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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally’s in the building so Eric tells Brooke, Ridge and Quinn that she’d like to say hi before Quinn goes to meet Wyatt for lunch. She tells them she just wanted to tell them how much working here meant to her. Quinn cannot believe Bill is not doing more to get her started. Wyatt is having a hard time answering the phones in the office when suddenly Flo walks in. She asks how he is and is sorry to hear about his cousin, Caroline. Then she says she has something to tell him but hesitates and mentions his dad. He gets around to his father not only accepting him but embracing him by introducing him to this world. Then he apologizes as he knows she knows nothing about her father. She quips that everyone does not win the father lottery. Xander and Tiffany rush in to say hello or goodbye to Sally and gush that they were stopped on the streets by a lady who absolutely had to know where they got their clothes from. She liked their athletic wear and wanted to know where she could get them to add to her own line. She would need them now to get on line. Ridge knows they are not in production yet and says this would be a great opportunity for them. He does not want her to join Spencer Publications. He does not know what he is doing.

Quinn goes to lunch and Ridge says he would like Sally’s answer and Eric says so does he. Ridge says she can have all the success she wants right here under the Forrester label. She can use Spectra and start with a leg up. Bill was not going to use her name anyway. Eric says he would like her to stay too and Brooke adds she is edgy. She is conflicted but says she will have to discuss it with Wyatt. Eric says that she and Wyatt work so well together and he’d hate to bust that up but this is business. Meanwhile Wyatt’s phone is ringing off the wall in his office. Flo asks if he has an assistant. He says no but he might need one. Quinn bursts in and almost has a cow when she sees Flo. She can’t rave enough how much she loves her and has always regretted having to leave her in Vegas without explanation. She asks about her mother too and tells Flo to say hi to her. She wants to know how long she has been in town and any chance she might relocate. Sally walks up on the other side of the open door just in time to hear Quinn gush on more about how Wyatt was so in love with her. She thought they’d always be together. Sally is hesitant to come in but Wyatt sees her and goes to her. He sees Quinn is less than happy and tells her that he and Flo are ancient history. And he feels that Quinn disrespected Sally since he knows he is in love with her now and living together. He wants Quinn to apologize to Sally. When he waits and Quinn doesn’t, he commands again that she needs to apologize now!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady wanted Eric to sue for custody or Holly so Chloe could get out of the DiMera mansion. Eric didnít want to do it. While they were arguing, Eric told him that he wasnít going to sue. Claire tried to convince JJ to ask Haley to marry him. He said she wouldnít do it. JJ had to leave. Tripp told Haley that they should make it look convincing that they were in love. JJ went to the Kiriakis mansion and helped Will. Claire went to see Eve and told her that Tripp was marrying Haley. Chloe and Gabi argued over Gabi telling Brady that she kissed Stefan. Stefan interrupted and asked if they were arguing over him. Chloe told him that she was trying to figure out why Gabi told Brady that they kissed. Stefan said that she was a pain in the a**. When Chloe left, he told Gabi that she was jealous. Brady told Eric that he was going to get Chloe out of the DiMera mansion or he was going to tell Rex that he kissed Sarah. At the hospital, Will told Rex and Sarah that Leo put a curse on him. Will thought that it was possible that Leo poisoned him. Claire wanted to know what she and Eve were going to do. Eve said that they were going to expose the wedding as a scam. Eve thought it would help Jackís election. When Eve went over the plan, Claire said she couldnít do it.

Haley and Tripp continued to go over how they met. Claire told Eve that she couldnít go public with breaking up the wedding because Tripp would hate her. Eve was okay with Claire not going along with the plan. Eve said they could do it without her. Claire told Eve that she didnít want Tripp to hate her. She didnít want to lose him. Eve thought that she could help her. JJ went to check on Will. Will and Sonny told him that they thought Leo might have poisoned him. JJ didnít think Will was poisoned. JJ went to the loft to talk about Haley marrying Tripp. JJ said it wasnít going to work. Claire told Eve that Tripp could be marrying Haley to break up with her. Eve told her not to worry. Eve told her that she should be upset with Tripp for marrying another woman. Eric told Sarah that Brady wanted him to use his influence on Chloe to get her to move out of the DiMera mansion. He told her that Brady was going to tell Rex about their kiss if he didnít get Chloe out of the mansion. Stefan told Gabi that she couldnít stand the idea of him kissing Chloe because she wished it were her that he was kissing. Brady told Chloe that he had feelings for her. He told her that he wanted her. Sarah wanted to know if Eric was going to give in to Bradyís demands. Eric said he was. She said she would talk to Brady. Haley told JJ that she was marrying Tripp. When Haley left, Tripp told JJ that he wasnít going to let his father railroad Haley. JJ tried to tell him that no one would believe that he was marrying Haley because of Claire. Tripp said she understood. JJ said she didnít. Claire realized that Eve was right about Tripp expecting her to understand what he was doing. Claire wanted to stop the wedding before it happened without him finding out. Gabi denied wanting Stefan after everything he did to her. He said she still wanted him. She kissed him. Tripp told JJ that it would be easier to help Haley if they all worked together. JJ didnít think that anyone would believe that they were married. Stefan threw Gabi out of the house. Chloe said she felt something more than friendship when they kissed, but she didnít think it would be a good idea to get back together after the way their marriage ended. He said they were older and wiser now. She said that she wasnít ready to be with him when she had a drug cartel after. He said he would protect her. When Rex showed up while Sarah and Eric were talking, she told him she had a confession to make.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam goes to the doctor with Shiloh who had to get stitches. He didn't want to because he didn't want it to go against Jason. Kristina shows up and tells Shiloh about how Jason is a hitman. He wonders if he should change his mind but Sam convinces him otherwise. Jason is questioned at the PCPD but Shiloh manages to drop the charges. Sonny and Kristina talk and Kristina refuses to listen.

Dante admits to Mike that he is not sure he is well after coming home. He thinks he might not be safe around Lulu and Rocco. Mike gives him his perspective on things. Chase tries to convince Willow not to leave town. She is though until she finds out Brad is involved with DOD. Elizabeth and Franco find out that Aiden's friend has parents who don't accept his baking...

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon pleads Rey's case to Paul but Paul says that Rey will not get his job back because he broke the rules. Sharon quits her job because she doesn't want to work at the police station because Paul treated Rey so badly. Rey takes Lola to his place to recover from surgery and tells her that his relationship with Mia is over becase Arturo and Mia slept together again. Abby continues to drink as she welcomes Kyle and Summer home and tells Kyle, Jack, and Summer she broke up with Arturo. Kyle tells Jack why he married Summer and after Jack talks to Summer he asks Kyle not to hurt her because she really loves him. Kyle still loves Lola and texts her to tells her that but Lola does her best to ignore his texts. Devon persudes Ana's father Jet to move into the penthouse and let him find the best doctors to help him get his voice back. Devontalks to Jet's neice Elena and finds out she dropped out of her residency program to take care of her Uncle.

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