The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/28/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Ridge that he surprised Brooke and him but he definitely thinks Sally belongs at Forrester. Ridge says of course she does. Spencer knows nothing about fashion and he would be lost in no time. And Sally could be without a job. Bill does not care about Sally. He only cares about the bottom line. Wyatt continues to admonish his mother that she owes Sally an apology. She says she did not know Sally was standing there and she was just so excited to see Flo. Flo apologies that he is caught in this and she and Quinn leave. Wyatt apologizes to Sally and says his mother did not mean to hurt her or demean her. She says it is okay, that she is a tough cookie. Quinn has lunch with Flo and says despite all said she knows Wyatt is delighted to see her. Quinn keeps bringing up their past and says she and Flo’s mother would sit at the kitchen table and plan their entire lives while working hard and trying to raise their children. She asks about Flo’s mother and if she is still in marketing. Flo is a little vague but nods sort of. And she cannot believe Wyatt is not a Fuller anymore but a Spencer. Quinn says yes all changed when he met his father.

Quinn tells Flo that to think that she did not initially want Wyatt to meet or know his father. He just wasn’t the sort of man that she wanted for Wyatt’s father. She quips that it’s strange that both Wyatt and Flo did not know their fathers. Flo says she still doesn’t. Quinn apologizes for bringing up a touchy subject. She just assumed her mother would have told her by now. Flo says no, she never wants to talk about him. Sally lowers the boom on Wyatt that while she is so grateful for what he has done bringing her to Spencer or wanting to, she may be reconsidering that offer now. She sees he is very disappointed but he says not really, he is just confused. She shows him a phone video where a lady wants to shoot a music video and wants to use her designs. She adds that starting over is a big risk and Forrester already is a known factor so it might work out best in the end. He asks what about their future together after having only one short conversation with Ridge. She reaffirms that she loves Wyatt and will always be grateful that he gave her this opportunity. He says he believes in her and apparently Ridge does too. He can understand why he would want to keep her. But he had their future all planned out here and he does not mean closing the door and being alone with her. He was thinking about their personal future together.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ wasnít convinced that Tripp and Haley could pull off being married. JJ was surprised that Claire was okay with it. Tripp said she wasnít thrilled, but she is on board. Claire agreed to go along with Eveís plan. Jack walked in and wanted to know what they were talking about. When Claire left, Eve told him that he was going to be mayor. Sarah confessed to Rex that she and Eric kissed. Rex was upset with Eric and punched him. Ted and Rafe argued over Hope. Abe wanted to know what was going on between them. Hope tried to comfort Jennifer about Jack. While they were talking, Hope talked to Jennifer about her relationship with Rafe. Jennifer was suspicious about her relationship with Ted. Hope told her that she kissed Ted and then said Ted kissed her. Abe pulled Rafe aside and asked what was going on with Ted. Rafe said no one liked Ted. Abe still wanted to know what was going on. Eve told Jack that Haley and Tripp were having a green card marriage. Sarah stopped Rex from attacking Eric. Rex blamed Eric for coming on to Sarah. Rex said Eric wanted her for himself. She admitted that she kissed him. Hope told Jennifer about Ted kissing her at the hospital. When Jennifer asked if Hope told Rafe, she tried to justify it. Jennifer thought Hope liked Ted kissing her. Ted showed up while they were talking about him. He asked to join them. Rafe didnít want to talk about Ted and Hope. Abe wanted to know if he should be worried about Ted. Rafe said he didnít have all of the facts when he hired Ted. Abe wanted to know if Ted had skeletons because it could affect his election. Eve told Jack that they were going to expose Tripp marrying Haley publicly. Eve said Claire was going to record it and post it on social media. Jack thought that it would help her. Claire went to the loft and suggested what Tripp and Haley should do in order to make the marriage look real. Claire wanted to post the engagement on social media. Tripp said he didnít have a ring to give Haley. He asked to use one of her rings. She wasnít pleased, but agreed to it. Rex wanted to know if Eric was the reason why Sarah wouldnít accept his proposal. She said he wasnít the reason. Rex wanted to know why she told him. Eric said that Brady was blackmailing him to get Chloe out of the DiMera mansion. Sarah said she told it so Brady wouldnít have any leverage over them. Rex thought they were afraid that Brady was going to expose them.

Eric apologized to Rex for what happened. Rex didnít care about his apology. When Eric left, Rex asked if she did it to get back at him for being with her sister. Claire recorded Tripp proposing to Haley. Eve told Jack about the plan to expose Tripp and Haley. Jack wasnít thrilled with the idea. He said that Tripp could get in trouble. She didnít care if he got in trouble. He said that it wouldnít look good with his family. She asked if he wanted to win the election. Jennifer had to make a call, which left Ted and Hope alone. Hope said she had a meeting to go to. Eve told Jack that he had to have a killer instinct if he wanted to beat Abe. Jack agreed to go after Tripp. He said he didnít owe anyone anything. Claire posted the video of Tripp proposing to Haley. Ted told Jennifer that Hope had to leave. Jennifer told him that he was causing problems for Hope. She told him that he kissed Hope. He told her that the kiss wouldnít have happened if Rafe treated her right. When Hope went back to the station, Abe was upset with her for not telling him that Ted was a blackmailer. He said she may have cost him the election. Haley thanked Claire for letting her use her ring. Claire reminded Haley that all of this is an act. Claire told her to keep her hands to herself. Sarah told Rex how she and Eric became friends. Rex was willing to fix the problem if they were honest with each other. He asked if Eric was the reason why she didnít accept his proposal. She told him that Eric didnít feel the same way about her. She was willing to put her feelings behind her and focus on him. He asked if she wanted to be with him. Jennifer told Ted that Hopeís marriage was Hopeís business. He agreed with her. She wanted him to leave Hope alone. Abe told Hope that she withheld information from him. She apologized to him. He said he was in a no win situation. He couldnít fire Ted because of the scandal and if he didnít fire him, Jack would find out. Abe said he needed to think about it. He left the room. Eve told Jack that Claire would be able to get Tripp to go to the Inn so they could record them together. Claire suggested to Tripp that they get a room at the Salem Inn so he could show her how much she means to him. He said they couldnít do that. Abe ran into Ted. Ted wanted to talk about the drug cartel and how it could help his campaign. Abe didnít want to talk to Ted about his campaign. Hope was upset with Rafe for telling Abe about Ted. Rafe said he was glad that Abe knew the truth. She wanted to know if Rafe was concerned about Ted or did he want Ted away from her. Rafe said he didnít want Ted around her. She reminded him that he said he trusted her. She asked if he was trying to get her fired. He wanted to know why he would do that. She thought he might not have come to terms with her being commissioner. Sarah told Rex that she wanted to be with him. He asked if she was sure. She wanted the engagement ring.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason and Carly discuss Shiloh and how he might be manipulating Sam. Carly doesn't think it is acceptable. Dante freaks out at the Metro Court and Jason yanks a knife away from him. Dante asks to meet with Anna who suggests a place that will deprogram any brainwashing. Dante agrees to go. Robert suggests to Finn that he needs to stop Anna from trying to break things off with him like she does everyone else.

Chase is glad that Willow is not leaving town. She goes and meets with Elizabeth who is worried about Aiden. Willow is going to try hard to stop Aiden from being bullied. Nina and Valentin plan to take her down now that she is staying. Cam learns Oscar is dying soon. Kim and Oscar are offered the chance to live at the Q mansion.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane gets divorce papers from Lily but he promises Charlie and Mattie he will not give up on his family. Cane asks Michael to persuade Lily to allow him to visit so they can talk Michael says he will talk to Lily but he thinks she is ready to move on with her life. Arturo pleads with Abby to give him a second chance but she makes it clear that their relationship is over and they will never get back together. Abby also tells Arturo that she talked to Nick earlier and he is fired from Dark Horse. Arturo tells Abby he will find a wayto prove to her that they belong together. Michael informs Tessa that Christine dismissed all the charges against her so Mariah and Tessa plan their future. Abby decides to concentrate on work and tells Mariah she wants to do a publicity peice on GC Buzz as soon as possible because this is going to be the best resturant in Geneoa City. Reid is very angry at Victoria because he had to find out everything about JT on the news and he makes it clear to Victoria that he is tired of her protecting him like he is a little kid because he isn't a child anymore. Reid goes to the hospital to see JT andJT tells Reid and Victoria he is sorry for everything he has put them through and he hopes he can repair his relationship with them. The police arrive to arrest JT for the attempted murder of Victor Newman. JT tells Reid he intends to plead guilty and take responsability for his actions. JT is wheeled out of the hospital by the police and taken to the prison infirmiry.

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