The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/18/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It’s still a little awkward at the Forrester’s but Thomas thanks them all for coming and being there for him and in memory of Caroline. He did not know what to expect by coming home. Bill speaks up and says anything he needs, just ask for himself and Karen too. They all assure him they will make phone calls and arrange for flowers and such. Wyatt tells him that he will make sure they all stay close to Douglas and that he will know his mother. Bill says she had charisma and Katie joins in and says she was wild and fun both in her blogs and Eric adds and in her life. Thomas has things to do so Hope assures him she will take Douglas and let him show her how his mother made macaroni and cheese as it was the best ever. As they make it, she tells him that he is a very cool kid knowing the word chef in his vocabulary. He says she is a cool adult. He asks her about Heaven. She starts to tell him and he adds that he knows his mother will come back as she said she would never leave him.

Before Thomas leaves all stand around and give their best fond memories of Caroline. Liam says she was a cousin but he felt like she was a sister he never had. Thomas says she appreciated them too especially Ridge as he was her mentor in designing. Ridge says he lost his way and she showed him through his hands. Eric says she touched all of them and was taken away too young. Taylor takes one more opportunity to tell Steffy as she is leaving for Europe in the morning to think about Hope wants Liam with Steffy now. Steffy says that is her grief talking; she is not taking that seriously. Hope tells Douglas that his mother would never leave him on purpose and would come back if she could. But she does know she is in Heaven and she can see them and take care of them like an angel. Taylor sees them from the door and hears Douglas say Heaven is too far away. He needs a mom right here. Hope hugs him tightly.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla tried to revive Marlena. She continued to flatline. John wanted to know why Kayla stopped. He wanted to know what was going on. She told him she was sorry. Marlena dreamed that she saw Tony. She was happy to see him. She wanted to know where she was. She remembered what happened to her. He told her that he was dead and so was she. She said she couldnít be dead. He showed her how she died at the hospital. She wanted him to help her go back. He said he was there to help her. He told her that time was of the essence. She asked if it was real. He said that it was. He wanted her to go with him. She didnít want to go with him. She wanted to go back to her family. He said she couldnít. He said he made arrangements for someone to escort her to her final resting place. Marlena thought it was Hope. It was Princess Gina. Marlena didnít want her to be her guide. Tony said she knew the place inside and out. Marlena didnít think it was fair that Gina would show her around. Marlena wanted to see her family. Tony said she would see them. He told her that her soul has left her body. The real Tony showed up and told Marlena that Andre was the first one she saw. Tony revealed that Andre tried to steal her soul so she could replace him in hell. Andre reminded Marlena of the things she has done in the past. He showed her all of the things she has done. Marlena said she wasnít the one in the flashbacks. She said she was possessed. Andre told her that the devil wanted her back. Gina and Andre reminded Marlena of what she did to Stefano when he made her his queen of the night. Tony told her not to listen to Gina and Andre. She fought them off and they went away. Tony told her that she wasnít dead. He said she wasnít ready to die yet. She asked if she could go back. He showed her a door. He told her to open the door. She thanked him. She wasnít able to open the door. He told her that she had to fight for her life. He told her to keep trying.

Marlena told Tony that she was too weak to open the door. Tony showed her reasons why she should fight for her life. She told him that she had to go back. She tried to open the door, but she couldnít. He tried to convince her to fight for her life. Gina was back. Tony told her what would happen if she didnít try to fight for her life. Tony told her that John chose Leo over Will. Marlena couldnít believe it. He showed her what would happen between Will and Leo. Leo told Will that he would ruin Willís life by being with Sonny. Will tried to kill Leo. Marlena didnít want that to happen. Tony told her to fight for her life. Gina wanted her to go with her. Tony told her that her family needed her help. He showed her what happened when Will and Claire got arrested. Marlena wanted to know what Claire did. Gina showed her that Claire sold Ciaraís baby on the black market. Marlena didnít want to see anymore. He told her not to give up hope. He said she needed strength to help her family. She didnít think she could help. He told her that Ciara went back to Tripp and had his baby. He said Claire was desperate. Tony showed her how Claire and Belle argued over Claire stealing Ciaraís baby. Tony told Marlena that she had to fight for her family. Marlena was ready to fight for her family. Gina wanted her to wait. Gina showed her what happened after she died. Marlena saw Brady and Eric arguing while they were drunk. Marlena wanted to know why they were fighting. Gina said they were fighting over a woman. Marlena thought it was Nicole, but realized she was dead. Gina said they fought over Sarah. Tony said Eric and Brady were arguing because her love and support wasnít there. Brady told Eric that he didnít have to consider him family since his father is getting married. Marlena couldnít believe that John was getting married. She wanted t know to whom. She found out he was marrying Hattie. Marlena decided to fight for her family. Tony told her to hurry before it was too late.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Stella and Marcus run into each other at GH. Yvonne took a fall but she should be fine. Michael and Carly take Mike out for ribs to get his mind off Yvonne for a few hours. Michael runs into Sasha and Sasha ends up running out because she doesn't want to hurt him. Earlier, she talked with Peter how she didn't want to hurt Nina.

Lulu watches as Maxie flirts with Chet. She finds it funny and tells her about it. Maxie doesn't think she is flirting. Lulu begs to differ. Sonny is shot in the arm by Dante and then put into a cell. Dante explains that he was going to go back to PC and pretend to work for Raj there. Sonny wants him to kill him pretend. Jordan and Curtis discuss children possibly.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

The three women board the transport van to be sent off to prison as Billy and Nick show up at Rey’s to confront him and ultimately convince him to help them. They fill him in on the man in the walls and tell him that the man sang a song to Katie that only JT would know as he wrote the song for Reed. They both ask him to make things right to which Rey agrees. At the hospital Lola is preparing for surgery but asks Nate where Kyle is. Meanwhile, it is the morning after their wedding night and Summer awakens to find Kyle about to sneak out. He assures her he is committed to his promise. Summer mentions their making love and how it felt real and right. Meanwhile Mia sits holding her wedding ring at GCAC and flashes back to conversations with Rey over their marriage. She immediately texts Arturo and insists he come to see her right away and gives him her room number. When he shows up Mia informs him that Rey broke up with her and that wants Rey back. Arturo flashes back to the night that he left Mia and had told her it was more dangerous for him to stay with her. Flashbacks show that on that night that he did indeed come back and showed at her door. The two ended up making love that night. Mia advices Arturo to convince Rey to take her back or she will tell Abbey they had sex. At the coffee house, Phyllis runs into Nick and once again tries to tell him how she never meant things to go down the way they did. Nick still isn’t buying it and knows she had it out for Victor. He then gets a text from Billy that everything is a go, and takes off leaving Phyllis. Mia walks in and sees Phyllis. The two talk about being tough women and they bond a bit discussing their similar qualities. Later Abbey walks in and asks Mia if she is going to the hospital but Mia tells her she is giving the family space. She also tells Abbey that it’s hard to get into their family which makes Abbey ponder.

Back at the hospital Summer is in a hospital cap and is worried and teary eyed. Kyle assures her that all will be fine and that she is doing a wonderful thing. Arturo and Abbey are with Lola as she is also prepped for surgery and Lola asks for Kyle. Arturo tells her he is probably giving the family space, to which Abbey suddenly exits without being noticed. Lola wishes she could find out who the donor is. As Summer is wheeled off to surgery they are stopped at the elevator and Summer tells Kyle ‘I love you’ as she is wheeled into the elevator. Kyle reciprocates but it’s obvious by the look on his face he is in turmoil. Kyle runs into Abbey in the hallway where Abbey demands to know why Kyle isn’t with his bride! Meanwhile the van suddenly stops on the way to the prison. The doors open and the women are harshly instructed to get out. They are in fear until Nick appears and tells them they are safe. They are taken to the Abbot cabin, where Billy and Rey are waiting. Billy assures him that Kyle and Jack won’t be using the cabin anytime soon. The women are stunned to see the men as they are all led in. Rey tells them he bribed the transport officers as he had dirt on them. Rey also informs them he has to fix his mistake with them and do what is right. Everyone will be led to believe that there was an accident and that the women escaped which will set a trap for JT. NEXT ON Y&R- Nate tells Kyle that Lola’s surgery went well but Summer’s surgery did not...

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