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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In planning the meal for the party, Sally asks if there is anything anyone won’t eat. Wyatt reveals that Liam will be the pickiest but she is doing fine so do not worry about it. Liam has to convince Hope to continue getting dressed as it sounds like she is backing out. He asks her to go and if they have to leave early all will understand. Taylor is back at Steffy’s and says thanks to her she is looking forward to her future again with those two beautiful girls. Xander wishes Zoe would let him take her out to eat but she insists on making it and says sometimes it is better to be private. Taylor cuts her finger while helping cook but says she is okay. It has been a while since she has been domestic. Flo is the first one at the party and says Wyatt has a fantastic place. It’s a short while before Sally comes in and is introduced to Flo. Liam and Hope are right behind and Wyatt says he is about to put something on the Barbie. As soon as Hope comes in Wyatt says he wants to introduce them to his friend, Flo. All eyes get wider when Hope says “you” and turns to Liam and says this is Phoebe’s birth mother. Xander wonders if Zoe has heard from her father lately or if he said something before he left that leaves her disapproving of him. She says just that every time she thinks he is becoming a better man then he disappoints her. She doesn’t want to discuss it anymore.

All are surprised that Hope knows Flo and how Flo even knows Wyatt. It gets awkward when Flo finds out that Hope is married to Wyatt’s brother, Liam. Sally advises all of them to just let their guest alone and not grill her. They are all here to enjoy themselves. Zoe changes into something let’s say a little more comfortable. Xander says he would take off his hat if he had one. She says there might be mosquitoes close by so she will help him out of his shirt so they can’t hide in there. They start kissing. Steffy tells Taylor that it is amazing, she has been a mother to Phoebe longer than Flo has. She is her mother in all ways that matters. While the others are pouring drinks, Hope gets Flo to slip away and talk. Liam can’t believe that Wyatt did not tell them that Flo is Phoebe’s mother but he says he could not possibly know. Liam joins Flo and Hope and brings up that Phoebe has a sister, Kelly, and they have become very close to Phoebe. Flo tears up and says she is so sorry for their loss. Wyatt tells Flo that no one here is judging her so just feel comfortable. She cries that she has something to tell Hope about Phoebe.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer told Abe and Sheila that Jack is running for mayor. Sheila thought it would be great for Jack to run because he didn’t have his memory. Abe wasn’t sure because Jack had a killer instinct. Jack and Eve celebrated him being able to run for mayor. Eli questioned JJ about Haley. Lani told JJ that Jack was running for mayor. Brady wanted Gabi to work with him to bring down Stefan. She said she would think about it. Tripp told Claire that Haley was staying with them if it was okay with her. Jack and Eve decided to crash Abe’s fundraiser. Claire told Haley that she wasn’t sure if Ciara would want her to stay at the apartment. Tripp said Ciara was okay with it. Claire said it was a sticky situation, but she would help her. Haley and Tripp were happy that Claire agreed to let her stay. JJ was surprised that Jack would run for mayor. JJ told Lani that her father was a fighter. Jack and Eve showed up at the fundraiser. Jennifer wanted to know why they were there. Eve said they wanted to donate and make an announcement. Stefan told Chloe how he felt about her after he kissed her. She said she didn’t know how she felt about him. He tried to convince her that they had feelings for each other. He wanted to kiss again to see if there was a connection between them. Gabi walked in on them kissing.

Gabi was upset that Stefan was kissing Chloe. Stefan called her out for being jealous. Tripp told Haley to sleep in his room and he would sleep on the couch. Claire told him to sleep in her room. When Haley went to the room, Tripp thanked Claire for letting Haley stay at the apartment. JJ told Lani that he didn’t know if he could forgive Jack if Haley got deported. JJ was afraid that Haley would hate him. Lani told him that she wanted him to be happy. JJ said he was happy for her and Eli. Jack announced that he was running for mayor at Abe’s fundraiser. Sheila told Abe that he shouldn’t let Jack get free publicity. Jennifer questioned Jack about his issues. He told her what he planned on doing as mayor. He brought up immigration. He said he was going to make an example out of Haley. Jack threw Abe under the bus for the police department not finding Haley. Jack made a statement about Jack’s allegations. Gabi denied being jealous of Stefan kissing Chloe. She said he made her skin crawl. He said that she was always over there. She told him that she wouldn’t touch him with a pole. She said that Chloe wouldn’t get away from him fast enough when she sees the real him. He told her about all of her failed relationships. Chloe interrupted their conversation to tell them that they would wake the kids. Gabi warned her to get out before she left. Brady ripped into Eve for manipulating Jack. He told her that she was trying to turn Jack into the person he was before he changed. She blamed Jennifer for why her life was ruined. She said she was trying to make a new life. Jennifer wanted to talk to Jack. Eli and Lani wanted JJ to tell them if he heard from Haley. Abe showed up and told them that Jack was going to go after Haley. Claire told Tripp that she hoped Haley and JJ worked things out. Tripp said that he doubted it. Haley said that Jack wanted to make an example out of her. Gabi found Brady and told him that she was willing to get Stefan. She wanted to destroy him. She told him that Stefan kissed each other. Chloe told Stefan that she needed time to figure things out between them. Jennifer told Jack that his performance was sad. She told him that he used to be ruthless, but he wanted to be a better man. She said that the man she loved was still there, but he was going to lose his soul. JJ told Abe that he would help him win the election. Haley was afraid that she was going to be deported. Tripp said she was safe. When Tripp went upstairs with Haley, Claire called Eve.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Mia was in the courtroom when Brittany forced Rey to admit that he'd told Sharon he loved her. Brittany argued that Rey tricked Sharon into trusting him enough to confess to him. Rey denied this. Christine made it clear that nothing Rey did was illegal. Nikki and Victoria were taken aback when Rey revealed that Sharon confessed to him. Mia tried to confront Rey, but Christine insisted on talking to him first. Christine privately castigated Rey for falling for Sharon and for not telling Christine about it before the trial. Rey offered to resign. Michael told Victoria that he was putting her on the stand. Mia drank some beer, then she touched her abdomen and stopped. Summer stunned Phyllis with news of her engagement. Kyle spent time with Lola and told her how he felt about her. Phyllis said she was pleased Kyle would be her son in law. Phyllis told Kyle that Summer was more vulnerable than she appeared and she'd be devastated if he reneged on the engagement. Jack asked Kerry to keep him informed of Phyllis's plans, for the good of Jabot. Kerry said that if she was going to side against her boss and friend, she'd need something from Jack, and she wanted it in writing.

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