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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor questions Steffy why she has to go to Europe at this time when she needs to be home with her girls. She is taking on too much. Taylor understands her telling Liam about the trip but not having to get Hope’s approval too. Ridge asks Liam how he feels about Steffy going away with the girls. Liam says he knows Steffy is a businesswoman and he knows the kids have to be with her so he is okay with it. Justin, Donna, Sally and Wyatt sit eating their Chinese and basking in the fact that Justin suspects the mayor is a very busy man and might be a no show, just as Donna thinks the same of Brooke. Wyatt thinks it would be great for Will if he could get his family back together. Donna chirps that she would put her money on it. Meanwhile Bill and Katie have all their favorites including dessert at the outdoor restaurant. He says he is not mad at whoever set this up. He asks about Thorne. He knows he is dealing with his loss but he would have to be a fool to walk away from her and Will. They hate to wrap it up but both need to get back to the office. While she freshens up, Bill has good thoughts about their marriage, birth of Will and many good times.

Liam confides in Ridge that the only thing he is concerned about is Hope’s feelings as she only feels really good when she is around Steffy and Phoebe. He does not love it that Steffy is going but he is thinking it might be the best for Hope right now and not get more attached to Phoebe. Taylor is aghast that Steffy says Hope wanted Liam to go to Europe too but she nixed that. Taylor thinks she should have accepted and admit she still wants Liam. And the two girls need him. Steffy says that would be great to have Liam in the same house but she is not going to fight Hope over her husband. And Taylor cannot compare Hope to her mother and those situations with Taylor. Steffy says she cannot have her mother bashing Hope. Taylor says she is not, she is just giving her opinion that Liam needs to be here and if Hope is okay with that, then so be it. Steffy goes to the bedroom and when she returns Taylor is on the phone crying oh no, it can’t be.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told John that she thought she knew who poisoned Marlena. Diana was determined to get John. She wanted to finish the job. Nurse Shelly wanted Diana to tell her how she tried to kill Marlena. Gabi and Stefan argued over her products. When he brought up Chloe, he accused her of being jealous. Shelly accused Diana of trying to kill Marlena. Shelly realized that Diana wasnít a journalist. Diana denied the accusations. Diana said Haley tried to kill Marlena. Shelly didnít think she did. When Shelly was going to call the police, Diana told her not to do it. Kayla told John and Brady that Shelly was the one who got the penicillin. Diana told Shelly that she was the one who helped her hurt Marlena. Diana told her that she looked through her files and found out that she was fired for insubordination. Diana also found out that she was trouble. Diana said she took an oath to help people and that was why she had to tell the truth about Marlena. Diana threatened to expose Shelly if she said anything and told her that another immigrant would take her job. Shelly was willing to take the chance. Sarah was there for Eric when he was praying for Marlena. While they were talking, she asked him why he stopped being a priest. Gabi told Stefan that she wasnít jealous of him and Chloe. He thought kissing Chloe got her hot and bothered. Gabi said it made her nauseated. He said she was dying to find out what happened. She said she didnít care. He didnít believe her. She wanted to focus on the product. He didnít like it. She threatened to call Shin. He stopped her from calling him by taking her phone. He ended up dropping the phone. While they were arguing, Leo walked in on them. Leo noticed the sexual tension between them. Leo told him what Gabi did to him on Valentineís Day. She wanted to know what he wanted. He said he wanted to talk to Stefan. Chloe went to see Rex. He talked to her about the fight Eric and Brady had. Rex told her that Brady warned him about Eric stealing the woman he loved. Eric told Sarah how he was with Kristen when she wanted to get revenge. He told her how it was exposed at Brady and Kristenís wedding. He told her that he hurt his brother because of his love for Nicole. John and Brady wanted to talk to nurse Shelly. Kayla said they couldnít talk to her without a meeting. John demanded to talk to Shelly. Shelly showed up.

Leo told Stefan that he had information on Titan. Gabi said he didnít have information on Titan. Leo told Stefan that he had inside dirt on Titan. Leo told Stefan that he was willing to go against his brother Brady. Stefan and Gabi were shocked. Eric told Sarah that he and Brady argued before she called to tell him about Marlena. Rex and Chloe talked about Brady and what happened with Nicole. Rex wondered if he should be concerned about Bradyís warning. Chloe asked if he had reason to suspect Eric and Sarah. John, Brady and Kayla asked Shelly about the penicillin. Shelly told them that a woman took her key card. Diana flashed back to convincing Shelly to blame someone else for trying to kill Marlena. Shelly told John, Kayla and Brady that Kristen took her key. Shelly lied to them and told them what ďKristenĒ made her do. John wanted to call the police to stop Kristen. Stefan asked Leo if he had a DNA test done. Leo said John was having a test done. Stefan asked if Brady knew. Leo said he told him, but Brady didnít believe him. Stefan wanted to know if Leo would give him information. Gabi said they werenít interested. Stefan said he made the decisions. Rex told Chloe that Eric and Sarah were friends. Chloe said he didnít sound convinced. Rex said they were just friends. She asked if it bothered him that they get along. He said it didnít. She told him that Eric wouldnít try anything with Sarah after what happened with Brady. Eric asked Sarah if she decided to marry Rex. Eric told her that Rex loved her and was committed to her. He thought that she should trust him. She wondered if Rex should trust her. Leo wanted to know if he had a deal with Stefan. Stefan said that he didnít think he could trust him. He told Leo to bring him useful information. Eric wanted to know why Rex shouldnít trust Sarah. He asked if it was because of Xander. She said it wasnít. She ended up kissing him. Brady walked in on them kissing. Rex walked in after Brady confronted Eric. Rex wanted to know what was going on. Diana tried to comfort John about Marlena.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu asks if Laura is going to be able to forgive Kevin. Laura is not sure based on all the things that transpired. She runs into him and explains that it might not be best if he comes home yet. Ava finds Kevin and starts hitting him. Scott stops her and later finds her sobbing on the ground after ripping up a photo of Kevin.

Anna meets with Andre and Finn joins them. Andre is able to confirm that Anna has some of Alex's memories. Anna guesses she is going to have to meet with Alex to figure out which ones. Kristina drops Valerie from her friends. Molly tells Kristina that DOD is a cult.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Phyllis and Summer discussed her wedding. Phyllis wished Summer would be honest with her about the reason she was rushing into this. Victor promised Nikki he'd do anything he could go get her and Victoria released. Nikki was concerned Victor would do something risky, and she asked Nick to look after his father. He promised he would. Sharon admitted to Mariah that she made a mistake with Rey and she now realized her children were the only ones she could trust. Nick talked with Victoria again about his theory that JT was alive. He promised her that he and Billy would take care of her kids and if JT was alive, they'd find him too. Victor promised Victoria that he'd make sure she and Nikki were housed near each other, so Victoria could watch over Nikki. Victor gave Victoria a pep talk and told her she was a Newman and she could handle this. Phyllis visited Victoria and pledged her help, but Victoria was not interested. Victoria vowed to make sure Phyllis got what she deserved.

Nick told Sharon that it fault that she was vulnerable to Rey's manipulations. Kyle confirmed with Nate that Summer signed all the paperwork for the transplant. Lola woke up when Kyle was at her side. Lola didn't remember being attacked, and Nate said it was best if no one told her, because she needed to stay calm. Arturo visited Lola, and she told him she wanted to see Kyle. Victor wasn't happy that Summer was marrying an Abbott, but he agreed to come to the wedding. Summer arranged for Victor to give her some time off for a honeymoon, which was actually a cover for the surgery and recovery period. Kyle confided in Mariah about the real reason he was getting married. Mariah predicted that it'd end badly for Kyle, but he didn't care what happened to him, because Lola was what was important. Billy told Victoria that he and Nick were working on something to help her and the others. Billy convinced Victoria that she didn't have to be strong for him, and she broke down sobbing in his arms. Nick and Billy told a police officer that they needed to see Rey, and it was a matter of life and death.

Billy Nick and Victor arrive at the jail to encourage Nikki Sharon and Victoria to stay stromg and they also promise they won't stop working until they get them out of jail. Phyllis also arrives to visit Victoria amnd tells her she will do anything to make thins better but Victoria blasts her for selling out the group and tells her that their is nothing she can do because it is too late. Lola awakens from her coma and Kyle cries tears of gratitude and sadnes as he sees that she is finally awake. Summer makes wedding plans and manages to persude Victor to come to the wedding and give her a few days off for the honeymoon also known as the transplant surgery. Victor gives Summer some wise advise that a marriage lasts because a couple makes sacrifices for each other and he wonders if Kyle is the kind of man to make sacrifices for the woman that he loves. Kyle tells Mariah about his wedding to Summer and that he is only marrying Summer so that she can be Lola's donor. Mariah tries her best to persude Kyle that he will be miserable with Summer but he doesn't care what happens to him as long as Lola is okay. Billy and Nick go to the police station looking for Rey but they are told he is on the feild and can't be reached. Nick tells the police officer that they must talk to him because its a matter of life and death.

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