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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas watches as Hope holds Douglas tightly and tells him that she knows he misses his mom but she will always watch over him. He says he is afraid that something will happen to Hope too. Brooke tells Ridge that he can’t just drop this on her and not tell her what it is. He hesitates but finally says that Taylor thinks Douglas ought to spend more time with Hope. Hope tells Douglas they can spend time playing, watching movies and talking about his mom in heaven talking to her Beth. Bill and Katie finish their exquisite dinner and he says it is time to finally find out who keeps setting them up. Wyatt shows up at Katie’s with Donna and Justin still there playing with Will. Wyatt says he got a text from his dad to meet him here. Bill shows up and Katie says one of them is playing matchmaker so fess up. Justin replies that to stop looking at him, he knows better. If anyone is setting them up it certainly isn’t him. Brooke tells Ridge that she agrees with Taylor that it is good for Hope and Douglas to be close now but then she is shocked when she realizes Taylor wants not only for her to be a mother figure for Douglas but with Thomas too. She says unbelievable, the nerve of that woman. She knows what she is after, to split up Hope and Liam.

Thomas tells Hope that she is good for Douglas but she can kick them out any time she wants. She says they are always welcome. He says he does not know what her beliefs are but he is sure that Caroline would approve of her looking out for Douglas. Douglas wants to know more about angels. Hope spends a few minutes by saying they may not have a body but they have a heart and any time he wants to talk to his mommy all he has to do is close his eyes and think of her and they can talk with each other. Before Bill is through questioning all Will says he thinks he will go to bed. Then it dawns on Bill – William Spencer, hmmmm. He and Katie show up at Will’s bedside and say they wanted to tuck him in. He likes that as it is like old times. Bill said they had a great dinner and it only cost him $3000 not including. Will blurts out he did not know it would cost $3000. Bill says busted! Katie says it is only natural that he would want his parents back together. He says he just wanted to do something nice for them so they could see how much they really liked each other. Could it really happen that they would get back together. Bill says he is very proud of Will as he made a power play. Lots of people have ideas and never follow through on it. He cannot answer that question if they will get back together as there are no guarantees in life but anything is possible. He shoots a dart at Katie who has tears down her face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara and Ben went to see Hope to find out what Jordan said. Hope didnít know what she was talking about. Ciara said that Jordan didnít set the fire that almost killed her. JJ started to suspect that Claire started the fire on the cabin. Claire was upset that Tripp was going to leave to check on Haley. Tripp told Claire that Jack and Eve were at the loft and were asking Haley questions about the marriage. When Claire wasnít happy, he reminded her that she was supposed to be on board for the marriage. Claire was okay with him leaving. She offered to go with him. He didnít think it was a good idea. Jack and Eve watched the recording that Claire made of them together. Eve wanted to call a press conference, but he didnít want to do that. He said he had a better idea. Melinda went to see Haley at the loft. Rafe didnít know what baby Jordan was talking about. She told him that she had a baby. JJ talked to Kayla about Jordan not setting the first fire to the cabin. He told her that he found a lighter in Claireís jewelry box. He said it was the same lighter he found when Ben tried to kill Abby. Kayla wondered if he was accusing Claire of setting the fire. Tripp didnít want Claire going with him in case Jack and Eve had someone watching him. Tripp promised to make the night up to Claire. Jordan told Rafe that her son is in California. Rafe wondered why she left him alone. She said that she didnít want Ben to get to him. She said she wanted to go home to her baby. She needed him to help her. Claire called Eve and told her that she needed to see her. Eve thought she was with Tripp. Claire said she was until Haley called. Claire said it was her fault. Melinda told Haley that her marriage was a mistake. Haley thought that she didnít care if she got deported. Melinda said she did care. Ciara and Ben wanted to know if Hope talked to Rafe. They wanted to know what Jordan told Rafe. When Hope tried to imply that Ben set the fire, Ciara told her not to accuse him. She didnít want her to believe Jordan over him. Jordan asked Rafe to go find her baby. JJ continued to talk to Kayla about Claire setting the fire. When Eve and Jack showed up at the Inn, Claire blamed then for ruining her romantic evening. Claire told her that she wanted that footage revealed tonight. When Tripp came back to the loft, Melinda warned him and Haley not to get married. When he said he wouldnít turn his back on Haley the way Melinda did, she left the loft. He apologized to Haley for talking to Melinda the way he did. She loved what she did. Ciara told Hope that she and Ben were back together. Hope didnít want her to go to the DiMera mansion. Ciara refused to listen. Rafe wanted to know where he would find Jordanís baby. She asked if he wouldnít tell anyone. She didnít want anyone to go with him. He agreed not to say anything. She wanted him to bring her baby back so she could hold him.

Kayla told JJ that there were different reasons why Claire would have the lighter. He said he would go to the loft and talk to her to see why she had the lighter. Tripp tried to make Haley feel better about Jack and Eve harassing her. Haley told him that he could leave, but he didnít want to. Ben told Ciara that he was worried that she would think that he set the fire since Hope did. Rafe went to the police station and told Hope that Jordan had a baby. Claire wanted to expose Haley now, but Jack said he had another plan. Claire wanted to know the plan. Eve said Jack thought that they should release the video after Tripp and Haley met with ICE. Claire couldnít wait that long. She wondered what would happen if she lost Tripp forever. Tripp and Haley talked about JJ and how he exposed her secret. Kayla asked JJ how things were going with Haley. He said he couldnít believe what Jack did. Hope couldnít believe that Jordan had a baby. Rafe said that the baby was staying with a friend. He told her that Jordan asked him to find her baby and he promised that he would. Eve tried to comfort Claire about Tripp. Claire was worried that she would lose Tripp. Eve told her that she reminded her of Paige. Ciara told Ben that she believed in him. She believed that he didnít set the fire that almost killed her. Hope told Rafe that he couldnít find the baby. She told him that she needed him here with her. He said it wasnít a big deal because Ted was going to be there. Hope told him that Ted quit so she wouldnít lose her job. He said that Ted left so he wouldnít get fired. Rafe thought that Ted was interested in her. She asked if he was going to look for Jordanís son. He said he was. He said he was leaving tomorrow.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Kevin goes to court and Lucy is the only one there for him. Franco tells him that he cannot believe he used him as a way to look into his brother's mental issues. Nora represents him in court. Nora and Lucy convince him not to plead guilty which he ends up listening to the advice of. His bail is paid and Lucy tells him that it wasn't her. Laura and Alexis meet to discuss her divorce. Laura ends up paying for Kevin's bail in private. Franco and Elizabeth try to get passed what Kevin did. Alexis finds them and says that Gail's will reading will be held tomorrow.

Carly and Sonny show up at Lulu's house. She explains that he has left town and she has no idea when he will be back. Carly tries to help her work through this while Sonny plays with Rocco. Maxie and Peter try to expose Sasha and Valentin but the DNA test results say Sasha is her daughter. Nina gets upset and storms off. Valentin makes up a string of lies to keep him in the clear. Maxie goes to see Lulu but ends up helping her out instead as she cries.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Phyllis, Billy, Jack and Lauren are all at Jabot, shortly joined by Kerry. Ashley finally makes her appearance and her and Kerry hug. It is relayed that Kerry is actually Dominique with Kerry/Dominique then speaking in a British accent. She is now off to Paris and bids Jack farewell. Jack follows after her and confronts her wanting to know if he meant anything to him. She tells him her feelings were separate and invites him to go away with her to Paris. Jack tells her he won’t go anywhere with her and she wishes him luck in his battle with Ashley. Jack joins the rest of the group followed by Kyle and Abbey. Ashley confirms that Kerry has been working with her all along at her company in Paris. All the products Kerry worked on are owned by Ashley’s company, Premier Cosmetics. She taunts Phyllis for making it so easy to deceive them. She also outs Kyle and Billy’s plan to oust Phyllis as CEO. Ashley proposes that they sell Jabot to her in a takeover. Lauren is the only one interested in hearing her out. Ashley shrugs off that Jack was hurt by Kerry and tells them they have until tomorrow to consider her offer. After she leaves, Phyllis announces she will challenge the patents. The Abbott’s have a better idea and vote her out. Phyllis leaves and pauses outside the closed door.

Sharon is primping for her date with Rey. Rey arrives and the two head off to their first date. Rey has flowers, champagne and a card for Sharon. Later the two head up to a suite and make love. Downstairs Phyllis joins Dominque at the bar, where Dominique tells her their friendship was real and that she adored her. She is confident Phyllis will land on her feet. At Victoria’s house Victoria tells the kids she has to go on a business trip and she leaves, later to check in to a suite using an alias name and asks for complete privacy. Back at Jabot, the vote is made to reinstate Jack as CEO. Abbey refuses to cast a vote and the vote is tied with Billy’s vote determining the CEO fate. Billy chooses Jack and they hug. Once alone Jack looks around the office and sits in the CEO chair. Meanwhile Abbey finds Ashley to ask “what the hell have you just done?”

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