The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/22/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Brooke argue with Hope saying she does not want Steffy’s daughters to be deprived of their father. Brooke counters that Liam is Kelly’s father but not Phoebe’s. Hope keeps arguing that Phoebe is Kelly’s sister and she deserves a father too. This is so wrong and she has to fix it. Hope tells her mom this has been eating away at her as she is ruining the lives of two little girls. And they need to be realistic, when you love someone sometimes you have to set them free. Brooke is aghast – she is going to set Liam free! Liam tells Steffy that he better get home for Hope and she agrees that he needs to be with Hope. Liam says he keeps thinking things will get better but so far they haven’t. Steffy admits that she hates to say this but it seems like Hope is getting worse. Liam says it is true, she is just trying to adjust to not being a mother and not having Beth in her life. Steffy adds and she is transferring those feelings onto Kelly and Phoebe. Wyatt tells Bill that he will come back to Spencer Publications but he also said Sally could come along. And if he wants to put this family back together that is his one condition. Sally sits at Forrester working on some of her sketches when Eric comes into his office and tells her he has been wanting to see her and tell her how impressed he is with some things she designed for the Intimates line. She thanks him. She says working there has been an honor and she appreciates the opportunity. She brings up that she heard that Thorne is going back to International. Eric says yes and they will be shorthanded around here. Sally again casually asks is it possible that she might be considered for lead designer for Hope For The Future. He says this is just now happening and he has had no time to think about it but she has proved herself and they will definitely keep her in mind. He says he has been doing this for fifty years and it is hard to keep fresh ideas but she is holding her own and a real asset to the company and to Wyatt. He is glad they are still going strong. Bill listens as Wyatt sings Sally’s praises but then he says that fashion and magazine publications are two different things and he doesn’t want to be into fashions. Wyatt says he knows but the only reason Spectra went under is because of Bill. When she was about to make it on her own then Bill blew up her building for his own gratification project. He truly believes that Sally can make this work with their help behind her. Wyatt says he and Sally are trying to make a future so why not let Spencer Publications be a part of that. Brooke goes to see Steffy and says she is concerned about Hope. Steffy says Liam was just here and it is very sweet of him to want to be there for Kelly and Phoebe. And that he had said Hope feels the same way. Liam slips into the cabin quietly but Hope says he should have spent the rest of the day with the girls. He says he wanted to be home with her. She says she is okay and he needs to stop worrying about her. They go back and forth that he is her husband, he wants to be here, but she says she feel guilty and wants him to be with his girls. She keeps saying she is okay and can take care of herself; it is the girls who need him.

Bill says he is surprised. He knows Wyatt is living with Sally but he did not know it was strong enough to come with this all or nothing deal. Bill gets real and says he is afraid he is turning into his father who did not come around until later in life. All he cared about was his money. He never showed or spoke of affection. He just kept building his company so that is the way Bill also proved himself. So that is what he inherited and now he is on top alone just like his father was. And he does not want that kind of life and will not do it. He wants to know before he gives Wyatt an answer that he is sure he feels that strongly about Sally. Wyatt says yes he does; he is in love with her. Wyatt tells Bill that he knows this is not what he wants to hear but Sally deserves this. He sabotaged her company so it is only fair that he give her a chance to run her own company. Bill fights back that this is Spencer Publications not Spencer Fashion House. Wyatt counters that this could make them a lot of money by diversifying and putting this under the Spencer umbrella. Bill says so Wyatt will not come back to the family business unless Bill revives the Spectra Fashion circus. Wyatt says yes but they cannot call it that. Brooke reminds Steffy that Liam is a good father but he is only a father to Kelly. He is not Phoebe’s father. Liam and Hope lost a child and both are suffering because of it. Hope has now taken on this misplaced sense of guilt and thinks Liam should be with the girls. Steffy says she has so much sympathy for both of them and wishes Hope did not feel guilty. Brooke glances at the portrait on the wall and says it was a moment in time but Hope and Liam are married now and she hopes Steffy will support their marriage and give them their space. Steffy says regardless of what Brooke thinks she genuinely cares for Hope and her heart breaks for both Hope and Liam. She will never do anything to undermine their marriage. Liam keeps trying to convince Hope that he will always be there for Kelly and Phoebe but so will Hope. They will always be that blended family. She says it is not the same. He replies that she will not feel this way forever. She will feel better and she just has to let him help her get through this. He says they are family. She says he already has a family and it is over there with Steffy. As he tries to get her to settle down she says it is okay. Just go be with Steffy….go be with his children. Bill finally says yes, he will revise Spectra fashions but if he hears Wyatt call him a dressmaker just one time…..well they can iron out the details later but guess they are now in the fashion business. Both men seem happy and Bill gives Wyatt a big hug and says they are going to do it right this time. He is sorry for any problems he caused for him and Liam and perhaps they can work on that later. Liam tells Hope that they have to work together. She cannot keep pushing him away. She says she is an adult but it is Steffy and those two innocent little girls that need their father right now. He tells her that she does not even know what she is saying now. He says he is married to her, he is committed to her and he is not going down this road. She cries at him that no, she is the one who is keeping him away from his family and keeping her awake at night. She did not have her dad growing up and she is not going to do that to Kelly and Phoebe. He tells her this is not the time to try and be a hero. He says has she ever thought about what is good for her or for them. She cries that she knows he loves her but he also loves Steffy and she is the mother of his child, not her. She can still be Auntie Hope while he moves on. His life is with Steffy and those girls.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack and JJ talked about Haley being undocumented. Jack thought it was dangerous for JJ to live with her. Eve overheard Melinda and Haley talking about Haley being undocumented. Eve sent Jack a message about what was going on. While Rafe and Hope were talking about Abe’s debate, Ted showed up and told them that he was the interim D.A. Rafe was upset about it. Rafe went to question Jordan. Jordan told him that she was trying to protect Charlotte and Ciara from Ben. Rafe told Jordan that she injected Kate. Jordan said she didn’t know what he was talking about. He told her that Kate made a statement about what she did to her. Jordan told him that Kate was trying to stop her from getting supplies to Charlotte and Ciara. He said that she wasn’t the same person she was before. He questioned her about the car accident she was in last year. Eve told Jack that she has information about Haley and her sister. Ted asked Hope how she felt about the two of them and Rafe working together. He said that she wasn’t too fond of him doing it. She said she recommended him. Jordan told Rafe about her accident. Ben was upset about what happened when he stopped Jordan from killing her. He told Ciara that he wanted Jordan dead. He said if Rafe didn’t stop him, he would have killed Jordan. He didn’t think that man was still inside of him. He was worried and thought she should be too.

Hope told Ted that she recommended him to Abe because she thought that they could all work together. Jordan told Rafe about the accident she had that killed her mother. She talked about what happened when Clyde came to live with them. Ciara tried to convince Ben that Jordan was the reason why he tried to kill her. She said that she kidnapped her and tried to kill her twice. He said that Jordan protected him all of his life. He said he didn’t want to leave her. Eve told Jack that Melinda was Haley’s sister. Eve thought that would get Melinda out of the race. He said he couldn’t use the information. She tried to convince him that he would be the next mayor. He said they couldn’t use the information about Melinda. He said he promised JJ that he wouldn’t use it. He said JJ was the only one he felt a bond with and he wasn’t going to use the information. Claire and Tripp went to see Ciara. She blamed herself for what broke up her relationship with Tripp. Claire told her that she was with Tripp now. Ciara was shocked. Claire said they all got what they wanted. She said Tripp forgave her and wanted to know if Ciara did. Jordan told Rafe that Ben kidnapped Ciara and tried to kill her in the fire. Rafe said Ben found Ciara and it wasn’t proven that he set the fire. Jordan said that Ben killed four people and wasn’t going to change. Rafe comforted her when she was upset. Hope and Ted walked in on Rafe comforting her. Ciara told Claire that she forgave her, but if she messed with her life again they were done. Claire was excited that she forgave her. Tripp brought up Ben and how he set him up. Tripp wondered if Jordan set the first fire. Rafe and Hope told Ted that Jordan wasn’t fit to go on trial. They suggested that she go to Bayview. Ted agreed. Ben showed up at the police station. Eve tried to get Jack to use the information on Haley. He realized that she was right. Ted told Ben that he wasn’t pressing charges against Jordan. Ted told him that she was going to Bayview. Jordan saw Ben. He apologized for trying to hurt her. She said it was who he was. Ciara told Tripp that it was possible that Jordan set the fire. While she was talking, Claire flashed back to how she set the fire to the cabin.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Shiloh takes Sam to a lighthouse. This was where he went when he came back to the US. He tries to make a big story out of everything. Anna and Finn discover that Cabot’s twin study was carried on by Andre. Which means that Drew and Jason are both also part of the same study. Drew passes out in his car and runs Jordan over in a parking garage at GH. Jason who was following Sam and Shiloh passes out on the stair case of the lighthouse.

Terry tries to help Elizabeth get through the fact that Franco innocent or guilty is in jail right now. She screams it out and is able to move on. Franco is stuck in Ferncliff and is told to call Scott in order to set up a press conference. Laura signs her divorce papers to keep Ryan from killing her and Kevin. Ryan tells Ava and they plan to marry now.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria is led into the courtroom followed by Nikki and they hug. They question how they got here as neither gave anything away. Sharon is then led in but no Phyllis. They talk about how nervous they are and question where Phyllis is, who is at home talking with Nick. Phyllis tells Nick she isn’t going to the arraignment. At GCPD Christine tells Rey their case is solid and thanks him. Rey later finds out that the coat found on Lola is not her coat and belongs to Abbey. Elsewhere Summer finds Kyle and furiously tells him she may be a suspect. Meanwhile Arturo is by Lola’s side as Mia enters and listens. The two talk about Lola’s condition. Mia insists she is going to wake up and that she doesn’t deserve this. Back at Nick’s, Phyllis is pressured to go with Nick to court. Nick goes to the car and Phyllis calls Christine to tell her that her star witness will be there sooner than they thought. Michael enters the court and tells Victoria and Nikki that their stories have holes in them and they need to get on the same page. H tells them to plead not guilty as he needs them out on bail, as Brittany is giving Sharon the same advice. Mariah shows up and hugs Sharon and warns her she was questioned by Mariah, and Sharon urges her to tell the truth. Victor enters the courtroom and tells them he had hoped this day would never come. He hugs Victoria and Nikki and tells them to stand strong. He tells them he has money for when the judge grants bail. Billy arrives and Victoria hugs him as Victor promises this won’t stand. Billy is confident Victoria will be home today and tells her he is on her side, he always has been and always will be. They gather and wait for the DA as Christine enters. The judge calls order and Phyllis and Nick arrive and sit.

Meanwhile Rey mentions the coat Lola was wearing and Abbey agrees she gave Lola her coat. Rey tells her they are testing the coat for DNA. Mia interrupts and joins them. Abbey apologizes to Mia and tells her she wishes she could take back that whole night and she hugs Mia as Rey looks on. Elsewhere Kyle and Summer are still arguing but he admits he knows she would never attack Lola. He tells Summer that he loves Lola and mentions again that he is banned from the hospital and asks that she imagine how he feels wanting to be with someone and not being able to. Summer tells him she knows exactly how he feels and blurts out that she loves him. Kyle asks where she is coming from and insists their relationship is in the past but Summer insists she is his future and she isn’t going away. Back in the courtroom Christine asks the Judge to amend the charges. The judge asks her to present probable cause before she brings charges to which Christine announces she has a witness that can back up that Nikki killed JT and buried him. The Judge asks who the witness is and Christine announces “Phyllis Newman”. They take a recess and Nick demands why Phyllis is a witness but she insists she told the truth and that the woman will be better off. Victor tells her she will have to deal with him if his daughter and wife go down as collateral damage. Mariah and Sharon talk and Sharon insists the truth will have come out anyhow. Nick is short with Phyllis and leaves to overhear Christine tell Michael talk in the hallway and hears Christine retort that she is confident that Phyllis is telling the truth and it’s too bad his clients didn’t do the same when they had a chance. Back home Rey questions Mia about the fight with Abbey but Mia changes the subject back to the case. After the court recess, the Judge announces that the evidence does meet burden of cause on one count of homicide. All three women are then individually charged to which each pleads not guilty. Christine asks that due to the seriousness of the charge that bail be denied. When the Judge agrees, Nick walks out and all eyes turn to Phyllis. NEXT ON THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Rey arrests Mia and Nick tells Phyllis to get out of the house and that they are done!

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