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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam finds it hard to believe when Hope tells him that she just met and was talking to the woman who gave birth to Phoebe, it feels like fate. She says Flo has a sweetness and vulnerability about her and she really likes her. Liam says he is the last to know her but he’d really like to know the woman who brought this precious angel to them. Wyatt is surprised to run into Flo at the Bikini Bar. He comments he did not know she had moved to L.A. She says she didn’t, more like just an extended stay for now. She mentions he just up and left Vegas with no e-mail or phone call. He says they were high school sweethearts and he feels badly for leaving so quickly but he hopes she will allow him to explain that. Liam wants to know how Zoe knows Phoebe’s birth mom to be talking to her. Hope says all she knows is all the guys at Forrester’s hang out at Bikini and they met there. Zoe tells Sally that she is thrilled for her although they will miss her at Forrester. Xander asks Zoe what is it about Flo that makes her want her to disappear and never see again.

Wyatt tries to explain to Flo that in Vegas his mom had her jewelry business and things did not always go as planned with the gems. She’s not in trouble but they had to leave quickly and he did not tell Flo should she get in trouble too. He says life is good now and he’s made a lot of changes in his life, including his name which is Spencer now… name, but same guy. He wants to know more about her since she is not wearing a ring. She says no she never married. Before she has to slip off back to work at the bar she says she has to tell him that she loves him and has something to give him. She plants a big kiss on his lips, leaving him stunned. She says she has missed him and his corny jokes. He replies everyone loves his jokes. He tells her he lives super close to here and he and his live-in girlfriend are having a dinner party tonight and Flo is welcome to come. She is not sure that is a good idea but finally says yes. Meanwhile Liam tells Hope about the dinner and she says she does not think she is up to it. He tells her once again that there has to be a way that she can hold Beth close to her heart but not let it paralyze the rest of her life.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena confronted John about Leo being his son. She wanted to know why he didnít tell her. He told her what Diana told him about Leo and that she didnít want him to tell Marlena the truth. Marlena told him that Leo deserved to know the truth. She asked him if he was convinced that itís true. Diana met with Victor. Rex told Chloe that the guy at the club was from the cartel. They attacked the man. The man turned out to be someone working for Brady to watch her. Brady went to the DiMera mansion to see Chloe. Brady and Stefan argued over Chloe. Eric continued to convince Sarah to marry Rex. She told him that his feelings werenít the only ones who mattered. She was concerned with her own feelings. The guy showed proof that he worked for Brady. Chloe let him leave. Brady and Stefan argued over Stefan saying that he was going to lose everything. Brady told him that he was going to lose DiMera. Stefan warned him that he was coming after Titan. Marlena asked John if he believed Diana. He said he did. Marlena warned him not to be naÔve. She said that Diana wanted him. Will and Sonny broke in Dianaís room to search for information. Leo showed up while they were in the room.

Victor told Diana that she had to do her end of the plan. She wanted to wait to see if he drove a wedge between John and Marlena. He said that wasnít part of the deal. She didnít think it would happen right away. He told her that it wouldnít work. Marlena told John that he didnít seem surprised that Diana wanted him back. He told her that he figured it out when he talked to her. He said they were inseparable. She said no one was inseparable. He said they were and they would work things out. Sarah told Eric that she and Rex had trust issues. Brady told Stefan that he wasnít a threat. He told Stefan to leave Chloe out of it. Stefan asked why she is his business. Brady said she was his friend. Stefan thought there was more going on. When Sarah went to the hospital, she ran into Maggie. Sarah told her that Rex proposed to her and she turned him down. Sarah said she loved him and wanted a future with him. She told her that she realized that she had feelings for Eric. Chloe showed up at the DiMera and ripped into Brady for not telling her that he had a guard on her. He told her he was trying to help because he didnít trust Stefan.  She understood that he was trying to help, but she didnít want him to do it again. Marlena told John that they needed to do a DNA test on Leo. John agreed to do it. She wanted to know how they would do it without Leo knowing. Will and Sonny panicked when Leo was able to get a housekeeper to open up Dianaís room. Eric and Rex talked about Brady did to Chloe. While they were talking, Rex brought up Eric convincing Sarah to marry him. Eric said he talked to Sarah. Rex wanted to know how it went. Sarah told Maggie that she could feel herself attracted to Eric when she broke up with Rex. Maggie wondered if Eric had feelings for her. Sarah wasnít sure if he did. She said she was confused. Will and Sonny hid before Leo got in Dianaís room. They saw him saw searching the room. Marlena went to see Victor and saw him with Diana. John snuck up to Leoís room. Brady confronted his guard for getting caught. When the guard tried to explain what happened, Brady fired him. Stefan assured Chloe that she was going to be okay. He kissed her. When Leo left Dianaís room, Will said that there was something on Leo. Sonny said they had to get in the safe. Diana told Marlena that she was sorry that she had to find out about Leo this way. Marlena told her that she talked to John and he told her that she didnít want her to know the truth. Marlena said that she wasnít going to tell Leo the truth. She and John left the mansion. He told her that he got Leoís toothbrush. Diana thought that John only looked at her because Marlena died. Victor said he tried to tell her that. Diana had another plan in mind.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan wakes up and wants to get right back to business. Curtis explains to her that she is going to need a new kidney. Jordan realizes that she is not going anywhere anytime soon. Kevin is brought to GH and he starts to explain himself. Jason goes to find Ava and Ryan after Carly's phone is found on the ground. Ava and Ryan show up at the same hotel that Joss and company are at. Ava cannot find her shoes after making love to Ryan and goes to the car. She goes to open the trunk where Carly is located.

Joss and Oscar are about to make love when Oscar has another seizure. Joss is not able to go with him to the hospital. She calls Kim. Kim and Julian were spending time alone together at Charlies. Julian told Jason where Ava and Ryan went. Kim finds out about Oscar and goes to find him.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Summer was pleased when Kyle admitted he kissed her back at the cabin and that he hadn't been able to go through with cutting her out of his life. Summer and Kyle agreed to get married in exchange for her giving Lola part of her liver. The terms were that they had to stay together for one year and that they wouldn't tell anyone that Summer was the donor. Summer accepted Kyle's condition of no husbandly duties. Summer thought that the marriage would help Kyle realize she was the one for him. Kyle wanted to be the one to tell Lola about the marriage, but Summer was sure that the Rosales family wouldn't let him near Lola once they heard about the marriage. Summer had Kyle formally propose. Michael had Tessa testify about the blackmail, and he suggested that she was the one who killed JT. Christine went to Phyllis for information on Tessa. Phyllis happily supplied it, pleased to pay Tessa back for the blackmail. Phyllis talked to Kerry about her plans for Jabot, and she made sure that Kerry wouldn't let her relationship with Jack interfere with her loyalty to her job. Kerry wanted to have a bigger role in the new era that Phyllis planned to usher in at Jabot. Phyllis agreed. Christine cross-examined Tessa, who cracked under pressure and revealed damning details about Victoria breaking into her apartment and about the three defendants kidnapping her. Mariah comforted the guilt-ridden Tessa. Phyllis crowed about getting Tessa back. Mariah told Phyllis about the damage she caused the three women when she told Christine about Victoria getting the money back, the hidden cameras, the threats and the kidnapping. Phyllis clarified that she only told Christine about Victoria getting the money back, not about the kidnapping, cameras or threats. Tessa was crushed when she realized Christine didn't know as much as she'd appeared to in court, and that she'd tricked Tessa into telling her everything. Michael told his clients that their lies had sabotaged him and their own case. Brittany thought she could fix things by calling Rey to the stand.

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