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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In bed again, Wyatt tells Sally that he will not settle for anything less than his Dad helping her with her future if he is to return to Spencer. Bill is all about preaching about family so now they can find out if he means it. He says his dad used every dirty trick in the book against Sally and Bill owes her. Those are his conditions. She can give it back to the best of them….no damsel in distress. Hope tells Liam that having two little babies is a lot to care for and she would feel better if Liam would go help Steffy. He would rather stay home with Hope but she insists. Bill is delighted at all of Will’s answers to his money questions. Will tells him it feels good for Bill to come over during the day and spending time with him. Katie chimes in too that it felt good and she assures Bill the two of them will be okay without Thorne. Justin flirts a little with Donna and says they had something once in the springtime and they have a great son to prove that, he’s become a good man. And now that she is living with Katie and considering that Bill is his best friend... well only friend... they could be spending a lot more time together and that is a perk. Liam and Hope are still discussing his going to help Steffy when Brooke knocks on the cabin door with some food. Hope takes that moment to tell Liam again that she will be fine and he needs to be with his girls. And Steffy can use it, suddenly both babies are crying and she is up to her frazzled eyebrows trying to get dinner, fold more laundry and now make their formula.

Wyatt tells Sally that he is going to see his dad today. No Spectra Fashions then no Wyatt at Spencer. Hope tries to explain to Brooke that Liam’s girls need him more and that is what it comes down to; not Liam sitting here babysitting her. Liam arrives just in time to save Steffy and she tells him how good he is with both Kelly and Phoebe. Liam says that is what Hope wants, for him to be there for all of them. Donna brings up the subject of Katie and Bill and Katie assures her there is no Bill, so she and Justin can get that out of their heads. Bill is tickled when Wyatt tells him he will accept the challenge to come back to Spencer. Bill gives him a big bear hug. Then Wyatt says there is a catch. Bill says name it, more money, title, whatever he wants. Wyatt says he only wants justice. Justice for the woman he is with. He wants Bill to revive Spectra Fashions. Hope turns on Brooke and says both girls need Liam and she should be happier with her husband but she is not. She is miserable. Brooke tells her that Liam is father to only one of those girls, not both. He can visit and help out but Hope has no reason to want him to move in there. But again Hope says he is so good with both of the girls and they deserve his care. Hope is an adult but they are babies and he needs to be with them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melinda tried to convince Chloe to vote for her in the election. Gabi went to Stefan to find out if Chad resigned from DiMera Enterprises. Stefan told her that he was the sole CEO. He told her that Chad is moving to Paris. Jack interrupted Chad and Abby’s wedding. He thanked Abby for letting him be a part of her ceremony. Julie continued with the wedding. Abby said her vows. Eve ran into Haley. Haley ripped into Eve for what she’s doing JJ’s family. Gabi was upset that Stefan had complete control over DiMera. She wanted him to sign off on her Gabi Chic project and she would go. He said he wasn’t convinced that she was good for DiMera. She thought it was because he hated her. He said it wasn’t personal. He said her business hasn’t been performing. He said his first instinct was to fire her. She said he couldn’t do that. He said that he could. Chad said his vows to Abby. Eve went to see Chloe to comfort her about the attack. Stefan fired Gabi. Chad and Abby got married.

Chad and Abby said goodbye to everyone. Abby wanted Jennifer to look out for Jack. He said he didn’t need her to look out for him. Jack told Chad to look out for Abby. Jack thanked Jennifer for letting him be at the wedding. Jennifer said it was Abby’s idea. Chad and Abby left to take care of something. Eve wanted to know why Chloe was staying with Stefan. Eve questioned why she wasn’t staying with Brady. Chloe told her that Victor didn’t want her there. Chloe said that she would be safe with Stefan. Eve hoped she wasn’t making a mistake. Chloe reminded her about the mistake she made with Jack. Eve defended what she was doing with Jack. Chloe thought she shouldn’t keep him from his family. Chloe asked what she was going to do if Jack got his memory back. Eve thought that he might realize that he loved her. Eve brought up Jack running for mayor. She needed something on Abe and Melinda in order for Jack to win. Melinda was upset that Tripp and Haley were together. Chad and Abby showed up at the DiMera mansion when Stefan were throwing Gabi out. Gabi wanted Chad to do something. He said he wasn’t CEO anymore. Chad and Abby told them that they got remarried and were moving to Paris. Chad went to get a few things. Stefan wanted to say something to Abby. Jack and JJ went to the pub and talked about Haley. JJ wanted to know if he was going to call Haley out for being undocumented. Eve noticed Melinda and Haley together and followed them. Stefan apologized to Abby for taking advantage of her. He told her that he loved the other part of her and that she loved him too. Chad wished Stefan luck and shook his hand. JJ told Jack that she couldn’t say anything about Haley being undocumented. Jack said it was illegal. JJ wanted him to keep the information to himself for him. Melinda ripped into Haley about telling JJ her secret. Eve overheard Melinda telling Haley that they were sisters. Gabi went to Kate and told her that Stefan fired her and was going to dismantle Gabi Chic. Kate thought that Gabi would come up with a way to get back at Stefan. When Chad and Abby were about to leave, Abby told Jennifer not to stop fighting for Jack.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Joss asks Carly if she and Oscar can go with Cam and Trina on a road trip. Carly doesn’t think it is appropriate. Especially, since they have not even asked Kim. Joss gets upset. Cam shows up after finding out that Elizabeth is still supporting Franco after he admitted to killing those people. Harmony informs Shiloh that things are not going to work in their favor if Jason continues to go after them.

Anna demands to know what Cabot did to her. Cabot admits that she and Alex were part of a study on twins together. She doesn’t remember because she wasn’t meant to. Jason tells Sam that at some point Shiloh was accused of murder but one of his followers took the blame. Just like Daisy did. Sam decides to go on a road trip with Shiloh for further information.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer shows up at the Abbot house looking for Kyle. Abbey tells her to stay away from Kyle and the two have a heated argument. Summer tells Abbey that she isn’t giving up on Kyle because she wants him. Summer brings up to Abbey how Abbey slept with her husband Austin and the two continue arguing. At the hospital Kyle makes several attempts to see Lola but nearly runs into Rey or Arturo. Dr Hastings informs Rey that he doesn’t have great news and relays that there may be a problem with Lola’s liver. Kyle runs into Dr Hastings but he refuses to let him see Lola. When Rey is back at GCPD he begins snooping around for the investigation file on Lola. Rey is then caught by Detective North who tells him he is not allowed to see the file however he silently slips the file to him shortly after. At the coffee house Mariah and Tessa talk about Phyllis being out of jail and assume the others have been released as well however Mariah has not heard from Sharon. Kyle shows up and they discuss Phyllis further and how she didn’t have an attorney. Kyle then fills the two in on how he isn’t allowed to visit Lola because of Rey and Arturo. Mariah is outraged.

Summer shows up at the coffee house and Mariah confronts her for information on Phyllis and why she is out in jail. The two argue and Mariah tells Summer that maybe her mom is out because she is a backstabbing bitch who sold out the others to save herself. Summer then runs into Arturo who comes into the coffee house with Abbey. Summer sticks up for Kyle and is angry they won’t let him see Lola. Arturo tells Summer off and calls her mean and cold hearted as Abbey looks on a bit shocked. At the Athletic Club Devon unsuccessfully continues trying to get Ana to give her singing career another shot. Ana suggests they visit the hospital to support Lola. Devon is hesitant and tells an apologetic Ana that he hasn’t been to the hospital since Hilary’s death but agrees to go. At the hospital he has a hard time as Lola is in the same room that Hilary was in. He visits her and leaves the room and rushes to take his anxiety meds as Ana and Nate comfort him. Meanwhile, Rey visits Summer at Nick’s house and insinuates that she was angry enough to attack Lola. Summer is dumbfounded yet still her snarky self. Rey asks if she has any receipts that would provide a timeline of where she was the night Lola was attacked and Summer just gapes at him. Back at the coffee house Mariah gets a phone call from Nick with news that tomorrow Sharon, Victoria and Nikki will be arraigned for the death of JT.

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