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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Justin quizzes Bill about becoming a fashion house. Bill tells him that was Wyatt’s one condition for coming back, the son he is estranged from, so they can handle this. Then Wyatt and Sally come in and he tells them he was just telling Justin and they both are thrilled. Bill kids around that Justin might even be interested in designing and Justin hands it right back like Bill would like alternative dancing. Bill dismisses him so he can talk to Sally. He tells her he feels badly what he did to her. She replies there are things to work out but she is grateful he is giving her this chance. Then Bill drops the bomb that he is not ready to start up Spectra Fashions again. There’s a new girl working at Bikini Bar – Flo. Zoe walks in and waltzes up to her and says “seriously Flo, are you out of your mind?.” She tells her she cannot work here and should not even be in Los Angeles at all. Flo says she knows it is a risk but she is starting over and this came along. She will never forget what happened but she knew nothing about swapping babies when she said yes to Reese. And now Zoe knows too what he did so she is at risk too if Hope ever finds out. Hope lays out a grouping of baby clothes and tells Liam they were for Beth and now she would like to give them to Steffy if he doesn’t mind. He goes along and says whatever makes her feel good, sure. As Hope goes back to her chore, he tells her they cannot forget what she just did, taking off her wedding ring. They have to discuss that. She interrupts and saying losing Beth was bad enough but keeping him away from his two girls is even worse and she did not want to do that. She knows what Liam is gonna to say that her heart is in the right place but they will be fine. Her head tells her that is right but her heart cannot accept that as it tells her that it feels like Beth is still here.

Wyatt is livid and Bill tells them to settle the dust, he will clarify. It is his money that is going into this project, the onus on him to succeed so he does not think it is unreasonable that instead of calling it Spectra Fashions it will be Spencer Fashions. He explains that Sally will be the lead designer and she will have everything at her disposal to make it successful. Yes she would like her name attached to it but it is such an opportunity that she will not let this one little decision be a stumbling block. She will not let him down. They have a deal. Zoe says that both she and Flo could be in trouble so they have to keep this a secret. Flo keeps saying there is a woman out there who does not have her child and she will live with that shame the rest of her life. Hope shows Liam the ultrasound and says she remembers when the doctor gave it to them. She wants to keep it forever. He says sure but that does not mean Hope can force him and Steffy back together. Someday they will have another baby…..but she interrupts and says he does not understand. She can NOT go through that again, losing another baby. She just can’t. He holds her and says he loves her and he will not let her push him away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp walked in on Claire holding the lighter she used to burn the cabin. She lied and said it was a gift for him. She hid it in her jewelry box. She told him that Haley is Melindaís sister and she was an illegal immigrant. Jack was upset with Eve for making him reveal that Haley is an illegal immigrant. Eve tried to make it seem as if she didnít do anything wrong. She said she was looking out for JJ. Jack thought she was looking out for herself. JJ and Jennifer talked about Jack exposing Haleyís secret. Jennifer wasnít sure if they could just blame Eve for it. Ben told Ciara that he was still a killer. Melinda showed up at the police station. Eli and Lani questioned her about Haley. Melinda said she was in Salem legally. She told them to question Haley if they wanted to know more before she walked off. Haley opened up to Kayla about Melinda. Kayla tried to comfort her. Haley was upset that JJ told her secret. Jennifer told JJ that Jack wasnít acting like the man they loved, but she believed that he is still inside of him. JJ told her that Jack said he loved him, but he did what he did at the debate. She told him that Jack was always a loving father and would never intentionally love him. Jack realized that it was his decision to expose Haleyís secret. He said that he would have a relationship with his family if he did it in public. Eve told him that he did a good thing by protecting the people in Salem. She told him that he would be a good mayor. He agreed that he could be a good mayor. Eli and Lani went to JJís apartment to look for Haley. JJ told him that she wasnít there. They questioned him about her, but he refused to tell them anything. Claire was upset that Tripp was defending Haley being an immigrant. Ciara tried to make Ben feel better about Jordan. He told her that he wanted to hurt someone. He was afraid that the sickness was still inside of him.

Ciara continued to make Ben feel better about being crazy. He told her that she made him feel good. He said Jordan was the only other person he could count on. He couldnít believe what he almost did to her. He said he could have done the same thing to Ciara. He asked if she was afraid of that. She said that she was afraid of him in the beginning. She said she believed him. Tripp and Claire continued to argue over Haley. JJ told Eli and Lani that Haley was on her own. Kayla told Haley that there could be a way for her to stay in Salem legally. Kayla told her to keep her job. Kayla was going to talk to the board about keeping her job. Haley thanked her. Kayla told her that JJ felt betrayed by his father. Melinda showed up at Eveís room and ripped into Eve and Jack for exposing Haleyís secret. Melinda told them that she couldnít run for mayor now because of them. She said that she was going to vote for Abe if Jack ran for mayor. When Melinda left, Eve wanted to get started on his campaign. Eve found out that he would be able to run. She wanted to get him a campaign manager. He wanted her to be his manager. JJ tried to reach out to Haley, but Haley didnít answer the phone. JJ wanted to find her, but Jennifer didnít want him to get involved. Ben appreciated that Ciara believed him. He said that Jordan was a good person and look what happened to her. He said he almost killed her. Ciara told him that Jordan was a good person. He was afraid that he was still crazy. She told him that he could start seeing Marlena again and that she would stay by his side. He appreciated that, but he didnít want to risk doing to her what he almost did to Jordan. When Claire left to get ready for work, Tripp looked through her jewelry box. Jennifer went to Eveís room. Jennifer told Jack and Eve that the police showed up at JJís apartment to question Haley. Jennifer couldnít believe that Jack took advantage of JJ. Jack said that Haley was the one who took advantage. Jennifer said that Haley was going to be detained. He told her that he did the right thing. She told him that the only right thing he did was get Abe elected. Jack told her that he was running for mayor. Jennifer couldnít believe how self-centered he was. She said that she told JJ that he was better than that, but she realized she was wrong. She stormed out of the room. JJ found Haley at the hospital. He warned her that the police are going to arrest her. Ben told Ciara that he was no good for her. He told her that they shouldnít see each other anymore. Tripp asked Claire if the lighter was his present. She looked horrified.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Franco shows up at Elizabeth’s house and is on the brink of death. He tells her that he lied and that Ryan killed those people. Elizabeth calls for help. Chase applauds Ryan for helping try to stop Franco. Ava is annoyed that he didn’t tell her where he was going. Ryan proposes they get married tonight and Ava agrees to it. Ryan goes to the parking lot and plays with his ID’s. Carly is standing behind him.

Anna and Robert confront Peter about Klein and patients 1-4. Peter claims to know nothing about them. Robert tells Peter he will find out the truth. Lulu and Maxie ask Mac and Felicia about the other victims and they end up solving two unknown victims deaths in the process. Nina helps comfort Curtis and discovers a message from Franco on Jordan’s phone.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ana worried about Devon after his panic attack, but he assured her he had developed some healthy coping mechanisms. Devon didnít think he wanted to date again, because no one could follow Hilary. Billy worried about Victoria getting sent to prison. The stress of the trial got to Victoria. Brittany told Sharon to keep her distance from Nikki and Victoria, so the jury would believe she was an innocent bystander. Michael warned Nikki and Victoria that they were facing an uphill battle, but he was going to fight for them. Victoria wondered if they should tell Michael the truth, but Nikki insisted they stick to the cover story. Billy warned Jack that Phyllisís reputation could hurt Jabot. He urged Jack to convince Kerry to side with them against Phyllis. Christine played a video of the women loading JTís body into the trunk of the car and asked Mariah where it came from. Mariah lied about the source of the video to protect Tessa. Michael poked holes in Mariahís story and told her to tell the truth. Summer told Kyle that she was getting tested as a liver donor as a favor to him. He wondered if it was a tactic to win him back. She didnít think he should care if she had an agenda, since it might save Lola. He apologized and thanked her. Devon offered the use of his jet to fly in any non-local matches for Lola.

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