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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Flo keeps telling all that all of this is wrong and never should have happened. Hope should not be going through this pain; she does not deserve it. Steffy loves what she does for the girls and says she could get up all night and look at them. This gives Taylor another opportunity to say again that Steffy should not be doing this alone. She knows she has Taylor and Ridge for support but Liam should be here. Steffy says and Taylor is not the only one; Hope thinks that way too. She is in so much pain and wants to give Kelly and Phoebe what she wanted for Beth. She even took off her ring but Liam insisted that she put it back on. Hope tells Flo that it pains her to say this but their Beth is gone and there is nothing anyone can say that will bring her back. Flo tells Hope that she is glad that she is healing but she cannot believe she is saying all of this. Hope says she knows she is not the only one with challenges in her life. Look what Flo had to do to give up her child. Sally interrupts and says she needs to go check on the food. The mood shifts and Flo does not finish what she originally intended to say. Wyatt asks a few questions and one is does he know Phoebe’s dad. Flo says sorry but the less she says about him the better. Hope tells Flo that she was touched by a complete stranger although she does not feel Flo is a stranger now.

Zoe and Xander help each other strip down and end up in bed making love. He says they are not keeping score. They made a fresh start in a new city. In the middle of this Xander gets annoyed when Zoe gets an Instagram and insists on taking it now. Turns out it is a photo of the group at Wyatt’s and she does not like the fact that Flo and Hope are in the same room. She says she has to go take care of this. Liam tells Sally and Wyatt that Flo did a good thing and Hope is blessed to have Phoebe in her life especially at this time. Taylor tells Steffy to tell her what she is feeling. And she points out how her kids are having to do without their father. And Hope used her wiles to keep Liam from Steffy. Even Hope knows now that is not the way it should be. Hope is right. Liam should be with Steffy now. Steffy tells her to quit calling her a victum. Taylor says okay, she has two beautiful little girls and no one can take that away from her. Wyatt and Sally are concerned that Hope is spending so much time talking to Flo. Liam says she needs to talk to someone so he considers this a good thing. Hope keeps saying that Steffy is a good mother and that little angel could not have found a better home and Flo was so courageous to give her up. But maybe all of this was meant to be. Perhaps Hope was not made to bring a child into this world. Flo says no, she does not believe that and she is absolutely sure of that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Marlena talked about Diana possibly lying about Leo being his son. John didn’t think Diana was lying. Marlena thought that she wanted him back. He said she couldn’t have him. He also thought it could be a good thing if Leo were his son. He thought he could get Leo to leave Will and Sonny alone. Will wanted to know what he was talking about. Sonny tried to convince Leo to get a divorce. Leo didn’t want to get a divorce. Sonny told him that he would give him alimony if he got the divorce. Marlena told Will that they weren’t talking about Leo. John apologized for what happened with Leo. Will apologized to him. Will told them that he and Sonny broke in Diana’s room and figured out that there might be a way to get Leo out of their lives. Claire wanted to go meet Eve so she could tell her about Haley. Claire lied about going to work. Tripp offered to go to work for her, but she convinced him that she would go. Jennifer ripped into Jack for using Haley to get ahead. He told her that he wanted a clean slate. He said he wasn’t the old Jack. He said the old Jack was dead.

Leo told Sonny that he wanted him and Will in prison. Sonny told him that they were going to find out Diana had on him. Will told Marlena and John that they needed to break in Diana’s safe to find out what she had on Leo. Marlena said she knew who could break in the safe. Haley thanked Tripp for helping her. She wanted to know if Claire was cool with helping her. He said she was. Claire met Eve and told her that Haley was at her apartment. Eve thanked her. Claire wanted her to promise that Tripp wouldn’t get in trouble. She also didn’t want him to find out that she told it. Eve wanted to know why she wanted Haley out of the country. Sonny tried to break in Victor’s safe. John and Marlena planned on how to break in Diana’s room to get to the safe. Will wanted him to try. John agreed to do it. Someone came up to Jack and supported him going after Haley. Jennifer ripped into her for what she said about Haley. Jack thought that his position worked with the voters. Tripp told Haley that she wasn’t going to get deported. Claire told Eve that she wanted Haley out of the way. Eve understood what she was saying. Claire asked if she was being selfish because Haley was a good person. Eve told her that Haley could come between her and Tripp. Claire asked Eve to promise that no one would find out that she said anything. Eve promised her that no one would know. Jack argued with Jennifer for defending Haley. Jennifer defended Haley and why was in Salem. He told her that he wasn’t going to let Haley get in his way. Marlena found out that the DNA results were ready. Diana talked to the nurse that told Marlena about the results. Diana lied and said she was a reporter and wanted to find out about Haley. Diana wanted to break in Marlena’s files to find out about Haley. The nurse agreed to help her. Eve stopped Jack and Jennifer from arguing. When Jennifer left, Eve told Jack that she knew where Haley was. Diana broke in Marlena’s office. She looked through Marlena’s files and found out that she was allergic to penicillin. John broke in Diana’s room. He got the safe open. Leo was at Diana’s room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victoria testified about her abusive relationship with JT and his death. The jury saw the video of JT put his hand around Victoria's throat. Christine asked Victoria to explain why she stayed with JT after that instead of pressing charges. Christine insinuated that Nikki killed JT to punish him for spying on Victor. Billy lamented convincing Phyllis to go to girls' night, since she was the one who talked the others out of calling the police. Nick theorized that JT was still alive. All three attorneys gave closing arguments. Brittany portrayed Sharon as an good person, pressured by Nikki and Victoria and manipulated by Rey. Michael maintained that Nikki acted in defense of her daughter. Mia told Rey that she wasn't sure she could forgive him for developing feelings for Sharon. This made Rey realize that he couldn't live a lie anymore. He told Mia that he did love Sharon. He decided to leave Mia because he couldn't get past her feelings for Arturo or what she did to Lola. Mia changed her tune and begged Rey to stay with her, but he refused. He promised to be there for her and the baby, but that was it.

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