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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Will continues to grill his mom and dad if they love each other why they can’t be a family now. Bill says they can indeed change things up and make their boy's night at the ballgame into a family night. He tells Katie that he hopes that she knows he is in a better place now. Katie tells him that people used to say she brought out the best in Bill. It wasn’t all bad. He says it is good now, coming here to see Will and to see her too, much better. Quinn misunderstands - she thinks Sally and Wyatt are engaged but she sees no ring. He says no, it’s another sort of partnership. His dad has asked him to come back to Spencer Publications and it will include Sally as well. He tells Eric that Bill is no Eric Forrester but he is trying to be better. He is grateful to Eric for making a place for him and treating him so well. Quinn says it was wonderful for her to work with Wyatt here but she understands it is important for him to align himself with his own dad. He will work with him in the company that will be his one day. Eric wishes them well and says he does not mind a little competition.

Hope is distressed and keeps arguing with both Liam and Steffy that nothing else makes any sense. He has to go live with Steffy and the two girls. She will not be the cause of them not having a father. She can give that to them and to Liam too. He says she cannot just give him away. He is sorry but he is not going anywhere. He is not going to give up on them and he is not going to let her either. He reminds her that she lost a little girl but they will find the way out of this together. He reminds her of her wedding day and the vows…..their love for each other would be always. He puts the ring back on her finger and she finally accepts it. Phoebe cries and Steffy goes to her. Hope says she is sorry. Steffy is an amazing mother and things will be okay for them. But when Steffy comes out of the bedroom, Hope’s entire attention goes to her and she ends up giving Phoebe the bottle. She smiles and says she wishes Phoebe could have met Beth. Steffy is lucky to have her. Liam and Steffy keep darting their eyes to each other while watching Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena was upset that John tried to blame Will for arguing with Leo. John told her that Will was going to make things worse for himself. Marlena didnít care. She thought that Leo was to blame. Leo was shocked that John wanted to look out for him. Leo thanked John for his help. Sonny saw Victor and Diana making a deal. Victor wasnít sure if he was making the right decision. Sonny talked to Brady about what he saw. Rex proposed to Sarah, but she turned him down. Gabi showed up at the DiMera mansion. John apologized to Will for standing up for Leo. Will was upset with John for defending Leo. Will said Leo came after him and Sonny. Will thanked Marlena for sticking up for him. Will walked away. Rex wanted to know why Sarah turned down his proposal. She thought it was too public. He thought that was why she said no. She said it was complicated. He wanted to know why she didnít want to move forward with him. She said Eric was why. She said that Eric just lost Nicole. She thought he was rubbing their relationship in Ericís face. Rex said that Eric was okay with their relationship. She was still concerned about how this would affect Eric. Rex didnít believe it. He thought there was more to it. He thought there was something she wasnít telling him. John and Marlena talked about Will fighting with Leo. John reminded her that Will shouldnít have tried to kill Leo. He was also warned her that Leo could press charges against her for hitting him. Marlena wondered why he was defending Leo. He told her why, but she thought there was something that he wasnít telling her. Victor and Diana talked about their plan to break up John and Marlena. She said she had a plan. Brady suggested that he and Sonny ask what was going on between Victor and Diana. Victor called Marlena to talk to her about Will and Sonny. She agreed to meet him. Brady and Sonny wanted to talk to Victor. John told Marlena that he didnít come down on Leo because of what Diana told him about his father.

Rex said that he knew what Sarah was keeping from him. He said that she told him about her trust issue. He understood why the issue was still on his mind. He said he would never be unfaithful to her again. He proposed to her again. Will talked to Eric about his fight with Leo. Will told him that John defended Leo. Eric told Will about Rex proposing to Sarah. Will said that Sarah knew that Rex wasnít the right man for her. Stefan found out that DiMera was keeping Gabi Chic. He wanted to know how she got to Shin. He called her a scheming b*tch. When she was about to hit him, he stopped her. She said she wasnít afraid of him. He told her that she should be. Chloe saw him grabbing Gabiís arm. Sarah told Rex that she appreciated what he did, but she couldnít marry him. He understood and told her that he would be there. Leo wanted to know what was going on with Diana and Victor. Sonny and Brady wanted to know how Victor could help with Leo. They asked him what was going on between him and Diana. Victor told them that if she could get Leo away from Sonny, he would make it worth her wild. They wanted to know what he offered. John lied to Marlena about Leoís father being abusive towards him for why he defended Leo. She understood what he was saying before she left. Rex ran into Eric and told him that Sarah didnít want to marry him because of Eric. Chloe wanted to know what was going on between Stefan and Gabi. Gabi said it was nothing. Gabi threatened to make Stefan pay if he did anything to her. When Gabi left, Stefan told Chloe that Gabi provoked him. Marlena showed up at the mansion. Victor wanted to talk to her in private so he kicked Sonny and Brady out of the room. Sonny and Brady agreed to settle the Leo situation as a family. Marlena wanted to know what Victor wanted. He said it was about John and Diana. Leo wanted to know what Diana was doing with Victor. Leo thought she was working with him to get rid of him. When he threatened her, she reminded him that she had proof that he killed his father. She told him to leave. He left her room. Rex talked to Eric about why Sarah turned down his proposal. Rex said he was going to prove that he was the right man for her. Eric wondered what would happen if he couldnít. Rex said he loved her. Eric thought he should give her space. Rex knew what he meant, but he wasnít doing it. Gabi met Brady and told him that the plan worked. He was happy and was ready to take down Stefan. Stefan told Chloe what Gabi did when she went to Shin. Chloe wanted him to relax. While she was massaging him, someone was watching them. Eric told Rex that he would push Sarah away if he kept pushing her. Rex agreed with him. Rex wanted him to help him secure a future with Sarah. Rex wanted to know why he would turn him down. John went to see Diana and told her that she was telling Leo the truth. She didnít want him to do it. He thought it would make Leo drop the charges against Sonny and Will. He also said he wanted a relationship with his son. She thought it could be a disaster. Victor told Marlena that John was keeping a secret from her. He told her that Diana was pregnant with his child. He told her that John was Leoís father.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie helps Lulu go into her office for the first time since her stabbing. They go in and Lulu starts to remember things a little bit more clearly. Lulu remembers the names of Ryan’s two victim’s that never were discovered. Ryan goes to visit Franco at Ferncliff and reveals himself after Franco admits he didn’t kill anyone. Ryan stabs him and the nurse shows up. Franco makes an escape but Ryan goes after him.

Elizabeth and Drew try to make sense of things together when Drew points out that Franco couldn’t have done this based on wording during the interview alone. Cam, Joss, Oscar, and Trina all plan their trip together. Ava and Scott discuss Kevin and Franco. Ava promises to be a better friend in the future.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summerís attempt to make Nick understand why Phyllis made a deal with the D.A. failed. Billy worried that Victoria would go to prison. The trial started, and Christine said J.T. was no angel, but he didnít deserve to die this way. Victor interrupted the trial to accuse Christine of having it out for his family, and he got thrown out of court. Kyle helped Mariah relax before her testimony. Mia was relieved when Rey promised to keep her secret. Rey thought the baby was a sign he and Mia were meant to be, but he wasnít ready to forgive her yet. Kyle had Mariah film an appeal asking the public to be tested as potential liver donors for Lola. Arturo was unhappy that Kyle did this without asking permission from the family, but he conceded Kyleís heart was in the right place.

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