The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/12/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Flo tells Reese that he cannot stop her. She is going to tell Hope the truth tonight. Liam tells Hope that he wants to text Wyatt about something. But Sally grabs Wyatt’s phone and won’t let Wyatt have it……...seems they are otherwise occupied in bed. He finally wrestles it away from her and Liam was just thanking Wyatt again for inviting him and Hope over. He thinks it helped her a lot. Wyatt says okay enough about the past, how about talking about the future…..hers at Spencer. She says they have not ironed out all the details yet. And she knows it will not be called Spectra but her aunt wanted her to do what she likes to do best and that is design, so she is okay with the name Spencer Fashions. She admits everything changed for her the day she met him and her life looks good now. Meanwhile Hope keeps telling Liam that she really likes Flo but feels like there is more to her than meets the eye. She just hopes she is not in trouble. Tiffany drops by to leave some HFTF designs and gives her condolences about losing her baby. Hope tells Liam later that Tiffany meant well. Flo tells Reese that he pulled her into this scheme of his but no more. He tells both her and Zoe that he is not the best father in the world but he also is not a monster so please give up this idea of telling Hope the truth.

Reese goes over all the same old stuff he has said before – if he could just go back to that night when Hope came into the clinic. He then put a dead baby in her arms and he regrets that but at the moment the only thing he could think of was the thugs who were going to harm his own daughter. Flo goes to her purse and takes several stacks of money and throws it at Reese. She says he did not need the money for the thugs; he needed it for his gambling debts. This is the end. He says Hope is a wonderful person and this should not have happened but she will have another child. He apologizes for involving them and he does not want to see his baby girl go to jail for something he did. He advises Flo to go back to Vegas and forget all of this. He tries to get Zoe to forget as well. She tells Flo they might all go to prison so they cannot talk about this again; no one can ever know. He tells Zoe that he loves her, gives her a hug and then he is gone. Liam tells Hope that she will always have Beth in her heart and soul but that does not mean she is not to be a mother in the future. There is another child waiting to be loved so she needs to wait for that dream when the time is right. Flo tells Zoe that she cannot believe her. They were all set to tell the truth and then her father waltzed in here and Zoe changed her mind. But one thing she knows, she is not going back to Vegas. And Hope still deserves to know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John found Marlena on the floor and tried to give her CPR. Brady went to see Eric and wanted his help to get Holly away from Stefan. Eric told him that Chloe and Holly were safe. Brady was upset that Eric wouldn’t help him. Eric thought that Brady was jealous that Chloe was with Stefan. Rex interrupted and told Brady to mind his business. Eric and Rex ripped into Brady about Chloe. Sarah talked to Kayla about her relationship with Rex. Leo confronted Diana about John being his father. Leo told her that John broke in her room and found the envelope. He told her that John told him that he was his father. When she tried to explain it, he wanted her to tell him the truth. Will and Sonny were excited that they could be together. Stefan and Chloe tried to make Holly feel better when she had a nightmare. When Eric blamed Brady for Nicole being dead, Brady reminded him that he went after Nicole while he was with her. Brady warned Rex that Eric went after his brother’s women. Kayla and Sarah went to Marlena’s office and helped John with Marlena. Diana admitted to Leo that John is his father. Leo wanted to know why she lied. Leo realized that she lied about John being his father. He thought she wanted John to think that John is his father so she could get him back. She admitted that she wanted John back. Kayla realized that Marlena was having an allergic reaction.

Kayla and Sarah asked John if Marlena took penicillin. Leo wanted to know if Diana was admitting that John wasn’t his father. She wanted to protect him. She wanted Leo to think Richard was his father because he was there and promised to take care of them. Leo asked about John. She said they had a great relationship as long as Marlena was dead. She said she thought they would have a good life with Richard. Leo thought she wanted a good life. He said he made a mess of his life. He said he didn’t have anybody. She told him not to give up. She said they both had a right to be happy. Brady warned Rex that Eric would go after Sarah. Rex said he and Eric were cool. Brady said he thought that too. Sarah called Eric and told him about Marlena. They all went to the hospital. Leo let Diana know that John was on his way to the hospital and would have the results. Leo said that he would find out if she were lying. John told Marlena that she had to fight to come back to him. When Sarah told Eric and Brady that Marlena was okay, Eric hugged her. Rex showed up and saw them hugging. Rex thought about what Brady told him when he saw Sarah and Eric hugging each other. Eric wanted to see Marlena. Rex and Sarah talked about him working at the hospital. Eric and Brady went to see Marlena. John told them that they could spend time with her. He wanted to search in her office. He told them that Marlena would like to see them getting along. Chloe told Stefan that he would have been a great father to Charlotte. He told her that she is a great mother. Stefan wanted to kiss Chloe, but she said she needed to get some sleep. When John went to Marlena’s office, he found Kayla looking at cookies. Kayla said they were from Haley. Kayla gave John the DNA results. He saw that he is Leo’s father.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly and Jason are in her hospital room. Carly wants to know how he knew to find her. Jason explains that he found her phone and figured out that Kevin was Ryan and put two and two together. he knew that Ava would be with them and asked Julian for information. Oscar and Joss find out that Oscar has to go back to GH right away. Joss finds out that Carly is in the hospital. She tells Carly about the possibility of having sex and Carly. wants her to be safe. Drew and Oscar have. the. same conversation.

Sonny hires a boy to help find Dante. Maxie and Peter go to the labs to get the new DNA samples done. Valentin follows them and watches. as they are doing this. Brad agrees to help them. Michael and Willow spend time. together and Nina assumes they are dating and gets angry. Nina assures Sasha that isn't the case though.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Sharon, Nick and Victoria were allowed a private moment with Nick and Billy before the verdict. Sharon thought Nick would be angry with her for trusting Rey, but he did not blame her. Victoria wished she could've told Billy the truth sooner, but he understood and he apologized for not realizing that she was holding something back. Nick and Billy promised that they'd be there for the children if the verdict didn't go the way they wanted. Victor was able to spend time with Nikki and Victoria. Ana sold Devon two more songs, and she seemed desperate to get paid. He ran a credit check on her and discovered that she'd been lying about being in debt. He asked her about it. She was furious with him for intruding, and she stormed out. Arturo told Abby about Rey's theory that Summer was the anonymous donor. Abby did not tell Arturo that she and Devon were looking for a chef to replace Lola. Abby asked Devon to postpone the opening until Lola recovered. Devon wondered if it was a bad idea to even open a restaurant with Abby. Abby convinced Devon not to pull out of the project right now and to wait and see if Lola made a quick recovery. Abby told Nick about Summer and Kyle's engagement and encouraged him to figure out what Summer was up to. Jack presented Kerry with a lucrative deal in exchange for siding with him over Kerry. Kerry wanted to mull it over before signing the contract. The verdict was in, and everyone prepared to return to the courthouse.

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