The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/2/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill assures Will that he is not mad at him for buying an expensive meal and setting him and Katie up. Just call it the power of family. He knew it had to be Will as the clowns were not that clever. Will takes after the master. Brooke tells Ridge again that the nerve of that woman – Taylor working so hard to get Hope out of Liam’s life and into Thomas’s. Hope, Thomas and Douglas as a family is ridiculous. Ridge says he set Taylor straight. She says good. She thinks Hope and Douglas can heal together because of their losses but her being with Thomas is just not going to happen. Ridge tells Thomas that he can stay here as long as he wants. Thomas thanks him as it feels like home. He’s trying to be the best father he can be but it is really hard on Douglas without a mother. He just wants to ease his pain. He does not think he can do it alone. Ridge says he knows and that is where Thomas comes in. He is a good dad but he needs to tell Douglas stories so he always knows who his mother was and will remember her. Thomas says he is glad that Douglas has Hope. She is so kind and patient. He is glad Douglas has her support. Ridge says he knows but keep this is mind. She is a married woman. She is married to Liam. Thomas says he does not have to be reminded, there is no confusion. Ridge gives him a big hug and says he loves him.

Brooke speaks with Hope who tells her that Douglas wanted to call her mommy. Brooke says she is glad she is a comfort to Douglas but keep in mind he is not her child and she should not use him as a substitute for Beth. She will have another child of her own when the time is right. Meantime just concentrate on her marriage and Liam. Hope says she doesn’t think that time will ever come for another baby. She tried that and it did not turn out well. Bill tells them the party is over now that they have found the matchmaker. It was the most enjoyable meal he has had in a long time. But the fun is over. He tells all to go home. Donna says she lives here so he tells Justin to take her out and take Wyatt with them. Wyatt says ordinarily he would be offended but in this case he isn’t. Almost as soon as they leave a delivery is made. It's a big box of cookies to William Spencer. Bill hollers up to Will to come down. Will says he forgot to tell them he ordered dessert, his mom’s favorite chocolate chip cookies with big green dollar bill signs on them. They all dig in. Will goes back up to bed leaving Katie and Bill gazing at each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric met Brady so they he could tell him that he wasnít going to be blackmailed. Brady threatened to tell Rex that he was making out with Sarah. Eric told him that Rex knew. They argued about Eric kissing Sarah. Brady thought that he loved her. Gabi and Sonny were worried about Will. Sonny didnít believe that Will was cursed. Eric called Brady out for not caring about Holly. Eric thought Brady was only concerned with Chloe staying with Stefan. Brady told him that he and Chloe were friends unlike him and Sarah. Sarah went to see Maggie and Victor. Sarah told them that she was getting married. Victor kept making snide remarks about Sarah being with Xander. Sarah told them that she was marrying Rex. Rex went to see Will and told him that he had an elevated white blood cell count. Gabi and Sonny talked about Stefan and how he accused her of having feelings for him. She told Sonny that she kissed Stefan. Sonny wanted to know how stupid she was. Chloe talked to Stefan about what happened with Gabi. He said he let her have it for telling Brady that they kissed. He said Gabi was jealous of her. He told her that Gabi kissed him.

Gabi told Sonny that she wasnít interested in Stefan. Stefan told Chloe that he wasnít interested in Gabi. Chloe didnít believe it. Maggie wanted to know if Sarah was sure that she wanted to marry Rex. Sarah didnít want to talk about it. Maggie brought up Eric. Sarah told her that Rex knew the truth. Maggie told her that she was getting married for all the wrong reasons. Brady argued with Eric over Nicole and how he took her from him. Brady also threw up what happened to Daniel in his face. Eric told him that he wasnít going to help him with Chloe. Sonny tried to warn Gabi about the kind of man Stefan was. He told her to look at what he did to Abby. Gabi brought up what she did to Abby. Brady sent Gabi a text so she had to leave. Maggie told Sarah that she said yes to Rex because of Eric. Sarah said it wasnít true. She said she loved Rex. Eric talked to Roman about Rex. Roman told him that Rex and Sarah were engaged. Eric said he was happy for him. Roman wanted to know how he felt. Kate ran into Victor at the town square. She told him that she would consider an offer to work for Titan. He told her that he didnít trust her. He reminded her of how she tried to kill him. She said that was in the past. He told her that she would work at Titan over his dead body. Gabi met Brady. She told him that Stefan was watching her. Brady wanted her to stop Stefan from making moves on Stefan.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis gathers the citizens of PC together for the final will reading of Gail Baldwin. She has sent them all on a scavenger hunt to find envelopes throughout the hospital. Monica and Leslie go to the old cafeteria which is now the locker room. They bicker like old times and Leslie calls Monica a slut. They realize they both ended up with the right men though. Bobbie and Felicia remember Tony together and remember him giving Maxie, BJ's heart. Carly tells Bobbie she is pregnant.

Scott and Laura remember how they met. Laura and Sonny have a moment where they remind each other how fond they are of their friendship. Lucy finds her old gowns from the nurses ball and finds a pocket square the belonged to Alan. She gives it to Monica. Lucy helps Kevin find his way and sends him to Laura. They all find their envelopes only to discover confetti inside. Gail just wanted them to all be together. Scott unveils a photo of her on the memorial wall.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer tells Phyllis that she was Lola's donor and Phyllis is hurt that she is the last person to find out about the surgery. Phyllis quickly figures out that Kyle married Summer so she would be Lola's donor. Phyllis tries to get Summer to realize that Kyle still loves Lola but Summer remains determined that Kyle loves her he just hasn't realized it yet. Lauren agrees to let Phyllis have a minority stake in Fenmore's if Phyllis gives her the rest of the money she needs to buy Fenmore's from Jabot. Lauren wants Michael to fix his strained relationship with Fen and try harder to support his dream to be a singer. Jett and Elena move into the penthouse and Ana bonds with her father by singing one of his songs while he plays the piano. Abby turns down an offer from Ashley to work for her in Paris and be her right hand because she wants to concentrate on the restaurant. Jack refuses Ashley's offer to merge Jabot with her company and challenges her by telling her to run her company and he will run Jabot and they will see who makes more profit. Ashley and Jack toast with champagne as she accepts his challenge and the battle between the Abbott siblings starts again.

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