The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/19/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Thomas that Caroline would have been proud of him today. Eric says he wishes he could have convinced Karen and Dani to stay in town a while. Thomas says it means a lot for all the family to be here. Taylor jumps up and seems to be upset. Ridge follows and asks if she is okay. She says yes but she is a bit disappointed. Steffy had to leave for Europe but she made it after the memorial and yet Brooke could not make it back from her trip to do the same. Thomas says this has always been his home and where he grew up, met Caroline and had Douglas, all his memories are here. Bill tells Katie and Liam that he promised Karen and Dani that he’d take care of Douglas. He won’t have his mother now but he will have all of them. Katie says she was a force. Wyatt says sweet and funny. Maya tells them that she has to go pick up Lizzy from her grandparents but she wanted to tell Thomas what a grand lady Caroline was. They had their issues but there was apologies and forgiveness too. Wyatt says she always said what was on her mind. She was kin to her Uncle Bill. Liam says she was fierce and that was one of the best things about her. She was not perfect but she’d be the first to tell you that…..and what a laugh. Hope offers to takes Douglas to her cabin and Thomas can pick him up there later.

Taylor tells Thomas that she wishes she could take away his pain. He confides in her and Ridge that he loved Caroline but they were not a couple. He left Sally for her and moved to New York but it did not work out. But it does not make his pain today any less painful and they managed to remain best friends and great co-parents. Bill says Caroline was more than a niece to him. She was like the daughter he never had. He could not always do the right thing for her but he will for his son. He will make sure Douglas can always keep her memory alive. This family has been fractured long enough and now it is time to heal. Taylor confides in Ridge that she did not know that Caroline and Thomas were not a couple; that surprises her. And now she wants to share an observation with Ridge. She oversaw an intimate moment between Hope and Douglas, a real deep connection of bonding while they were in the kitchen. As a psychiatrist she understands that sort of healing. Douglas needs a mother; Hope needs a child. It is a very strong bond.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo confronted Diana about not telling him about his father. Diana said she wasnít sure if John was his father. Leo was upset that she didnít check the way John did. When she tried to make an excuse for what she did, he was more disgusted with her. John wanted Marlena to fight for her life so she could come back to her. When she wouldnít come back to him, he wanted her to take him with her. She suddenly woke up and wondered what happened. Ciara went to see Ben. She was upset that he would work for Stefan. He told her that he wasnít trying to hurt people. He said he was trying to save someone. Brady warned Rex that Eric couldnít be trusted. Eric prayed to God that Marlena would be okay. He said he wouldnít go after his brotherís woman if Marlena was okay. Sarah told him that Marlena was okay. She said that whatever Eric said to God helped Marlena. Ben told Ciara that he told Stefan that he wouldnít hurt another woman if he took the job back. He told her that he was protecting Chloe and her kids. Ciara apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusions. She told him that he was a good guy. He said that he wasnít. She said he wasnít getting off that easily. Diana told Leo that John and Marlena didnít want him to be in their life. He said John was happy when he found out. Diana was happy that John accepted him. Leo wanted to know what she got out of it. Marlena told John that she remembered eating one of the cookies that a patient left for her. John said every cookie was laced with penicillin. Rex told Brady that Eric would never stab him in the back. Brady said he thought the same thing until Nicole told him that she was leaving him for Eric. Rex said that Sarah wasnít Nicole and that she and Eric were friends. Sarah wanted to talk to Eric about the kiss. He wanted to make sure that Rex didnít find out about the kiss. She told him that she was falling for him and that was why she didnít want to marry Rex.

Ciara told Ben that she would help him see that he was a good person. He told her that psychiatrists say that it is likely that abused children will become abusers. She told him that there was a chance. She said that staying with Stefan wasnít good. He said that he and Stefan had the same demons. He was afraid that he would hurt her. He didnít want her to live in fear. She thought that her life would be scary without him. Kayla told Brady that Marlena flatlined, but she was okay. Eli showed up at the hospital. He told Kayla that he didnít have a lead on Kristen. Kayla told him that there was a pin hole in Marlenaís IV. Kayla thought that Kristen snuck in and did it. Diana and Leo decided to go to the hospital. Marlena asked John if Kristen poisoned her. Before he could answer her, Brady came in to check on her. Eric couldnít believe that Sarah had feelings for him. She told him what made her realize that she had feelings for him. She said they would be good together. She wanted to know if she waited too long to say something. Ciara told Ben that she brought out the best in him. He said she did. He wanted to be the guy she could trust, but he couldnít guarantee that it would happen. She wanted to know why he wouldnít let her help him. He said she didnít have voices in her head telling her to hurt people. She said she was just as screwed up as he is. Diana and Leo showed up at the hospital. She talked to Brady and asked how Marlena was. He told her that Marlena is better. He wanted to get John some food. He wanted Leo to go with him so they could talk. Eli told John and Marlena that there was no footage of Kristen on the security camera. Eli wanted to know about Kristen. They told her that she was the master of disguise. Eli said it was possible that Shelly identified the wrong person. John said there was one way to find out. Eric told Sarah that he wanted to be friends. He apologized to her for hurting her. She said she was embarrassed. He told her not to be. He told her that Rex was going to spend the rest of his life making her happy. He said that they never had this talk and he would never find out about the kiss. Rex was standing there when he said it. Rex asked if he was interrupting. Eric said that Sarah told him about Marlena. Rex and Sarah left so she could get something to eat. Eli said he had to get fingerprints and would find out who put the hole in the IV. Leo asked Brady if he would consider hiring him back to Titan if he proved himself. Ciara told Ben about what happened when Bo died. She also told him about being raped. She was starting to think that he wasnít that into her. He said he was. She told him to be with her. Brady set a trap for Leo about a Titan deal. Leo sent Stefan a text telling him he had information about Titan. Eric went to see Marlena. He told her that he wasnít going after his brotherís woman. John saw Diana at the hospital and told her that the police were going to get the prints off the IV. Ciara told Ben that they could take things slow.  While they were kissing, someone shot through the window.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava shows up at Carly's house drunk and demands to see Avery. Avery is at the Quartermaine house though with Michael. Carly makes Ava call someone to pick her up. At GH, Julian and Kim are talking together when he gets the call to come pick her up. He does. Cam tries to figure out how to handle Franco going forward. Joss doesn't think there is anything he can do to split him up from Elizabeth. Cam knows. Oscar learns he only has a month and a few weeks to live.

Elizabeth and Franco discuss where they go going forward. Drew tells Elizabeth that he trusts Franco. Franco and Drew discuss how things should go. Cam tells Franco that he might not like the way he does things but he won't continue to get in his way. Elizabeth lets him come home. Sonny and Dante make a plan. Alex promises to give Anna back her memories for her freedom.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon follows Ana to a motel room and he finally finds out the truth she has been hiding from him that she has been helping pay for her father Jet's treatments because he has been sick. Devon also meets Jet's neice who is also a nurse, Elena Dawson. Jet is a famous R&B singer that Devon and Ana's mother Harmony had a relationship with but she never told him that they had a child together. Ana tells Devon that Harmony helped her find her father in order to make ammends with her. Ana is hurt that Devon followed her to the motel room and found out something she wanted to keep private. Ana tells Devon she didn't tell him the truth because she didn't want any handouts from him.

Jack and Kerry spend the day with Johnny and Katie babysitting and Kerry is touched by seeing him with the kids. Billy, Nick, and Rey work on their plan to get JT to the Abbott cabin. Billy and Nick discuss getting the ladies out of the country while they catch JT but they don't know that they are too late because JT is already at the cabin and watching the women.

Abby confronts Kyle and asks him if he married Summer in exchange for Summer being Lola's donor and he insists that he is in love with Summer and his marriage had nothing to do with her transplant. Nate tells everyone that Lola made it through the surgery and the transplant was a success. Kyle takes Nate aside and asks him about Summer's condition and Nate' tells him Summer's surgery didn't go so well.

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