The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/21/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pre-empted today, due to basketball

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire was upset that Tripp was obsessed with Haley. He said he wasnít obsessed. She apologized for yelling at him. He said he knew that their neighbor sold out Haley. He said he was sorry for doubting her. Haley told JJ that he was crazy for asking her to marry him. She said everyone knew they werenít married. She said he could get arrested. He said he wouldnít if it were a real marriage. Sarah talked to Maggie about Eric. Maggie figured out that she had feelings for Eric and suggested that she tell him. Sarah said she told him. Ted told Hope that she was the reason why he wanted to change to a better person. She was glad that he was willing to change. Claire suggested throwing a concert for Haley. Tripp was happy that she was willing to do that for her. Haley didnít want JJ to marry her out of guilt. He said he had feelings for her. Sarah told Maggie that she kissed Eric. Sarah told her that Brady caught them. She told her what happened after Rex walked in. She told her that Eric didnít feel the same way she did. She said she felt stupid for going after Eric because he was still in love with Nicole. Sarah said she had to respect that Eric didnít want her. She said she would be with Rex. Maggie told her not to be with Rex by default. Sarah said she loved Rex and couldnít judge Rex for cheating when she kissed his brother. Rex told Eric that he let Bradyís threat get to him. Rex said that Eric and Sarah were close. Rex realized that they were just friends. He said Brady told him that he was lashing out. Rex apologized for thinking that he would come between him and Sarah. Tripp got a text that Haley was going to be deported. JJ told Haley that they were starting to connect before everything happened. She told him that he betrayed her confidence so she couldnít marry him. Ted apologized for causing trouble between Hope and Rafe. She said that she and Rafe would work things out. Ted wanted to buy her dinner. While they were making plans, Rafe showed up.

JJ blamed himself for what happened to her. He told her to come back to his place so it would look good for her if she married him. She said she had to go back to the loft. He told her to do what she had to do, but they were under the gun. Rafe asked Ted if he could have a minute alone with Hope. Ted agreed to go. Rafe asked if she could have dinner with him. He told her that he wanted to fix things between them. She agreed to have dinner with him. Ted watched them when they left for dinner. Sarah went to Ericís place to look for Rex. She told him that Marlena was going to be okay. She apologized for kissing him. He said she didnít have to apologize. She said she did. She said she understood how he thought of her as a friend. She didnít want the kiss to come between their friendship. She said she was embarrassed. He told her that she didnít have to be. She said it made it easy for her to be with Rex and that he didnít need to know about the kiss. Rex showed up while they were talking. Eric left to go for a run. Rafe took Hope to the pub for a romantic dinner. He told her that they missed celebrating their anniversary. He wanted her to know that he didnít forget about it. She didnít want to look back. He wanted to celebrate it because marrying her was the best day of his life. Haley went to the loft and told Tripp that JJ asked her to marry him. Tripp didnít think Haley should marry JJ, but she didnít have a choice. He wished there was something he could do, but she said there wasnít. Rafe told Hope that things were going to be better between them. He told her that he loved her. Ted showed up and told Hope that there was a development in Chloeís case. She had to leave. Haley went to see JJ. He thought she was marrying him. She told him that she was marrying Tripp.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Molly has a family meeting to get Kristina out of the cult. Alexis doesn't think it is one and Sam leaves saying that she doesn't want to alienate Kristina with them. Sam goes to DOD and tells Shiloh she is ready to commit herself. Shiloh is glad and will tutor her himself. Kristina breaks ties with Alexis and Molly. She figures out what she wants to offer as a secret. Willow packs up her classroom. Nina and Valentin yell at her and they leave. Shiloh shows up.

Alex shows Finn that Anna is a liar as she is carted away. She tries to get Valentin to help her out but he has no desire. Laura tries to help Ava but Felicia ends up trying to talk her off the ledge. it doesn't work very well. Mac goes off on Kevin for screwing up Felicia again. Griffin finds out about Kevin.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Pre-empted today, due to basketball

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