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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Taylor that it is tragic that Taylor lost her grandson’s mother but that gave her no right to come in here and kiss Ridge in their home. Taylor says she is not after Ridge but she does want the right to see her own grandson here. Brooke chides Taylor that she has now learned how to read minds if she thinks she knows Liam better than he does. Taylor and Steffy may want Liam with Steffy, but Liam does not feel that way. And if she tries that then she will have to go through Brooke first. Wyatt and Liam talk and Liam knows everyone thinks they should have another child. But Wyatt says his wife does not seem to want one now. And Liam looks like he does not want to go home and bring that up. Liam says then he better put on another face. Taylor asks Brooke if she is threatening her. Brooke says she just needs to be supportive of Thomas and Douglas just the way Hope and Liam are. Then she brings up the fact that Taylor had a gun and shot Bill. Taylor asks why she is still dwelling on that. Brooke says because she is crazy and she is not going to allow that to come into this house so leave.

Ridge comes back in surprised to see Taylor still there. He rants that they should only be concentrating on Thomas and Douglas instead of lashing out at each other. Taylor says fine she will just take Thomas and her grandson with her. Brooke says she is not in the wrong here and she refuses to defend herself in her own home. Ridge asks when she got back. She responds that it was just before he left, she walked in on Taylor kissing him and declaring her love for him. Taylor breaks in and says Brooke is a little insecure. Thomas walks in and sees the tension so he and Taylor leave with Douglas. Brooke says she does not know how he ever lived with that woman. And she has that old theme again that Hope needs a child; that could be Douglas and Steffy needs a husband for her girls. Liam goes home and tells Hope that she is amazing when she suggests they keep out a blanket and some toys for Douglas when he visits. He thinks that is fine until she also says Douglas wants her to be his mom. He questions it and she says he does not have all the words to describe it but it reminded her that could have been Beth’s first words. She just knows that he is a sweet little boy in need. Taylor fixes Douglas a snack and Thomas says he is going to insist that Taylor go to Europe and be with Steffy and the girls. He and Douglas will be okay here. She is against it but agrees if they can do video chat. Then he shares with her that Douglas asked Hope to be his mother….out of the mouth of babes. A light bulb goes off in Taylor’s mind.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny told Leo that he wanted him to sign the annulment. Leo wasnít happy with the amount. Leo told him that he could expose the fact that he is Johnís son. Will said that Leo isnít Johnís son. Will said that he found out this morning. Sonny was worried that Leo would go to court if he didnít give him what he wanted. Will said for Sonny to let him because the court wouldnít give him money. Stefan wanted to know if Chloe was interested in Brady. She felt as if he was violating her privacy. He wanted to know where he stood with her.  Brady confronted Sarah about kissing Eric. She told him that she had feelings for him, but Eric didnít feel the same way about her. Brady didnít believe it. He warned her that Eric had a habit of going after his brothersí women. She said that it wasnít true. She told him not to tell Rex about the kiss. Will told Sonny that Leo had nothing on them. Will said that Sonny called the shots now. Sonny told Leo to sign the original agreement and he would get nothing. Leo said the court would take pity on him. Sonny said he couldnít afford a good lawyer. Sonny was going to throw out the agreement. Leo agreed to sign it. Eric talked to Marlena about Sarah. He told her that Sarah kissed him. He told her that Sarah had feelings for him, but he said the only thing he felt was friendship. Marlena wanted to know why he lied. She thought it was because of Rex, but he said it was because of her. Sarah wondered if Brady wanted to hurt people because of his failed relationships. He said he found someone. She figured out it was Chloe. Stefan continued to talk about Chloe. He wanted to know where he stood. She said she and Brady had a complex relationship. She said she felt something when she kissed Brady. Stefan wanted to know what she felt when he kissed her.

Leo gave Will the evil eye. Leo said that he read about the curse in one of Victorís books. Sonny said that wouldnít work. Will was worried that it would. Leo told him what was going to happen to Will. When Leo left, Sonny told him that he wasnít cursed. They were happy that they were free to be together. Eric told Marlena that he made a vow not to be with Sarah if she got better. Marlena said science helped with that. He said it was his faith. She didnít want him to ruin his life because of the vow. Brady admitted to Sarah that he is interested in Chloe. He told her why Chloe was with Stefan. Sarah thought that Chloe being with Stefan was why he was going after her and Eric. They ended up arguing over Eric losing Holly. Sonny showed Will a pendant to protect him from the curse. Chloe told Stefan that it was nice when he kissed her. He asked if he stood a chance. Rex wanted to know why Brady and Sarah were arguing. Sarah said it was about Holly. Will suddenly had a headache that came out of nowhere. Sonny thought he was imagining it, but Will said he wasnít. Chloe couldnít tell Stefan how she felt about him. Her only concern was keeping Parker and Holly safe. He was willing to back off. He said he would be there for her. When he was about to leave, she stopped him. Eric ran into Brady at the hospital. Brady confronted him about Sarah. Eric said he didnít have feelings for her. Brady didnít believe it. Eric thought he was still blaming him for what happened with Nicole. Brady said he wouldnít tell Rex on one condition. Brady wanted Eric to talk Chloe into not staying with Stefan. Eric said there was nothing he could do. Brady wanted him to fight Chloe for Holly. Eric didnít want to do it. Brady threatened to tell Rex what he knew. Sonny found Will passed out on the floor. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

A waitress calls the police on Jason after seeing him choke Shiloh who is bleeding. Sam saw this but tries to say nothing. Chase is called in and tries to get the charges dropped but the waitress is insistent. Alexis calls Jordan and warns her that someone might be trying something against Shiloh. Jordan then arrests Jason because of this reason. Sonny tells Alexis that he is not going to have him killed because Kristina would never forgive herself.

Dante has a welcome home party where Olivia acts like a crazy Italian mother. Maxie has to dodge Lulu asking what is going on between her and Peter again. Anna and Peter discuss their relationship and Peter thinks that Anna didn't want him. Anna does want a relationship though.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Christine mamages to persude the judge to suspend the ladies sentences for obstruction of justicesince those were the only charges that remained since JT is alive. The ladies return home to be with their families and celebrate their freedom.Nikki gets a very expensive necklace from Victor as a welcome ho,me present. Sharon eats pizza with Nick and Mariah and she is happy she will get to sleep in her own bed again. Rey ends his relationship with Mia and she moves out of the apartment. Mia tells Rey she slept with Arturo again before she leaves the apartment. Arturo tells Abby he slept with Mia and asks Abby for forgivness but she ends their relationship and takes out her anger on his truck by hitting it several times with a crowbar. Rey also arrives and punches Arturo giving him a black eye while Abby drowns her sorrows with a drink. Victoria finds out from Nate that JT had a beniegyn brain tumor in his brain which could have caused his behavoir changes. Christine tells JT that he will be charged with Victior's attempted murder along with various other charges. JT will be sent to the prison infirmiry. Paul fires Rey fior helping the ladies and blackmailing those two dirty cops into helping him with the ladies escape. Sharon goes to Rey's place to thank him for helping her and he tells her that his relationship with Mia is over and he and Sharon kiss.

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