The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/27/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Bold and the Beautiful was pre-empted by news coverage.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric talked to Marlena about Rex and Sarah. Marlena wanted to know what he was going to do about it. He didnít want to talk about it, but she wanted him to discuss it. She wanted him to think about his own happiness. He didnít want to cross the line with Sarah. Marlena suggested that he tell Rex the truth. When Leo saw Victor, Victor told him that he was moving out. Victor was tired of him hitting on every man in the house. Diana read about what happened to Sonny, Will, and Leo in the paper. John showed up. They talked about Leo, Will and Sonny. They also talked about the past. She brought up how she left him the way she did. He tried to make her feel better, but she blamed herself. He said that he had room in his life for Leo. He wanted to tell Marlena the truth. She begged him not to say anything yet. She wanted more time to talk Leo in to dropping the charges. He was willing to go along with it. Justin showed up at the police station. He was upset with Will and Sonny for talking to the police without him. He said they looked guiltier than they did before. Will was shocked that Ted is the interim DA. Will said that Ted knew they were innocent since he was working with Leo. Justin thought Ted wouldnít say anything. Justin didnít think he could win the case. After their hearing, Justin yelled at them for having Gabi tie Leo up on Valentineís Day. Justin thought that they were making things worse by shoving their love in his face. He said that Leo was unstable and had a corrupt DA on his side. He told them not to have contact with each other. While Sarah was in bed with Rex, she dreamed of kissing Eric. When Rex woke up, he tried to kiss her. She turned her head. She told him that she suspected that he had sex with Marcie last Valentineís Day. He told her that he was going to prove that she is the only woman for him. They kissed each other.

Eric and Marlena were happy that Will was out on bail. When Eric ran into Sarah, he told her that he enjoyed getting to know her the other night. Diana went to the Kiriakis mansion. Victor kicked her and Leo out. She told Leo to leave her alone with Victor. Victor accused her of putting Leo up to blackmailing Sonny. She told him that she was still in love with John. She said she would make the mess with Leo go away if he helped her get John. Justin and Sonny talked about the case. Sonny didnít want to lose more time with Will. Sonny would rather go on the run. Justin was upset. Justin said he just got them out of jail and told the judge that he wasnít a flight risk. Leo ran into Will at the town square. Leo yelled at him for being with Sonny. Will didnít care. Will told him that no one wanted to share a bed with him. Leo shoved Will. Marlena showed up and got between them. She defended Will to Leo. She knew that Leo had a difficult life, but it didnít mean he could behave this way. Leo told Marlena to shut up. Will yelled at Leo for talking to her that way. When Leo insulted him, Will punched him. Leo went after Will. Marlena grabbed him. At the pub, John and Roman talked about Will and Sonny getting out on bail. John wanted to tell Marlena about Leo, but Diana thought he would become a loose cannon. He said she would tried to get Leo to drop the vendetta first. John felt for Leo and told him that Leo was abused by his stepfather. Roman thought that John would have a relationship with Leo in time. When John left, Rex showed up. Rex talked to Roman about Kate and Sarah. John went to the town square and saw that Marlena was about to hurt Leo. John defended Leo. Eric was about to tell Sarah how he felt about her when Rex showed up with flowers, balloons, and donuts. He proposed to her. When Sonny went to the mansion, he overheard Victor and Diana talking and making a deal.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

General Hospital was pre-empted by news coverage.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Young and the Restless was pre-empted by news coverage.

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