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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that she has to listen to him, what matters to them is “us”. She replies no, what matters is those babies. Meanwhile Steffy is frazzled again trying to work by computer at home and doing all the baby duties for two. Eric tells Sally that he is glad she and Wyatt have found each other. And she is right, she deserves a chance to replace Thorne as a designer. Bill tells Wyatt that he is not going to let him down. If Sally is part of their deal, then he welcomes her too, so “welcome home, son.” He has missed the energy that he brought around. He just hopes he has not caused any tension between Wyatt and Sally since he did not always treat her fairly. She might just tell him to go pound sand. He tells Wyatt that he wants him to have everything he needs to make the best life for himself. Wyatt says he wants that too and he thinks they just might make it. Liam continues that Hope is kind and generous and her heart is in the right place and she always puts herself last, but there is nothing wrong with the two babies with Steffy and he will not let Hope push him away. He knows she is profoundly grieving the lost of her child but so is he. And if Steffy and the girls need his help then he will be there for them and so will Hope. They will make it through this together and he will not let her turn away from him, he just will not. Wyatt goes back to Forrester and acting coy he tells Sally about Bill’s offer of him returning to Spencer. Then he tells her she might need a lawyer – as Bill wants her also. Eric drops in on Steffy and is stunned when she says that Hope thinks Liam should be with her. Perhaps it is her maternal instincts just gone awry.

Liam drops in on Bill and he is thrilled. He sees a conflicted Liam and says if he is having any problems he’d like to help in any way he can. Hope comes by to see Steffy and says she needs to talk to her about her family. Sally asks Wyatt if he is serious and Bill did not laugh him out of his office. Wyatt replies that Bill is going into this knowing how much he loves Sally and wants him to be happy and this work out well for all. Wyatt says this is the first time Spencer is going into the fashion business so there is a lot of details to work out. Bill is stunned but listens as Liam says Hope wants him to spend a lot more time with Steffy, like in going back to her. Hope says time will not fix this. She is struggling and she respects Steffy but she knows she is exhausted as well she should with two babies that age. Hope says she does not matter, their rivalry does not matter, only those babies matter. She has to let Liam go otherwise she could not live with herself. She knows Steffy still loves him. Hhis place is here with her and the girls.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Ben that Jordan killed their mother on purpose. He was upset and thought that he should be put away. Claire admitted to Ciara and Tripp that she was the one who set the fire. Eve and Jack got ready for the mayoral debate. She told him that they should reveal the information about Haley. He wondered what that would do to JJ. Tripp and Ciara couldn’t believe that Claire set the fire. Ciara asked how she knew where she was. Claire said she went there to find her. Claire couldn’t believe what she did. Jack was upset that Eve wanted to use Haley’s information against her. He wanted to warn JJ that they were going to do it. He didn’t want to hurt him anymore. She agreed to let him do what he wanted. Sheila tried to help Abe get ready for the debate. Melinda warned Abe that he wasn’t going to win the debate. Ben talked to Hope about what happened when he had the syringe to Jordan. Hope tried to make him feel better. He couldn’t believe that she was letting him off the hook. He said that ever since he has been back to town, she kept saying that he never changed. He said he probably didn’t. She told him that she was wrong about him and was sorry for everything that she put him through. Tripp wanted to know how Claire figured out where Ciara was. She said an alert from Ciara’s phone came on her computer. Claire told them what she did after she got the alert. When she saw Ciara, she realized she wanted her out of her life.

Jennifer saw Jack and Eve at the debate. Jennifer wanted to know why they were there. Eve said they didn’t want to miss it. Claire told Ciara why she set the cabin on fire. Claire told her that she took everything from her. She blamed Ciara for why she lost Theo. She told Tripp that he rejected her for Ciara. Ciara couldn’t believe that she left her there to die. The mayoral debate got started. Jennifer moderated the debate. Abe started his debate first. Melinda started her debate. Eve wanted Jack to pay attention to her debate. When Melinda brought up how Xander was free after Marlena was shot, Sheila blamed herself for what happened. She ended up quitting because of it. Abe told her that he didn’t accept her resignation. He said it was a mistake. Melinda said that it didn’t have to be a mistake. She said Sheila could have been helping a criminal. He told her about prosecuting innocent people. She didn’t care about anything but herself. They continued to debate against each other. Eve interrupted the debate and asked her about her views on immigration. Hope said she wasn’t okay with Ben being her daughter, but she was grateful that he saved her life. She said she was going to tell Ted not to press charges against him. He thanked her. She told him that he could go. Claire told Ciara and Tripp what happened after she set the cabin on fire. Tripp grabbed her and asked what was wrong with her. It turned out that Claire only imagined telling Tripp and Ciara that she set the fire. She agreed that Jordan set the fire. Jack interrupted the debate and asked what Melinda and Abe thought about illegal immigration. He asked if she thought illegal immigration was a threat to Salem. Melinda said she did. He revealed that her sister was an illegal immigrant and lived in Salem.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason wakes up from passing out in the hospital. Carly is there. She explains what happened and tells him that Drew also went blind. She explains that he needs to not do crazy things for the next seven months because she is pregnant. Sam comes in after dealing with Shiloh in the lobby. She is happy for Carly but tells Jason they need to be careful. Kristina shows up and the two discuss Jason. Kristina honestly believes Sam is telling the truth and goes after Jason. Drew finds out through Finn and Kim what happened to him and learns about Jordan.

Curtis and TJ sit and wait for Jordan to get better. Molly brings food. Stella tries to help as well. They all give their piece towards her as she tries to recover. Drew tells Curtis he is sorry. Curtis understands it was a mistake. Nina and Valentin set a wedding date. Maxie discovers she used the wrong set of DNA.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Phyllis calls a meeting with Billy, Kerry and Lauren to clarify her involvement in JT’s death and explains she is a witness and not in any legal jeopardy and everything is business as usual. Lauren is not happy about the publicity and Billy calls Phyllis a liar and tells the others how she threw the other women under the bus. Billy stays behind as the others leave and tells Phyllis tells him she was only trying to help, but he isn’t buying it. Later, Kerry arrives at the Abbott residence to find Jack has forgotten about their date. He is consumed with worry over Nikki and questions why Victor hasn’t been able to get her out. He also worries about Kyle being so hurt over Lola, as Kerry hugs him. At the hospital Arturo is visiting Lola until Mia shows up. Alone with Lola, Mia tells Lola how sorry she is and she didn’t know it was her, and she thought it was Abbey. From the doorway Arturo heard bits and pieces and comes in and mentions that it seems like Mia knows something. Abbey shows up as Mia is explaining that she is just so sorry for how she acted to everyone and she lays it on thick telling them she has changed and is sorry.

Abbey’s unsuccessful attempts to let Kyle to see Lola results in Kyle sneaking in wearing a lab coat to see Lola. He tells her how much he loves and needs her and that he was never disappointed they didn’t have sex, he just wants to wake up to her and watch her sleep. Kyle’s pleas and mention of a fairytale are touching as he tells her how much he means to her. Arturo then shows up catches him and Kyle questions what he would do if it were Abbey lying there and that he doesn’t want to fight him. Arturo replies back that he would never do to Abbey what he did to Lola and he gets up in Kyle’s face and tells him he will fight. Phyllis arrives back at Nick’s, who asks her what she expects from him now. Phyllis is disappointed he doesn’t offer comfort. She argues that JT was to blame and Nikki didn’t commit first degree murder. They argue further about Phyllis not using her right to remain silent. Nick says she only thought of herself, she betrayed him and is dumbfounded that she thought he would be ok with this, before telling her she has to go, out of the house and out of his life and that they are done! After finding out at the GCPD, that the evidence indicates Lola’s attacker is a female, Rey is back home and locates Mia’s jewelry box and earring. Mia arrives home and Rey tells her there is news and that there is women’s shoe print and diamond and opal earring — which he bought for her! Mia explains “ I’m so sorry” and tells him she was just teaching Abbey a lesson and pleads for his help. Rey pulls out his handcuffs and tells her she has a right to remain silent but Mia stops him and tells him he can’t do this—“I’m pregnant”.

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