The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/20/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge sits with Taylor and says he is trying to listen to her and make sense of what she is saying but…she repeats again that she saw Hope and Douglas in the kitchen and how they bonded and responded to each other. He says there is a lot of people that care about this little boy, not just Hope. She says Douglas needs a mother and Hope desperately needs a child. He surely cannot deny that. Ridge points out that Hope is married and Steffy moved on. She keeps yammering that Steffy would be with Liam now if it had not been for Bill and that still does not have to change. Thomas walks in just as Douglas wins at Fish with Hope. Then Douglas talks them into the Shark song….at least with him and Hope. Thomas says he is afraid of sharks. Bill feels down but Katie says in her eyes he is doing a darn good job by bringing all together and showing Douglas their love and support. He tells Katie that he so regrets that he made mistakes with Caroline. And he will never let that happen again with Will. She says Will knows that. He tells her that she too has stepped up and been there for him at every turn. It means more than she will ever know. Out of his presence Wyatt says their father has stepped up and looks at Liam who says sure but do not ask for more than that admission. Taylor keeps on at Ridge that it is Steffy’s wish that she get back with Liam so will bide her time while she is out of the country. But surely Ridge can see that Douglas needs a mother and Hope needs a child, so she and Thomas would be great together. Ridge gets the picture so that would leave Liam for Steffy. He reminds her that Hope is his wife’s daughter so anything that happens now must be between Hope and Liam. She keeps reminding him of what she witnessed between Douglas and Hope and she thinks they would all make a great family with Thomas. Donna asks has anyone heard what happened the other day when Bill and Katie accidentally had lunch together. Justin asks Wyatt if he set that accidental meeting up. Wyatt grins and says he is no Cupid. Donna responds that she thinks they all agree it would be nice to see Bill and Katie back together. Liam admits to Wyatt that it seems unheard of that Caroline was a great lady and a mom and suddenly she is gone.

Thomas assures Douglas that they are going to stay on for a while with Brooke and his dad. Douglas asks about Hope and she says she is going nowhere, she will always be there for him. Thomas thanks Hope and says it is not going to be easy being a single parent. And Douglas adored Caroline. She was so vital one moment and then gone and now it is all a little scary. She says it will just take time and they all intend to be there for him. He says she has been amazing. And he can already tell the wonderful effect she has had on Douglas. Ridge takes Taylor by the shoulders and starts to say Thomas and Douglas will be alright but Taylor interrupts again and wants him to listen to her that Douglas just lost his mother and that is devastating to a child. And even Thomas, it is going to be too much for him to be a single parent. He holds her closer and she puts her head on his shoulder……just as Brooke walks in the door. But she stops short when she sees the two of them and they do not see her. Taylor sighs as to what happened to their family. Nothing has been the same since she lost him. She says she never stopped loving him and plants a kiss on him. Brooke is shocked. Ridge immediately pulls away and says he knows she is upset but they must put this kiss behind them. He leaves, again without seeing Brooke just outside the door. Brooke walks in and Taylor sees her for the first time. Brooke is calm, cool and collected. She says she is sorry. She can only imagine how Douglas and Thomas feel. And how sorry she was that she missed the memorial; she is sure it was beautiful and Taylor there for Ridge. But it is tragic times like these that bring people together. And she would not blame Taylor if times like this she feels vulnerable. But to walk into her living room and see Taylor kissing her husband that is unacceptable in many different ways. They have been down this road before and they certainly are not going to do it again. Anything she does now will be dealt with swiftly and forcibly and Taylor better tell her that she understands.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer wanted to interview Jack. Eve didnít want her to interview him. He told her that he wanted Jennifer to interview him. When Eve left, he told Jennifer that he wanted the interview to be fair. Ben tried to protect Ciara, Stefan and Chloe from the shooting at the DiMera mansion. Tripp accused Claire of selling out Haley. Claire denied doing it. When Kayla showed up, Tripp told her that he suspected that Claire was lying. Haley told JJ that Justin helped her during the trial. Justin thought it might have been hard, but there was still hope. She thanked Justin for his help. When Justin left, JJ wanted to talk to her. Tripp told Kayla why he suspected Claire of selling out Haley. Jennifer told Jack that she didnít have to lie to get what she wanted. She wanted to know why he believed that he would make a great mayor. He said he was a clean slate. He was a fresh start. She thought he was trying not to take responsibility for what he has done. He didnít think it was a good idea for her to interview him anymore. JJ apologized to Haley for telling Jack her secret. She was willing to forgive him. Kayla tried to make Tripp feel better about helping Haley. Kayla also suggested that he be straight with Claire. He said he had a way to figure out that she was the one who sold out Haley. Claire went to see Eve and told her that she needed her help.

Ciara was grateful that Ben saved her. Chloe apologized for the drug cartel shooting at her. Ciara wanted him to take her home. Haley talked to JJ about being alone. She told him that Melinda hasnít returned her calls. She said she never wanted to get close to someone because they would reveal her secret. She said it didnít matter if she left because she didnít have anybody. He said she had him. Claire told Eve that Tripp thought she sold out Haley. Claire wanted her help. Tripp showed up and wanted to know who told her about Haley. Jack and Jennifer argued over her not writing a fair article about him. Chloe told Stefan that she couldnít sit around and do nothing while someone wanted her dead. Ben told Ciara that she would be safer if they werenít together. Haley wanted to be there for JJ. He told her that he wouldnít forgive his father and was going to make sure he didnít become mayor. Kayla showed up while Jack and Jennifer were arguing. Kayla understood why Jennifer was mad at her. Tripp wanted Eve to tell him who sold out Haley. Eve said that his neighbor tipped her off. He said that Claire said it was the neighbor. When he was about to leave, he heard a noise. He asked if somebody else was there. She said it was Jack. Tripp didnít want to see him after what they did to Haley. Jennifer was upset that Jack used Tripp to get to Haley. He said he did what he had to do. Justin told Haley that she had 30 days to leave the country. Stefan told Chloe that she didnít have to live in fear. He was going to do whatever it took to end her pain. Ciara said it was because of Ben that she was there and no one was hurt. Jennifer and Kayla talked about Jack. Jennifer was convinced that no one could save him from himself. Eve got a text that Haley was going to be deported in 30 days. JJ told Haley that she didnít have to be deported. She said she was going to be deported. He asked her to marry him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly accidentally lets it slip to Lulu and Olivia that she is pregnant. Olivia is able to get ahold of Robert and finds out that Sonny is not with him but that he knows where she is. Sonny and Dante try to escape but the boy that helped Sonny is captured. The begin a shoot off and Dante shoots Raj. Robert comes to their rescue. Anna finds out the bit of her past that Alex gave her. She still is devastated over the event though.

Michael goes to confront Kristina. Kristina doesn't want too listen to him though at all over the notion. Shiloh tries to get Kristina to share a secret that no one else knows to be part of an elite group. Willow hears about DOD and tries to break her lease and get out of town. Sam and Jason continue to plot what they will do next with DOD.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Kerry have a romantic night after they finally get Johnny and Katie to sleep and Jack and Kerry talk and he admits that Dina's condition is getting worse. Billy has a feeling that something is going to go wrong with their pan but Nick remans optomistic that the plan will work and the ladies will be home soon. Victr and Phyllis learn that the ladies have escaped on the news and Victior heads to the police station to yell at Rey and get an esplanation as to what happened and how the ladies escaped. Billy goes to Nikki, sharon and Victoiria's house to get the ladies some of their things so then theycan get on a private plane and out of the country for a while until JT is caught but he is unaware that JT is lurking outside the Abbott cabin and he has knocked out the gaurds . JT waits to make his move and terrorize the women he cuts of the electricity takes the burner phone Niclk left for the women and goes inside the cabin. Phyllis arrives at Victoria's and stops Billy from going to the cabin he manages to get away from her and head to the cabin but Phyllis follows him to the cabin. JT gets Victoria to tie up the women and explains that when the pipe broke underneath the statue he was able to swim out and he has been watchin them ever since and he followed the prison van because he wanted to watch them go to jail that is how he knew they were at the cabin. JT gets a bad headache and says that he wants the loudnoise that he hears to stop. He pounds on the fireplace and breaks things thenm he busts a gas pipe and pases out.The ladies also breathe in the gas fumes but have not pased out yet. Victoria, Nikki, and Sharon beg JT to wake up.

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