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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Taylor how dare she come in her house and make moves on her husband. Taylor says she must have been spying on her but it wasn’t like that. Wyatt and Liam talk and Wyatt says he hates to bring all of this up as it just reminds him what he has just been through himself. Liam says it is okay, they will make it through this. Wyatt says it was a rough day; he can see the pain Liam was in. Liam says yeah but what can you do about it. Thomas and Hope talk and he says he is there for her and Liam and he wants to be sure she is okay. He asks if she is okay and she responds not really. And she knows that is something he and Douglas have to go through too. Taylor tells Brooke not to be so dramatic. She and Ridge share children and she was married to him. Brooke says she heard more than Taylor thought as she said she was still very much in love with him. Liam tells Wyatt that he hopes none of this will bother Sally. She deserves another chance at designing. Wyatt says he was hoping it would be sooner than later but they have a few weekends free coming up so he would like Liam and Hope to come down to the beach and have some fun. Liam says that sounds pretty good. A little part of Hope went with Beth and she needs a new outlet. Thomas confides in Hope that he and Caroline were not together. He left Sally to be with Caroline and they tried but it just never worked out. She was his best friend but that is as far as it went to be parents to Douglas. Taylor accuses Brooke of being jealous and insecure but Brooke says she would never be insecure because of Taylor and she wants her out of her house now. Taylor says okay but she will be back to see Thomas and her grandson Douglas. She is stunned when Brooke says no.

Wyatt tells Liam that Hope is a fighter and someday she will want another child so just give it a little time. Thomas tells Hope that Caroline was Douglas’s hero and he is going to miss her so much. Hope says she wishes she could tell him it would get easier but he will have to rely on people that can take care of them. Brooke tells Taylor that now she knows what this is all about. It all comes back to Steffy and Liam. Hope and Liam are stressing over the death of their baby while Steffy has two beautiful babies. But Liam and Hope will stay married so Taylor can forget that getting Steffy back with Liam. She puts her finger on Taylor’s brow and says get that bit out of her thick skull. Douglas comes bursting in and tells his dad that he just saw his mom. Neither know what to say to Douglas but finally Hope says that when you lose someone like he has lost his mother his thoughts will always be with her and he may feel like she was with him. Then he asks if she can be his mother. Brooke and Taylor continue with their insults to each other. Brooke is tired of Taylor’s high and mighty attitude. She says Hope is kind and good and has morals, all things Taylor wishes she had. She reaches out to Taylor and touches her face and next thing both are trying to slap each other. Brooke says Taylor is not to try to get in touch with Hope or Liam. They are married and it is going to stay that way.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope talked to Ted about flirting with her. She didnít want him to flirt with her anymore. She walked away from him. John ripped into Diana for trying to kill Marlena. Diana told him that her life was hard since she left Salem. She talked to him about her husband. She told him what drove her to trying to get him back.

Hope went to see Rafe at the pub. She kissed him. Brady went to see Chloe. He was upset with Stefan for not protecting her. She said there was nothing that could be done. He wanted to talk to her alone. When Stefan left, he said he wanted her to live with him. She said she felt safe there. He asked if she was staying because she had feelings for Stefan. He told her that he heard that she kissed Stefan. Kate went to see Marlena. Marlena told her that Diana tried to kill her. Marlena told her that Leo was her son. Kate wondered what kind of father he had. Diana confessed to Eli that she tried to kill Marlena. When Eli left, Leo yelled at Diana for trying to kill Marlena. She thought he was ungrateful. He said he was through with her for trying to kill Marlena. He said John was his family now. When he called John his father, she said that he wasnít. She said she made it up. John and Leo were shocked. Hope apologized to Rafe for leaving. He understood her leaving. He said he wished it werenít because of Ted. He thought that he would get out of line. She said she would put a stop to it. They kissed again. Chloe told Brady that they kissed each other. They argued over Stefan. Brady kissed her. Diana told John and Leo that she switched the DNA. She told them how she switched the test results. Leo didnít believe her. She told him to get another test and he would find out. She told John that she thought she would get him back when he thought Leo was his son. Leo asked if Richard was his father. She said he was. He tried to kill her, but John stopped him. Stefan walked in on Brady and Chloe kissing. Stefan said he heard Holly calling out. Chloe went to check on her. Brady left. Kate wanted to know what Marlena was going to do about Leo being Johnís son. Marlena thought they could work things out. Leo told her that she was a terrible mother. John told Leo that he was there for him if he needed him. Leo said he needed air. He told Diana that he never wanted to see her again. When Leo left, Diana said he always says that. John didnít blame Leo for leaving. She begged him not to leave her. He left the room. He told Eli that Diana tampered with hospital evidence. Ted went to see Diana. She told him that it has been a long time since they have seen each other. Hope told Rafe that he loved him. He told her that he loved her. Diana asked Ted about his wife. He said that she died. She said that she saw his wife. He said it was a mistake. She said it must have been a mistake. John told Marlena that Diana was going to prison. He told her that Leo wasnít his so n. Brady and Leo ran into each other. Leo told him that he wasnít Johnís son. Stefan wanted to do something with Chloe, but she wanted to go to bed.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Dante has a dream that he shot Lulu. He wakes up and goes to speak with Sonny. He admits that he had to do somethings he wasn’t proud of. Sonny thinks he was involved in a war and no one is. Going to blame him for that. Alexis tries to talk sense into Kristina but Kristina doesn’t want to listen. She tells her that Molly and Alexis are no longer her family. Alexis tells Sonny about this who tells her. That he has it under control. Alexis calls Jordan. Kristina listens to her confession that involves a member of her family.

Shiloh spends time with Danny and Brad and Jason sees this. Jason walks in. Sam walks back over and he ignores her completely. He then leaves. Sam leaves after that talks with Michael about Sonny and DOD. Shiloh convinces. Brad to come to a meeting with Wiley. Willow explains that Shiloh wants to bring members in from birth and teach them the way of DOD.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

At the cabin, JT is passed out on the floor as the three women struggle but eventually pass out also. Outside Billy and Phyllis stumble upon the security guards who are unconscious. Nick and Victor soon join them. They all go in to the cabin and find the women and carry them out to safety. They make sure to carry out JT as well. Victor comments they need him alive to exonerate the women. Billy performs CPR on Victoria who eventually comes to, coughing. Rey arrives and after assessing the situation informs them all that they must tell the truth. He then calls for an ambulance. Nikki explains what happened and how JT cut the power and threatened them with a gun. Victoria realizes he was the one who took the burner phone. The ambulance arrives and JT is taken away on a stretcher. At the hospital Lola wakes up to Arturo by her side. She is told her surgery went well. She asks about the donor. She then questions where Kyle is. Meanwhile Kyle is at Summer’s bedside. She eventually wakes up and tells Kyle it’s all she wanted was to have her husband by her side when she woke up. Later, Kyle runs into Mariah who demands that he tells Lola the truth now. Meanwhile at GCAC Jack asks Kerry if she has made a decision. Kerry tells him she has not as the contract is still under legal review. She gets a phone call from “PC” to which Jack notices and inquires about and he notes that he appears to have touched a nerve. He gets a call about Dina and exits. Phyllis joins Kerry at the club and the two chat briefly. Kerry later texts “PC” that the final paperwork is in and they are all set.

Back at the station, the women are taken into custody. Victor lays into Christine for arresting the women and continues bellowing at her. Shortly after, Christine confronts Rey who doesn’t have time and rushes off to the hospital. At the Abbott house, Tracey fills Jack in on Dina and how she misses Ashley. Jack admits he will do whatever it takes for Jabot. Back at the hospital Rey runs into Mia and brushes her off. Mia then runs into Arturo and reminds him that she will spill the beams to Abbey about their having sex if he doesn’t convince Rey to take her back. Arturo tells her he will not let her control him even if it means telling Abbey himself. Finally at Lola’s side, Kyle confesses all, about Summer being the donor and how he gave her the one thing that Summer wanted so that she could get a liver. It dawns on Lola that what Summer wants is Kyle. Kyle breaks down and he tells her he loves her that much while tears stream down his face. Equally heartbroken Lola asks if he slept with Summer. Kyle admits that he did because it was a sacrifice he was willing to make to ensure she got a liver. A heartsick Kyle turns to leave and Lola tells him she is grateful and can never repay him, through her tears. He leaves and she breaks down crying while holding her side. Rey arrives back at the station and vows to Sharon to make things right no matter what happens to his job. Victoria expresses that something was very wrong with JT. Over at the hospital Christine is at JT’s beside and walks over to stare out the window into the hallway with a troubled look on her face.


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