The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/26/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Hope that she did something drastic when she was in pain to stop it and she lost her marriage but that doesn’t have to happen to Hope. She has the ring, she has the man but Hope says all of that has changed. Bill listens to Liam and asks if that is what he wants. Hope is saying he ought to be with Steffy and the girls. He can’t pretend to understand her but he knows she has loved him for years so has that changed? And what if she could be right. Wyatt tells Sally that he will wait to tell Steffy when it is a done deal, signed, sealed and delivered that he is leaving Forrester and going to Spencer. He tells her that cows have two stomachs and he has like two brains. One is this Spectra situation and the other is for his brother. They both agree that Liam may not be interested in a job or Spectra again but he does want and need a father. Katie tells Donna that Bill does not call; he only barges in. So no she is not expecting a call from him. Donna says no offense but she has been looking at real estate and maybe finding her own place. Katie says she knows she can stay there as long as she wants unless she really wants more privacy. Donna says it might be Katie that needs that. It would be nice to have Bill here with Will every day. Suddenly there is Bill at the door. He says usually he is welcome at most places but…..he would like to talk to her about his son. She thinks he means Will but he tells her about Wyatt and Spectra Fashions.

Meanwhile Wyatt and Sally are discussing the new venture and he asks her for a list of her demands. She says she had rather call them proposals. So he runs around and puts his feet on the desk and pretends to start making a list. But he won’t let her get away with the very first one and says do not be afraid to ask for $20,000,000 she deserves. She says she has to start slow as she knows she is not easy to live with. Hope and Steffy are still discussing matters with Hope saying she knows Steffy still loves Liam so it does not hurt her anymore for Steffy to say so. Liam comes in and sheepishly looks at them. Hope says he has a key so it is okay to use it. This is his home now. Will is happy to see his dad there but surprised when he finds out he came to see his mom. She says they are both passionate people and speak their minds and sometimes they can get loud but that is not a bad thing. Somewhere along the way Bill asks Will what is best for him and Will points to the two of them. Liam cannot stand there while Hope says she is thinking clearly. There is a child in there that needs him. He says he did not meet his own father until he was grown and things have worked out. He will always be there for Kelly. Hope keeps arguing that is not the way it should be. He should be there with both Kelly and Phoebe with Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack and Eve grilled Melinda about her stance on illegal immigration. Melinda denied having a sister that is an illegal immigrant. Jack told everyone that Haley is her sister and that JJ told him everything about it. Haley was upset with JJ for telling Jack her secret. Chloe tried to comfort Stefan. She listened to him when he told her about what went wrong in his life. Brady and Gabi talked about Stefan and how dangerous he was. Melinda said her closing remarks at the debate. At the end of the debate, the reporters asked her questions about Haley. Jennifer asked Jack if he knew what his reveal would do to their son. JJ told Haley that he was sorry. She thought he wanted to make her feel safe so he could get her in bed. Gabi and Brady talked about Stefan being dangerous for Chloe. Gabi advised Brady to talk to Chloe. While Jennifer was talking to Jack about what he did to JJ, Eve interrupted their conversation. Jack and Eve tried to justify why they told the information. JJ told Haley why he told Jack about her secret. She was still upset with him. He said he never told Jack that she was Melindaís sister, but it didnít make a difference. Someone showed up at the apartment. She thought it was a reporter or immigration. JJ told her to hide so he could get rid of them. It ended up being Melinda.

Melinda didnít want to talk to JJ. She wanted to talk to her sister. He left to find his father. Melinda ripped into Haley for telling the secret. Abe and talked about the debate. Gabi suggested that Brady hire her and they could take down Stefan for good. Melinda continued to rip into Haley for telling the secret. Melinda was worried about the election while Haley was worried about her life. JJ found Jack at the debate. Jennifer and Eve argued over Jack exposing Haleyís secret. Jennifer accused Eve of doing all of this to hurt her. Jennifer wanted to know when Eve would stop hurting her family. JJ yelled at Jack for exposing Haleyís secret. Jack tried to justify his actions. JJ didnít believe that he did it for him. JJ thought he did it for himself. Jack said he did it to protect him. JJ said he let him think he could trust him. JJ said the father he loved would have never have done this. Brady told Gabi that he couldnít hire her until she was out of DiMera. He suggested that she talk to the board in order to get them to hire her back. Jack told JJ that he wasnít the father he loved because he didnít remember. JJ didnít want him to use that as an excuse. Jack said they were better off without each other. JJ agreed to it and walked away. Melinda wanted Haley to stay out of sight. Haley was upset because she was only thinking about herself. Melinda refused to help her. She told her that she was on her own. Gabi wanted to know why Brady wanted her to work for his rival. He thought they could work together and cause damage. Jennifer asked Jack how JJ was. Jack said he was upset. She told him that he and Eve deserved each other. Haley moved out of JJís apartment.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Chase tries to find Laura but Ryan has her phone and keeps hiding it. He goes to Charlie’s where Ava and Julian are and there is a press conference involving Franco on TV. Lulu interviews Franco from Ferncliff. He claims that he killed them because it was entertainment. He thinks that he will get away with it because of the tumor. Ava is not alright, but Ryan leaves to go deal with a patient.

TJ tells Molly that he is unsure of what will happen with Jordan. Molly promises him that everything will be fine. Kristina doesn’t think that Jason and Sam should be together anymore.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

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