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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy calls Liam and says it is important if he and Hope can come over. He tells Hope the girls are fine but ultimately it concerns them. Donna wonders if Katie’s mood has anything to do with someone special. She thinks she is still in love with Bill, but Katie quips she does not remember asking for her opinion. Donna keeps saying she knows Katie wants to put her family back together again and she thinks that is the smartest thing she can do. Justin hands out documents to Wyatt and Sally about the reboot of Spectra, now Spencer Fashions. He tells Bill that he works best when he is family minded. He is getting back with both Wyatt and Liam and working on his relationship with Will just fine, so just reunite with Katie and make it official. Steffy springs it on Hope and Liam that she is going to Europe in a couple of days to help the CEO in the International office. Then she adds it is business but it could help Hope too in not dwelling on the two girls, but give her some space to really heal. She will be taking the girls with her and she knows Liam will miss them. They both agree it will be a good time with Paris in springtime. Liam tells Hope that Steffy has a point and they can spend more time with each other. Hope wants Liam to go with Steffy but they both nix that. They can video chat. Steffy emphasizes that Hope just needs to focus on her marriage with Liam. Justin welcomes Donna to the office and they hug.

With Bill out for lunch, Donna tells Justin she just came from Katie’s office and she thinks she still has a thing for Bill and a reconciliation could be possible. Meanwhile at the outdoor Il Guardiano Bill is waiting when Katie walks up looking for Brooke as she thought she had a lunch date with her. Bill says he too has been stood up so he invites her to sit down. The girls cry and Steffy goes to pick them up and Liam joins her. Hope feels left out as she looks at the shrine on the wall of Steffy and Liam. They come in with Liam holding Kelly and Steffy holding Phoebe and she coos that she will hand her over to Auntie Hope. She does not want to hear any more about taking Liam to Europe. She wants this time for Hope to heal, strengthen her marriage to Liam and perhaps even think about starting her family with another girl like Phoebe. She wants to come back and see a smile on Hope’s face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo told Brady that he is his brother. JJ went to see Justin and asked him for his help with Haley. Tripp talked to Claire about Haley. He wanted to know how the police found out about Haley when no one else knew where she was. When Diana saw John in Marlenaís room, she apologized to him. Eli told Haley that she might be facing a murder charge. Brady didnít believe Leo when he said that he was his brother. Leo wanted him to put the past behind them and asked for a job. John let Diana know that Marlena wasnít dead. He said the doctors were running tests. Diana acted as if she was happy about it. She asked what happened. He told her what happened. Brady told Leo that there was no way that he would hire him at Titan. Leo wanted to know why. Brady reminded him of what he did to Sonny. Leo said that he would want him on his team. Brady said that he knew that he dropped the charges against Will and Sonny and didnít have any money. Leo said he wanted a job. Brady still refused to hire him. Leo said they would have made a good team. Diana was surprised that anyone would hurt Marlena. John told her about the cookies. He told her that they were questioning Haley. Eli told Haley that Marlena ate cookies with penicillin that were from her. Haley said she didnít give her anything. Eli showed her the note that was with the cookies. Claire told Tripp that Ciara was the one who sold Haley out to the police, but he didnít think she told it. Claire tried to convince him that Ciara sold her out. Ciara walked in while Claire was talking. JJ told Justin that he was done with talking to Jack after what he did to Haley. JJ was upset with Jack and Eve for turning Haley in and for turning it in to a publicity stunt. Haley told Eli that the note wasnít in her handwriting. She told him that she didnít have a problem with Marlena. Eli wanted to know why anyone would frame her. He asked her if she went back to the hospital. She said she left. She told him to ask Tripp if he didnít believe her. Tripp asked Ciara if she told Jack and Eve about Haley. Ciara said that she didnít say anything about Haley. Ciara said there was one other possibility.

Sonny and Will confronted Leo about him dropping the charges against them. They recapped about Sonny and Will trying to kill him. Sonny was happy that he could divorce Leo. Eli went to see John and told him that Haley denied sending the cookies. He said he believed her. John wanted to know who it could be. He told her what Kristen did to her years ago. Eli said Kristen was presumed dead. John said to never assume anything about her. JJ went to see Haley. She didnít want to see him. He told her Justin would help her. Claire denied selling out Haley. Claire blamed one of their neighbors for selling her out. Ciara and Tripp looked as if they didnít believe her. Claire asked if they believed her. He ended up believing her. Claire said she was sorry about what happened to Haley. She said the neighbor hated her. She lied about the neighbor having a problem with her. When Claire left to call Belle, Ciara asked Tripp if he believed Claireís story. Diana told John that she was there for him if he needed anything. He said he needed his wife to wake up. He wanted to talk to her. She thought it was about Leo. She confronted him about breaking in her room to get the evidence against Leo. She told him that John and Marlena got a DNA test. He told her that Leo is his son. Leo was okay with Sonny being with Will. Sonny thought Leo wanted them to stay married while he saw Will on the side. Sonny and Will didnít want that. Sonny told Leo to leave, but he wasnít going. He told her what happened when he told Leo that he was his son. She asked if he knew what Leo did. He said he didnít. Haley told JJ that she didnít want his help. He told her that she needed an attorney. He told her that Justin was the best attorney. He said she needed help. She thought there was nothing he could do to help her. Justin said they could fight whatís happening to her if she was willing to work with him. Ciara told Tripp that she was surprised that Claire let Haley stay at the apartment. Ciara said she was threatened. He wasnít sure that she would have done that. Ciara warned him that Claire would do anything when she feels threatened. Haley agreed to let Justin represent her. Brady went to see John and told him that Leo said he was his brother. John said it was true. Leo told Sonny and Will that he is Johnís son. He told them that he was still family so he wasnít going anywhere. Diana talked to herself about finishing Marlena off so she could have John.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura and Kevin are reunited and he can see. Kevin admits to her everything that lead up to Ryan running around town. Laura is not sure she can forgive him for not telling anyone about this. Franco helps Ava cope with the fact that Ryan slept with her right after killing Kiki. Ava is drunk out of her mind as well. She promises to kill Ryan if he turns up alive. She spots Kevin in the hallway.

Elizabeth and Cam discuss how he is sorry for everything. He thinks that Franco is a hero and even tells him so. Shiloh tells Kristina that she can either be part of DOD or be with her family. Sam and Jason come to the conclusion that Kristina is part of a cult ran by Shiloh.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nick unsuccessfully tried to talk Summer out of getting married tomorrow. Jack reassured Billy when he worried about raising the kids alone. Billy was angry when Phyllis showed up to support the defendants. Tessa got out on bail and went to support Mariah during the verdict. The defendants were found guilty. Abby confronted Summer about the wedding and asked if she was the donor. Summer said no. Abby vowed to figure out what Summer was up to. Billy lashed out at Michael for what he considered a bad legal defense. Nick approached Billy with the theory that JT was alive and suggested they combine resources to find him. Billy agreed to help. Mariah blamed Nick for Tessa getting arrested. Nick advised Mariah to cut Tessa loose. Mariah refused. Christine asked the judge to give the defendants the maximum. Phyllis blamed herself over the verdict. Phyllis told Kerry that she had a plan to keep Ashley's products off the market, and she asked Kerry to keep it secret from Jack. Kerry agreed to. Kerry called someone and said she'd hit the motherlode. Phyllis made plans to sell Jack of Hearts in stores. The defendants lawyers and loved ones spoke on their behalf, but in the end, Nikki received thirty years in prison, Victoria was sentenced to ten years, and Sharon was given three.

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