Eric agreed that he would blame himself if something happened. Chloe said she recognized the men. Eli and Lani said they couldnít arrest them because of Stefan and Ben keeping it from them that they were in town. Chloe asked them to do what they could. They said they would be in touched with her. When Eli and Lani left, she asked Stefan if he was trying to get her killed. Gabi couldnít believe that Brady would want her to seduce him. She said Stefan disgusted her. He told her that she could control DiMera. He told her that she married him and controlled DiMera. He said once she did all of that, they would burn him. Victor wanted to know what Kateís agenda was with Stefan. She wanted to team up and give him a lesson. Chloe told Stefan that the police were trying to help them. He said they werenít going to help them. He said he would protect her. He told her that they would be good together. Gabi told Brady that he sounded crazy. Brady told her that Stefan would want to be with her if she showed him attention. He said she could kiss him. She told him that she already did. She said it shocked him. She told him what happened after she kissed Stefan. Brady thought it was perfect. She said she hated him. He wanted her to look at the good things. She wanted to know what he was suggesting. He said she probably wouldnít have kissed him if she didnít want to. Rex told Maggie that her opinion didnít matter since Sarah accepted his proposal. Maggie told him that Eric was a factor. She said that Sarah could be marrying him to get over someone else. She said he shouldnít want that. Kate told Victor that it would be better to have her working with him than against him. She reminded him of how great of a team they made. He said he remembered. She told him that he lost his edge when he married Maggie. Rex continued to talk about Sarah and Eric. Stefan told Chloe how much he wanted to be with her. She told him that they would talk about it once the drug cartel was caught. Gabi said that she wasnít interested in Stefan. He said that it was irrelevant. He said Stefan wanted her. She wanted to know why Stefan would want to marry her. He told her that Stefan wanted a family. She didnít think it would work. He thought she wanted to do it or she would have walked away. He wished her luck. Rex walked in on Eric and Sarah holding hands. Rex wanted to know if he was interrupting. Kate reminded Victor of the way she treats him whenever he shows his old side. He didnít want her talking about Maggie. She wanted to team up and take on the world. Maggie showed up while they were talking. When Kate left, Maggie wanted to know what Kate wanted. Brady went to see Chloe. She told him that Stefan was trying to keep her safe. He said he was okay with it. She wondered if he was going to stop meddling in her life. He said he would back off. Gabi went to see Stefan and got him to sign paperwork. He brought up how they kissed. He said she couldnít stop thinking about it. She said he couldnít forget about it. Eric and Sarah told Rex that they were talking about Chloe. Rex asked if he knew about the great news. Eric said he did. Rex kissed Sarah which made Eric uncomfortable.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kristina gives Shiloh the tape for DOD. Shiloh explains that she will need to give him ten thousand dollars to continue on. Kristina agrees but goes to Julian for the money. He offers to help out. Michael tries to talk with her but she really doesn't want to listen. Sam goes to the DOD house and is blind folded. Something that Shiloh later watches while alone. Margaux then shows up for a class herself. Sonny and Jason try to figure out the best way to get rid of Shiloh.

Elizabeth makes Franco have the sex talk with Cam. Franco is obnoxious in telling Cam things that he is already aware of. Cam is almost late for community service because of it. Joss and Oscar go to the footbridge and put a lock on it. They declare their love is forever.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah gets Tessa's guitar out of the pawn shop and gives it back to her but Tessa is frustrated when she has songwriting block. Mariah encourages Tessa to sing her old songs and play her guitar and have fun. Mariah catches Sharon abd Rey at Sharon's house in the middle of theirsecond date. Mariah is worried about Sharon rushing into thingsand after questioning Rey like a detectiveshe advises Sharon not to do anything crazy.Victoria is acting very strangely in Las Vegas usingthe nake Jenny she meets Brandon the lead singer of a band called the Bloody Thorns and she decides to go listen to his band play. Victiria brings the band back to her hotel room for a party. Victiria tells Brandon her name is Jenny and she is an artist in town for an art show. Brandon likes the story but he knows her real identity and gives her his phone number in case she wants to callhim again. Devon bondswith Elena while they listen to Demos together they talk briefly about their lives and Elena tells her she left the residency program because she didn't get along with the cheif resident. Kyle and Summer make love but later when Summer wakes up she finds Kyle gone and Lola's picture pulled up on his phone.Summer finds Kyle downstairs talking stratagey with Jack and Billy about how to concentrreate on Jabot's fashion line in order to give them time to get the cosmetics line going again. Summerand Kyle suggests that Jabot use social mediainfluencers and bloggersto give their opinions on Jabot fashon that way the fashion line gets free publicity. Summer is looking online to see how other companies are using social media when she sees a picture of Victoria with the lead singer of the Bloody Thorns and shows it to Billy. Billy can't shake the feeling there is something seriously wrong with Victoria despite the fact that Jack tells him Victoria is just blowing off some steam.

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