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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge shows up in the nick of time to give Steffy a hand with the girls. Zoe goes to the Bikini Bar and tells Flo that she needs to get out of Los Angeles. Flo reminds her she did nothing wrong; she was dragged into this. What they do not notice is Hope is sitting at a seat waiting for Katie to treat her to a little time out. Liam fills Wyatt in on this and thinks it will be a good thing for Hope. She is still on that kick that she gifts Liam to Steffy and the girls. That is all she thinks about. Liam does admit he does not want to spend all his time with Kelly as he is not married to her mother anymore. He wants to be with Hope. He tries to pin Wyatt down if he thinks Hope is correct as that is what it sounds like to him. Wyatt says no, he just thinks he needs to think about all of them. Whatever happens Liam says he is grateful that Phoebe is in their lives.

Xander and Zoe make a pact, whoever loses their British accent first wins something to be determined later. Katie shows up and she and Hope move to seats at the bar. Flo can’t help but overhear them talking about the lost baby. She recalls the night she asked Reese and her told her the mother’s name was Hope. Xander tells Zoe that it seems to him that Flo made the right choice and if she is having regrets now there is not much Zoe can do about it. Flo keeps overhearing the conversation more and more and it is reflecting on her job behind the bar. Hope even asks if she is okay. Ridge wonders if Phoebe looks like her birth mother. Steffy says she must have been beautiful and it’s funny how life turns out. Katie is called away but Hope stays for a few more minutes to pay the bill. When Flo sees her name on her charge card she says Hope does not know her but she has something important to tell her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp confronted Claire about the lighter. She lied and said that she was a smoker. He questioned her about it. Ciara tried to convince Ben not to break up with her. He told her that he didnít trust himself around her. She said that he would never kill her. He said that he loved Jordan and almost killed her. Hope questioned Ted about blackmailing Sonny and Will. She thought that he was going to prosecute them. He said he wouldnít. Claire apologized to Tripp for not telling him about the smoking. He took her at her word. Eli and Lani questioned JJ about Haley. They thought he was hiding her. They told him to advise Haley to turn herself in. JJ said he just got to the hospital. Lani told him that Haley was making things worse for herself. Rafe went to see Kate. He told her that Jordan was at Bayview. Lani told JJ that Haley couldnít hide forever. She said that someone could get hurt the longer Haley is out there. When Lani and Eli left, JJ looked for Haley. He saw that she was gone. Kate told Rafe that she wasnít going to help Jordan. He said that he was checking on her. She asked how Hope felt about him helping her. He said that Hope was upset, but not about Kate. Kate said that Hope had a right to be upset that he kept helping his exís. He said that Ted was keeping Hope company. Ted told Hope that he was resigning as D.A. She told him not to do it. She said to get someone else to prosecute the case. He was happy. Ciara tried to convince Ben that he was a good person. He said he wasnít. She reminded him that he saved her after her accident and taught her how to trust again. He said she taught him how to trust. He thought it was too risky to be together. She said every relationship had risk. She said they could help each other. He didnít trust himself. He told her that she was better off without him.

JJ went to Kayla and told her that Haley was gone. He blamed himself for why her secret was out. Kayla tried to make him feel better about it. Haley ran into Tripp and talked to him about how she is in trouble. She told him that the police were after her. She said she didnít know what to do. He said he had an idea. Ben told Claire that he and Ciara were over. Hope went to pick up Ciara. Ciara was upset with her for Ben breaking up with her. Kate told Rafe why she didnít trust Ted. She told him that they were together and then he used her. Rafe felt as if Ted was going to do the same thing to Hope. Kate told Rafe what she had done to Ted. Rafe wanted to know how she fell for him. She said she was vulnerable just like Hope. Ciara blamed Hope for accusing Ben of trying to hurt her. Hope apologized to her for doubting her. Ciara said it was too late. Tripp brought Haley to his apartment. She wanted to know why he was doing this for her. He said he liked her. When he brought up living with his girlfriend, she wondered how she would feel about her living there. Ben talked to Claire about possibly hurting Ciara. Claire told him that he wouldnít hurt Ciara. He realized that he didnít take his medicine. He talked to her about the hallucination that told him to burn down the cabin. He said he started to believe that he started the fire. She said she knew for a fact that he didnít do it. He wanted to know how she knew. While Eli and Lani were talking about Ted recusing himself from Sonny and Willís case, Rafe showed up and wondered what was going on. When Rafe told them what Kate said about him, Ted showed up and wondered if Rafe had something to say about him. Ciara talked to Hope about Ben not seeing himself the way that she saw him. Claire told Ben that Jordan might have set the fire. He thought that she might have set the fire. Claire wondered if people would believe that Jordan set the fire. JJ called Haley and wondered if she was safe. She said she was. He asked where she was. When she wouldnít tell him, he offered to help her. Rafe told Ted that he should step down as D.A. Ted told him that he was upset that he has been there for her. Rafe said his marriage was solid. Ted told him that he has been there for her when he wasnít. Ted said that he wouldnít have to worry about another man if he was there for Hope. Rafe attacked him. Claire told Ben that she wasnít going to lose Tripp to anyone. Haley didnít want to tell JJ where she was. He said that he would protect her with his life. She said she would never be able to trust him. When Hope brought Ciara home, Hope got a text from Eli about Haley. Tripp told Haley that she was safe at the apartment.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ryan prepares to leave with Ava but Carly is standing behind him. She wants to ask him about Wilson Todd aka Ryan. Ryan knocks her out and puts her in the trunk of his car. He takes Ava on the road. Mac and Felicia are confused about why Kevin would marry Ava. Lucy hears this and is upset. Felicia realizes that Kevin wouldn't marry Ava and that it is clearly Ryan running around town.

Laura and Kevin try to escape and discover a fake entrance. Laura tells Kevin they are going together but Kevin insists she has to go on her own. Laura reluctantly agrees. Curtis and Chase attempt to open a voice message on Jordan's phone. Sonny and Robert get information on Dante in Turkey.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

The courtroom drama continues as Mariah is on the stand insisting the video was sent to her anonymously. Michael questions why she didn’t tell the women they were spied on and why the video was on the Dark Horse server. Mariah blurts out that no one from Dark Horse sent the video. Michael questions why she is so certain if she says the sender was anonymous. Brittany takes over and brings up the purging of the closet and states that it aligns with the video of the women moving household items and all makes sense. As everyone is waiting for Phyllis, Nick questions Michael as to what he was so hard on Mariah. Michael tells him he was laying the groundwork in case he needs to bring up the blackmail. Mariah whispers to Tessa that she is worried they are both going down. Tessa calms her down. Nick steps into the hallway as Phyllis arrives and she assures him she will do everything she can to put an end to this. Phyllis is collecting her thoughts for the trial and Summer appears. Phyllis relays that she hopes she can make the jury understand how terrifying it was for all of them. Nick reappears and argues with Summer over Phyllis and her saving herself. Phyllis asks him to give her a chance.

Phyllis is now on the stand and describes JT’s abuse. She defends Nikki’s action as a heartbroken mother as any mother could be. Christine asks her to describe how they heard JT in the house and how they witnessed him pinning Victoria against a wall and pounding his fist. Christine asks if Victoria ever hit JT but Phyllis ‘can’t recall’ and the two argue before Phyllis is reminded she is under oath. Phyllis responds that JT was bigger and more forceful than JT. Christine then forces Phyllis to demonstrate how JT was hit. Phyllis reluctantly stands and walks over to the poker and demonstrate on the court official. Christine makes a big display of having the official turn his back to Phyllis as she admits that JT was facing away from Nikki. Phyllis tells the Judge that JT was an intruder but Christine argues that JT was a lawful residence. Christine then tells the jury that Nikki did not ask JT to stop but just hit him. She continues to tell the jury that they buried JT in the park and it’s not self defense-‘ it’s murder’ ! Christine gets a warning from the Judge. Christine says she is done with the witness. Michael cross-examines Phyllis and forces her to admit that she despises Victor Newman and that she might want Victoria in prison to keep her from reuniting with Billy. Brittany takes a turn at Phyllis and goes over her past with Sharon. After Phyllis is dismissed, Nikki, Victoria and Sharon agree that the attorneys did a number on Phyllis. Outside the courtroom, Phyllis admits that she didn’t know Christine would spin things the way she did. Jack believes she didn’t see it coming but later discusses with Billy that they need to get ahead and not have her bring down the company. Nearby Nick and Billy discuss whether Phyllis’ jealousy made her turn on the women. In the courtroom Michael complains to the women that his job is being made that much harder by his not knowing the background on the video. Phyllis and Summer are at the coffee house, and Phyllis asks if she was right doing what she did and that Christine twisted her words and she will end up hated. Summer assures her she will stand by her and make sure everyone knows the truth no matter what. Summer then gets a call from Nate who informs her she may be a potential donor match for Lola but they need to do further testing.

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