The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/29/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge ask about Douglas. Thomas says some days are better than others. Caroline was so good with him; she always knew what to do. Brooke laments that he just needs to spend time with the family. Liam tells Hope that he will be home more than before and she says she welcomes that. Bill fills Justin in that Sally is staying at Forrester and not coming to Spencer. It remains to be seen about Wyatt but he is no dummy so he does expect him to be here. Katie walks in as per a text which Bill said he had not sent. Both think someone is setting them up. Bill asks Justin who says he may be a lot of things but not a matchmaker. Douglas tells Brooke that she is nice, just like Hope. He hopes she does not leave his dad. Hope asks Liam if he has seen Douglas or Thomas today and he replies no. But he knows Douglas asked her to be his mom. Does she want to talk about that. She says she would never try to replace his mom but if he needed something she would try to provide it.

Donna and Will play poker with real money when Justin walks in. He says he could have called but he thought he’d like to talk to her in person. Seems Katie and Bill had another impromptu meeting. He wonders if she set it up. Then a chef comes into Bill’s office with a service cart loaded with exquisite foods for two. All she can answer was that it was ordered by William Spencer. Brooke asks Douglas if he’d like something to eat but he says only if it is mac and cheese like Hope made for him. He’d really like to see her. Brooke sees nothing wrong with that and calls Hope if she is home would she like a visitor. Hope says she would love it. Brooke offers to walk him over to the cabin but Thomas says he will. Bill and Katie enjoy their dinner and wine. Bill then says why don’t they just forget about the culprit and concentrate on enjoying each other. There has not been a lot to smile about lately. Liam is called away for a while. Douglas and Thomas arrive before he leaves. He gives Hope a quick peck on the cheek and says he hopes he can be right back. Douglas tells Hope that he missed her. He misses his mommy too and asks why she had to go. Hope says she does not think there is a good answer why but she is in heaven and she will live on for Douglas in his heart. She gives him a hug and Thomas mouths the words thank you.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire tried to convince Tripp to go to the Salem Inn with her. Tripp and JJ didnít think it was a good idea because Jack and Eve were there. Claire was able to get Tripp to change his mind. Jack and Eve set up the room so they would be able to record Claire and Tripp together. Hope and Rafe continued to argue over him costing her her job. He said he wasnít trying to cost her her job. They ended up arguing over Ted. Rafe started to suspect that she liked Tedís attention. While they were arguing, Kayla called him and told him that Jordan wanted to see him. Rafe told Hope he had to go. Eve wanted to make love with Jack, but he didnít want to be with her. While they were talking, Claire showed up in the room. Claire warned them that Tripp was on his way to the room. Jack and Eve left the room. She wanted to go back to their room, but he had to do something else. When Rafe got to Jordanís room, Kayla told him what was going on with Jordan. Kayla thought he might have been able to calm her down. He told her that she couldnít break out of the hospital. She said she had to get to him. Rafe wanted to know who she was talking about. Ted went to see Hope. He told her about the way Abe treated him. They were both afraid that they would lose their jobs. He apologized for putting her in this position. She said she knew about his past, but she believed in second chances. He wanted to know why. Rafe told Jordan that she set the first fire to the cabin. She said she didnít set the fire. She wanted him to believe her.

Rafe and Kayla were wondering if Jordan was telling the truth about setting the cabin on fire. JJ found the lighter in Claireís jewelry box. He told Haley about what Ben did to Abby and Chad. He told her that he found a lighter that look like the one Claire had when he investigated the fire. Haley offered to listen to him if he wanted to talk. Jack and Eve showed up at the loft. Tripp tried to convince Claire that he was going to be with her after the mess with Haley is over. The camera that Jack set up in the room was recording them. Jack told JJ that he and Haley were an item. JJ said they werenít friends anymore. Eve asked Haley were her ring was. Jack thought it was weird that she would be with Tripp after being with JJ. JJ ripped into Jack for trying to be mayor. JJ told him that he wished he stayed dead. JJ kicked him out of the loft. Hope told Ted that he was there for her when Rafe wasnít. Ted thought she did it to get back at Rafe. She said she did it subconsciously. She was afraid that her marriage is in trouble. Rafe wanted to talk to Jordan about the first fire. He asked her if she could help find out who set the fire. He asked her if she saw who set the fire. Jordan told Rafe that she didnít want to talk about the fire or Ben. She wanted to talk about the baby. Eve showed Jack the recording of Claire and Tripp together. Eve wanted to call a press conference so they could expose Haley. Jack didnít want to do it. While Claire and Tripp were together, Haley called him and warned him about Jack and Eve being suspicious. Tripp told her what Haley said. He wanted to go to the loft to make her feel better. He said he would make it up to her. Ted told Hope that he was going to resign. He said he didnít want to stand in her way. He hoped that she and Rafe worked things out. Jordan told Rafe that she was talking about her baby. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby and Lola decide to forget about men and concetrate onthe resturant which will be ready to open in a few weeks. Abby also tells Nick she is quitting Dark Horse to dedicate herself full time to the resturant. Summer tells Nick she was Lola's donor but doesn't tell him that Kyle married her so that she would donate her liver to Lola. Nick makes it clear to Kyle that if he breaks Summer's heart he will be very sorry that he ever did it. Nick tells Summer that he will build her a house on the land he bought to build a house for him and Chelsea and they should consider that his wedding gift. The Abbott clan is shocked to discover that Kerry has registered patents for the new Jabot cosmetics line under the name Dominique Carroll which is a fake name she used for herself. Kerry also created a fake company premier cosmetics and they all wonder why Kerry would betray them. When an emergancy board meeting is called everyone gets another shock when they find out that Kerry has been working with Ashley who returns with a big smile on her face because her plan to take over Jabot worked .

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