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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ted told Eli and Lani that he wanted Haley picked up. Eve told Jack that Tripp was hiding Haley. Claire told Haley that she wasn’t sure how safe it was for her to stay at the apartment. Tripp wanted her to stay there. Haley wanted a legal way to get a visa. He said there was a way. He told Claire that he needed her help. She agreed to help. Diana searched through Marlena’s medical history and found out that Marlena was allergic to penicillin. Marlena called John and warned him that Leo was on his way to Diana’s place. John said that he would have had the information. She told him that she had the DNA results. When John got off the phone, Leo was at the door. Leo wanted to know what he was doing there. Tripp told Claire that Belle could give them the name of an immigration lawyer. Haley didn’t want her to go to any trouble, but he said it wasn’t any trouble. He told Claire to call her mother. Jack wanted to know how Eve found out about Haley. Eve told him that Claire told him. Eve said Claire was jealous that Haley was coming on to Tripp. Jack thought that she moved on too fast. Eve said that he could help Tripp by turning Haley in to the police. Leo asked John if he was looking in Diana’s room. Leo wanted the envelope that John found. John refused to give him the envelope. Leo wanted to call the cops. Shelly warned Diana that Marlena was going to her office. Diana said she didn’t find anything that she needed. Diana asked her if she had a master key to the other offices. Shelly gave her her ID so she could use it. Diana wanted her to warn her if Marlena was coming. Shelly said she could count on her. Eli told Ted that they were off duty. Ted practically threatened Eli and Lani to find Haley. Eli told him that there was no trace of Haley. Claire told Tripp that it was too late to call her mother, but Tripp told her it wasn’t. Claire pretended to call Belle and asked her to call her. Eve tried to convince Jack to turn Haley in to the police. John stopped Leo from calling the police. Leo reminded him what Will and Sonny did to him. John threatened to tell the police what he did. When that didn’t work, John told him that he was his father. Leo didn’t believe him. John said the man he considered his father was dead. John explained how he is his father. Leo wanted to know why his mother would lie to him. John told her what happened when they broke up. He told Leo that he confronted Diana about it. Leo asked if he believed her. John said he had a test done. Leo couldn’t believe that Diana let him believe all this time. John wanted to know what he was talking about. Marlena talked to Kayla about Leo possibly being Leo’s son. Marlena thought he would do the right thing, but she hoped that he wouldn’t. Marlena thought that Diana had an agenda. Kayla wanted to know what it was. Marlena said she wasn’t the same person. Diana put penicillin in cookies.  Jack showed up at Tripp and Claire’s apartment.

Leo told John that Diana led him to believe that a monster was his father. John told him that he was sorry that he had to go through that. Leo said it made him tough. John told him that there was a possibility that he wasn’t Richard’s. Leo wanted to find his mother and find out why she lied to him. Leo wanted the envelope and told him that he wouldn’t go to the police. John told him that the police would never side with him. John said that he would be in trouble if he turned in the envelope. Kayla told Marlena that Diana wouldn’t take John away from her. They ended up talking about Steve and what was going on with him. Kayla blamed herself for why Steve wasn’t in Salem. Jack talked to Tripp about Steve. Jack told Tripp that he could use the support of family. Tripp asked him about Haley and reminded him what he did to JJ. Eve ran into Eve and Lani and said she had information on Haley. Ted overheard it and told them to make an arrest. Eve and Lani told them that they were off duty and tried to defend Haley. Ted and Eve told them to do their jobs. Eli wanted to know where Haley was. Leo told John that he didn’t do anything wrong. John said he didn’t want to hurt him. He said that Will is family because they suspected that Diana had something they could use as leverage to get him to drop the charges. John was willing to make a deal. If Leo dropped the charges, he would get rid of the envelope. Leo agreed to drop the charges. John said he would hand it over when he made it official with the DA. John called him. Marlena found the cookies Diana left for her. The card said they were from Haley. Tripp and Jack argued over Haley. Eve sent Claire a text saying that she let Jack know where Haley was hiding. Eli, Lani, and Eve showed up at the apartment. Jack said he had reason to believe that Haley was in the apartment. He told them to search the apartment. When Tripp grabbed Jack, Eve recorded it. Jack wanted him to calm down. Tripp told Eve to stop recording. Claire ripped into Jack for doing this. Haley told everyone that she snuck in the apartment. Eli and Lani arrested her. Eve recorded Jack saying that he was doing his duty by getting her arrested. John and Leo went to see Ted. Leo told Ted that he was dropping the charges. Ted asked if he was being pressured. Leo said that he wasn’t being pressured. Ted was willing to drop the charges. When Ted left, Leo wanted the envelope. John gave it to him. John hoped that whatever was in the envelope didn’t come back to bite him. John told him that he was going to find out if he is his son. John asked if he wanted to be there. Leo didn’t want to be there. He wanted to find out why his mother lied to him. Diana walked in Marlena’s office and found her on the floor. Diana saw the DNA test on Marlena’s desk. Tripp told Haley that they were going to get her help. Haley said it was too late. Eli said that Tripp and Claire wouldn’t have been in trouble if she went with them now. Tripp wanted Eve to give him the phone, but she refused. He told them to get out. Tripp wanted to know who told on Haley. He said they would regret it. When Diana went to her room, she looked in the safe. She saw the envelope was gone. Leo showed up and asked if she was looking for something.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura explains to Ava that she has been with Ryan all these months. Ava doesn't want to accept it. She then accepts it could have been a few days. Laura says it has been since Labor Day though. Ava starts to put everything together and realizes Kiki was killed by him. Laura tries to help her feel better. Jason goes to find Carly. Carly tries to get up a wall but falls. She then attempts it again and Jason grabs her hand. They manage to pull her up. Sonny and Robert try to figure out what is going on with Dante. Robert leaves and then returns to find Sonny gone again.

Jordan gets to be around her family and discovers they all tried to be her kidney donor. Elizabeth and Franco spend time together. Elizabeth thinks that Franco should have told her the truth. Elizabeth goes to confront Jordan but Jordan tells her that if she doesn't want her fiancé on a certain list then she. shouldn't marry a serial killer.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

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