The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/22/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pre-empted today, due to basketball

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp told Claire that he was marrying Haley. JJ wanted to know why Haley would marry Tripp instead of him. Brady and Gabi were glad that they got one over on Stefan. Stefan was furious with Leo and choked him, Leo wanted to know why Stefan was upset. Stefan said that the tip he gave him was bogus. He said the company he wanted was no longer available. Leo said it wasnít his fault. Stefan wanted to know if he was helping Brady screw him over. Brady said Stefan thought he was so smart to get Leoís help. He and Gabi were happy that they had the victory over Stefan. Diana went to see Marlena. John wanted to talk to Diana about the poison. He showed her a picture of Kristen and asked if she saw her. Diana asked if he thought that Kristen was the one who poisoned her. He said he did. Marlena wondered if she thought it was someone else. Haley thought it would have been cleaner and safer to marry Tripp. JJ thought she didnít get over him telling Jack the truth. She said it was part of it. She thought Jack would never stop coming after them if she married him. He said that he wasnít worried about Jack. He said Jack wasnít the man he thought he was. JJ was determined to make sure that Jack wasnít mayor. She said she didnít want to make things complicated. He thought she didnít want to marry him because she hated him. Claire was upset that Tripp wad marrying Haley. He told her that JJ offered to marry Haley so she could stay in the country. Claire wanted to know why Tripp agreed to marry her. He thought things would be worse for Haley if JJ married her. He said he suggested that he and Haley got married. Claire couldnít believe that it was his idea to get married. Stefan didnít want to work with Leo. Leo wanted another chance to help him. Leo said he would find out who betrayed him. Stefan said he should already know. Brady asked Gabi if she could keep spying on Stefan for him. She said she would do it. John and Marlena wanted to know if Diana saw Kristen. Diana said she didnít. He told her that the police were going to check the prints on the IV. When Diana said she had to leave, he walked her out. He thanked her for being there for him. She said she would always be there for him. When he walked away, Diana wanted to make sure she wiped her prints off the IV.

Diana went to the police station. She talked to Eli and Lani. Diana told them that she was working on a piece on the manhunt of Kristen. She said she wanted to bring her to justice. She said that Kristen poisoned Marlenaís IV. Diana wanted to know if they could let her know where they were in the investigation. Haley said she never hated JJ. JJ said she was disgusted with him. She said she didnít know that Jack would betray him. JJ blamed himself for what Jack did. She said that he had a good heart and appreciated what he did for her. He wanted to know why she wouldnít marry him. She said she didnít trust him. He said he wanted to prove himself. She said she didnít have time. He said Tripp had a girlfriend and he lived alone. She said that she didnít want to ruin things for Tripp. He said that they would have to be together for years in order to prove that they are a couple. He said that Tripp didnít care about her the way he did. Claire was upset that Tripp proposed to Haley. He said he didnít propose. She said Jack and immigration would find out. He said no one would find out. She wanted to know what was going to happen with them. He said they could still be together. She said that she was a public person and people would know that they werenít together. He said they could keep it a secret, but she didnít want to. She asked if he had feelings for Haley. Gabi went to see Stefan. He asked if she was working with Brady to sabotage him. She said she didnít know what he was talking about. He asked if she told Brady that Leo was spying on him. He knew she was helping Brady. Leo confronted Brady for conning him. Brady couldnít believe that he was telling him about being conned. Brady said he didnít trust him and that he got what he deserved. John told Marlena that he was going to take care of her. Marlena wanted to let the police handle it. He said they would have her right where they wanted her. Diana got the information she needed from Eli and Lani. When Diana was about to leave, she overheard Eli telling Lani to put the IV in Hopeís box so the DiMeras wouldnít get to it. Leo was upset with Brady for ruining a payday for him. Brady didnít care. Leo was going to make him pay for taking away his livelihood. Brady told him to get a job. Leo said it was easy for him. Brady didnít want to hear it. Leo wanted to go see John, but Brady didnít want him to go. Gabi denied telling Brady about Leo, but Stefan didnít believe her. He said that she better not be lying. He threatened her. She accused him of being behind the problems with DiMera. He threatened to go after her if she were lying. She slapped him. Tripp said he didnít have feelings for Haley. He said she was a friend and was helping her out. Claire said that he would marry someone he didnít know. He said that he knew what it was like to be alone. Claire asked if he was going to marry Haley either way. He said that she could break up with him. She said she wasnít happy about it. She wanted to know when they were getting married. He said tomorrow. She wanted to know how they were going to make the relationship look real. He said he could make it look real. He said he knew that it was wrong, but he had to do it. He wanted to know if she supported his decision. She said she supported him, but didnít like it. JJ kissed Haley. She stopped him from kissing her. He asked her to marry him. She said she was marrying Tripp and left. Haley went to loft and talked to Claire. Claire said she was going to find a way to deal. Haley was thrilled. Stefan told Gabi that she would never slap him. She said he would never threaten her daughter or he would be terminated. Leo went to Marlena to see John. Brady showed up and said he tried to stop him. When Diana tried to break in Hopeís office, John was there. He asked her if she was looking for the IV bag.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Pre-empted today, due to basketball

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