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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Before she can leave the Bikini Bar, Flo tells Hope that she has something important to tell her. Liam shows Wyatt some photos on his phone, his first beach day with the girls. He says he knows he is not technically kin to Phoebe but he’d like to be a father figure for her too. Wyatt says she is Kelly’s sister so that makes sense. It’s all cool. And Uncle Wyatt will spoil them too and take them to the ice crème shop when the time comes. Liam says he would never judge Phoebe’s birth mom but he cannot imagine a woman out there who would give her up. Ridge agrees with Steffy that he wishes he could meet the birth mother. Steffy says yes it is amazing how good Liam is being a father to both girls. Hope is going through a really thought time but she accepts and goes along with Liam’s being with them. Flo gets Hope to stop and says she is sure lots of people are offering their condolences for her lost baby but there is something about Flo that she does not know. Zoe walks up and wants to know what is going on which stops that conversation. Steffy tells her dad that despite what happened with Beth, Liam is very present in Kelly’s life and in Phoebe’s too. Wyatt tells Liam that both of them were raised without fathers and they turned out okay. They discuss again that Hope wants him to go live with Steffy but he is not going to give up on her. He lost his daughter but they are going to have to plow right through. Wyatt tells him a lot of people are in his corner and yes they will survive this. They hug.

Flo stands there helpless to say any more but Zoe jumps in and says she thinks her boss is looking for her. Hope says but Flo was going to tell her something important. Zoe says she thinks she knows what. Zoe tells her that Flo is the birth mother. Hope is dumbstruck but so glad to know and starts telling Flo how much that precious Phoebe means to her in her own healing process. When Hope leaves, Zoe berates Flo for almost telling Hope the truth. Alone Steffy sits and thinks about what Hope said. She has two girls and she can still have that life with Liam she always wanted. Liam goes home and finds Hope there. She says she has some news for him. She just met Phoebe’s birth mother. Zoe catches Flo alone and says she cannot believe she almost told Hope. Flo said they both lied and it is not fair to Hope, she deserves to know she is the birth mother. Flo says she does not like what her father did any more than Flo does, but she is not going to have him going to jail. All of them could end up locked up for a very long time. Her dad did what he did to protect her. Flo accuses her of only caring about her father, not Hope who lost the baby. So perhaps her father deserves to be locked up. As Zoe walks away Flo turns to go back to work and runs directly into Wyatt. She recognizes him and calls out his name.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire tried to convince Ben not to give up on Ciara. Haley didnít know what to do when Hope and Ciara were about to go in Ciaraís apartment. Tripp told her to hide upstairs. Ted and Rafe argued over Hope. Rex talked to Eric about Sarah and how no man is good for her. When Hope left Ciaraís apartment, she went to the police station. She walked in on Rafe and Ted while they were arguing about her. Rafe told her that Ted shouldnít be D.A. because he couldnít be trusted. Rafe wanted to talk to Abe until she stopped him. Stefan called Ben and offered him his job back. Ben said it wasnít a good idea. Ciara asked Tripp about the bag that was in the apartment. Ciara wanted to know if he was hiding a girl. JJ ran into Claire at the cafť. She asked him about Haley. He talked to her about how he told Haleyís secret. Claire asked if he and Haley were friends. He thought they were going to be more than friends. When Rex left, Sarah assumed he was talking to Eric about her turning down his proposal. Eric said he did. Eric said Rex said she turned him down because of him (Eric).

Sarah told Eric that Nicole being dead was the reason why she turned down Rexís proposal. Eric said he wouldnít stand in the way of them being together. She said there was another reason why she turned down the proposal. Stefan was surprised that Ben turned down the job. Ben talked to him about breaking up with Ciara. Ciara wanted to know who Tripp was hiding. Haley came out. Hope wanted to talk to Rafe alone so Ted left. Hope thought Rafe had issues with Ted because of her and Ted. Rafe said he didnít like Ted being around her. He said that Ted said his intentions towards her arenít pure. She said that she loved him. Rafe thought that she was okay with Ted being around her. She said that he was feeling guilty about not being there for her. He said he was helping Johnny not Sami. She told him that Ciara is his stepdaughter. She asked him why he didnít get on the first plane home. Ben told Stefan why he broke up with Ciara. Ben told Stefan that he would take the job under one condition. Claire asked JJ if Haley had any friends who would help her. JJ wondered if she knew anything. Ciara figured out who Haley was. Ciara was upset that he was hiding Haley in the apartment. Ciara reminded him that her mother was the police commissioner. She asked him if he expected her to lie to Hope. He said he did. Haley told Tripp that she was going to leave. Ciara told her that she wasnít going anywhere. Ben told Stefan that before Chad left, he was going to quit. Stefan wanted to know what happened. Ben told him about what happened with Gabi. Stefan said that Gabi wasnít hurt. Ben didnít want to be responsible for harming women. Stefan told him what his first assignment was. Eric defended Rex to Sarah. Sarah didnít want Rex to be driven by guilt. Eric told her that Rex loved her and she should give him the chance to make her happy. Rafe told Hope that she and Ciara were his priority, but Hope reminded him that he put Sami first. Hope told him that she loved him. She said there was no comparison between him and Ted. Rafe was glad to hear it and left. Ciara agreed to help Haley. Ciara wanted to know how Claire was going to feel about Haley staying there.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam and Jason clean up the toys in the living room that Danny left all over the room. Sam thinks that Danny did this so that Jason wouldn't leave right away. Jason says he doesn't have to. Sam thinks that he does because of Shiloh. Shiloh tells Kristina that she will be helping with the meeting tonight and that Daisy will not be. Daisy goes to see Sam and ask for forgiveness.

Laura escapes by herself and shows up at GH. She tells them that it was Ryan who murdered everyone. Elizabeth and Franco find out about this and are overjoyed because Franco once again gets to run free. Joss, Oscar, Cam, and Trina get stranded for the night. Joss and Oscar share a room and decide to go to the next level. Trina and Cam watch Mary Poppins.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Sharon told Brittany about the events leading up to her confession to Rey. Brittany concluded that Rey lied about being Sharon's friend and loving her in order to trick her into confessing. At first Sharon defended Rey, but as she recalled him coming to town pretending to be a good Samaritan and insinuating himself into her life, she came to agree with Brittany. Brittany thought that they could use this to get Sharon acquitted. Mariah asked Nick if they were okay. He didn't respond to that, but he did thank her for what she said on the stand. Tessa worried that Nick would get revenge on her or that she'd go to prison. Mariah distracted Tessa with daydreams about a trip. They decided to go to San Francisco when the trial ended. Nikki told Michael the truth about JT's death. Due to Phyllis's damaging testimony, Michael decided it'd be best to cut a deal. He thought Nikki would get some prison time, but he'd be able to get probation for Victoria. Nikki insisted that they do this, so that she could continue to protect Victoria. Michael approached Brittany about making a deal for Sharon, but she wasn't interested. Christine refused Michael's offer of a plea deal, because she thought she could get a conviction. Michael told his clients what Christine said, and he told them that he'd already made his next move. Tessa and Mariah learned that Michael was calling Tessa to the stand. A concerned Summer spent time with Phyllis. After a pep talk from Summer, Phyllis went to Nick and tried to reconcile. Phyllis was unable to convince Nick that she didn't mean to hurt the others. She felt their love was strong enough to survive, but he disagreed because she'd hurt the people he cared about the most – his mom and sister. She told him not to forget Sharon. He told her to go. She packed the rest of her belongings and left. Summer told Kyle she was a match for Lola, and she confronted him about the hurtful things he said to her at the hospital. He apologized. She admitted she was terrified about the surgery and not sure about going through with it. He promised to do whatever it took to convince her to save Lola. He'd even break up with Lola and marry Summer.

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