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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill stands staring out the window reflecting when Katie walks in. She says she did not knock. He replies she never has to. Everyone is working today, making money, losing money but it means nothing to him. Ridge too is reflecting when Quinn interrupts and asks if he knows where Brooke’s good service pieces are kept. Steffy joins them along with Taylor. Ridge hugs Taylor. Wyatt and Sally as well as Liam and Hope join Bill and Katie. They want to know what happened. All the details they know is it was a blood clot as they look at Caroline’s photo. Eric says he has a few more people to contact but others will arrive soon. Bill feels badly for the lies he told them that she was dying and now it is coming true. It will be hard to face Thomas. Steffy says Thomas will want to come home here as that is the only place that has really been home. Eric says that one of them can go back and help him tie up loose ends. And they will look after Douglas and help him keep Caroline’s spirit alive. Ridge holds the photo and says she had passion for her work and for the beauty in this world that many people do not notice. And for the people in her life that she chose to love. They will never know her kind again.

As they discuss Brooke being away and not being able to get a flight out, Thomas knocks then walks in with Douglas. Ridge goes to greet him and Thomas introduces him to his grandpa. Eric speaks up and says they are all here and will be with him whatever he needs. Sally and Thomas eye each other. Bill arrives and Thomas tells him he is sorry for his loss. Caroline looked up to him even when he did not deserve it. But he wants him to know that Caroline forgave him. He tells Wyatt and Liam that Caroline discussed it with him and wants them to be co-Godparents and they are honored. Hope takes Douglas in tow and reads entertains him. Wyatt tells Sally that she is awfully quiet. She doesn’t know what to say and Wyatt replies Thomas does not either but she needs to make closure. She walks up to Thomas and calls him stranger and of course that she is sorry for his loss. It hasn’t exactly been a soft landing but she is doing okay now. He’s glad and then he picks up Caroline’s picture and makes a heartfelt little speech that he is appreciative they are all here for this occasion. Taylor goes to him and gives him a hug, then Ridge joins in and finally Steffy and then they all have a big family group hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara talked to Julie about Jordan. When Julie mentioned Jordanís family (Ben in particular), Ciara didnít want to hear it. Julie said Ben was her boyfriend. Ciara said that he wasnít. Diana tried to comfort John. Brady walked in on Eric and Sarah kissing. Brady said he was moving in on one of his brotherís women again. Rex showed up and wanted to know what was going on. Brady said there was something he needed to know. Brady said Kristen was alive and poisoned Marlena. Brady told them that nurse Shelly said that Kristen was alive. He said that he was looking for a quiet place to make a call when he walked in on them. Sarah said that Eric told her about Kristen. Brady asked if that was what he walked in on. John and Kayla went to see Marlena. He blamed himself for what happened to her. Ciara told Julie that Ben broke up with her. Ciara wanted to talk about it without her judging him. Julie agreed not to judge. Ciara told her why Ben broke up with her. Ciara thought that Ben would become the monster he thought he would. John talked to Marlena about their life together. Leo went to see John at the hospital. He asked John about Marlena. He wanted to know if John looked at the DNA results. John said that Leo is his son. Leo hugged him. John hugged him back. Eric suggested to Brady that they check on Marlena. Brady agreed to go with him. Rex told Sarah that he hoped Brady and Eric could work things out before it turned into a war. She hoped they did too. He told her that Brady told him that Eric goes after his brotherís girlfriend and that he might make a move on her. Brady called Eric a liar. Eric was grateful that he didnít tell Rex. Brady asked him how he could do this stunt again after everything they went through. Leo was happy that John was his father. John wanted to make up for lost time, but it had to wait until Marlena got better. Leo asked him if he thought Diana tried to kill Marlena.

Julie tried to give Ciara advice about not being with Ben because of his mental illness. Ciara reminded Julie of the things Abby did when she was going through her mental problems. Ciara thought that everyone supported Abby and Chad being together. She thought Ben should have been forgiven if Abby was. She thought Ben could get over what he did if people stopped calling him a monster. Sarah told Rex that Brady was lashing out and didnít know what he was talking about. Rex said that he was worried about Eric. He wasnít worried about her going after his brother. She told him that he doesnít have to question his brotherís loyalty. Eric tried to deny that anything was going on with Sarah. Brady wanted to know how long it was going on. Eric said nothing was going on. John didnít think Diana would try to kill Marlena. Leo said that Diana was still in love with him. He thought she was capable of killing his wife. Julie talked to Ciara about Bo and Hope and how Ciara was like them. Ciara wanted her to give Ben a chance. Julie didnít want to give him another chance. Julie thought he could hurt someone else. Julie told her that Ben was working for Stefan. Ben talked to Stefan about Jordan and his father. Ben said that he is screwed because of the way he was brought up. Stefan talked to him about Stefanoís obsession with Marlena as well as his own obsession with Abby. Stefan tried to make Ben realize that he didnít have to be like his family. He told Ben that he had to want it. Leo talked to John about his relationship with his mother and stepfather. Leo said that he thought things would be better between him and Diana, but she blamed him for Richardís death. John wanted to know why. Ciara wanted to know how Julie knew that Ben was working for Stefan. Julie told her that Chloe told her. Ciara understood why he took the job. Julie wondered if being around Stefan could make him go crazy again. Ben told Stefan that he didnít want to treat Ciara the way his father treated his mother. Rex asked Sarah if Eric talked to her about accepting his proposal. She said he did. He wanted to know if it worked. She didnít want him to push her. He told her that he loved her and wanted her to marry her. Eric told Brady that he wasnít pursuing Sarah. Brady asked if she was pursuing him. Eric said that Rex and Sarah were a couple and he respected that. Brady reminded him about what he did to him. Eric didnít want him to ruin things by telling Rex about the kiss. Leo wanted to know about Johnís past. John didnít want to talk about it. He told Leo how important Marlena was to him. Marlena flat lined while John was talking about her. He wanted to know what was going on. Kayla came in the room and wanted him to leave. He refused to leave. Ciara went to see Ben at the DiMera mansion. Leo ran into Diana and told her that Marlena flat lined. Diana said it was terrible. He asked if she wanted that. Eric continued to convince Brady not to tell Rex about the kiss. Kayla tried to revive Marlena, but it didnít work. When she stopped, John wanted to know what she was doing. Kayla apologized to him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam goes to confront Shiloh and he tries flirting with her. He keeps answering her questions with nonsense. Molly feels that Kristina is in a cult and yells at her to realize this herself. Kristina doesn't want to listen though and tells her that she doesn't need this. Michael and Jason ask what is going on and Molly tells her that the money Kristina borrowed went towards a cult. Kristina leaves and Michael asks what they can do. Jason thinks they need to wait it out a little bit.

Alexis tries to discuss things with Neal but she doesn't have much time, She leaves things explaining that she had a sex dream about Julian. Anna confronts Valentin about Alex's location. Valentin says he doesn't know but will look into it. He doesn't think she will like the results though. Sonny finds Dante but he but he is working for Raj and Raj orders him to kill Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Kyle and Summer have a beautiful small wedding with just friends and family but Nick and Jack wonder why Kyle and Summer are in a rush. Summer and Kyle manage to persuade Jack and Nick that they are so in love they just want to be together as soon as possible. Abby is still determined to find out the real reason for the wedding but Mariah is the only person that knows the truth and she manages not to say a word even though she wants everyone to know the truth. Lola calls Kyle and leaves a message on Kyle's phone wondering why she hasn't come to visit her and she tells him she loves him. Devon wants Ana to tell him the truth about why she lied to him about being in debt. Ana is upset with Devon for running a credit check on her and she persuades him that she didn't mean to lie to him she just likes her privacy. Victor asks Kyle to come work for Newman since he is now married to Summer. Summer and Kyle go to the honeymoon suite of the athletic club after the wedding and Summer tells Kyle she is afraid of having the surgery tomorrow but he promises her she won't be alone and he will take care of her. Kyle and Summer start to kiss and then they make love and consummate their marriage.

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