The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/20/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt and Sally spend their usual in bed. He finally says that he needs to talk to her. Namely, his dad would like her to come work at Spencer Publications. What Bill did to her and Spectra was despicable but at least this is a start. She asks if this is what he wants as she does not want her situation with Bill to interfere in their personal relationship of father and son. He says his dad wants to make things right so maybe she should give Bill a chance. But the only way he would go back is if it is okay with Sally and Bill resurrect Spectra Fashions. That is the least he can do after leaving her in the rubble. He is not going back to Spencer unless she is a part of it. Donna talks to Katie and says she wants her to tell her the truth in how she is doing. And she has to ask if she is still in love with Bill. With Justin, Bill says he is pulling his family back together…..first with Katie and Will and now with Wyatt. Of course Wyatt has not given him an answer yet if he will return but he is going to try to reel him in and get this family back together. Now he is going to drop in on Katie and Will. Justin tells him he might want to call first but Bill says they are family, that won’t be necessary. He wants them to know he is thinking of them. Donna is still there and still quizzing about Bill when he arrives. She makes herself scarce. Bill starts off with he knows that Thorne has left Katie. He doesn’t give a damn about him but he does care about her and Will.

Donna meets Justin at his suggestion. He says he wanted to ask her something about Katie. And if Donna is satisfied how Bill is treating Katie and Will. Bill discusses Thorne with Katie and how Will is taking this. He even advises her to compare it to a sports injury. Say a basketball player gets hurt and has a major injury. He pushes and pushes and tries to recover and get better but it is not happening, he is still in pain. Sometimes it is just better to back away from the game for a little while. Katie gives him a big smile that she understands. Justin tells Donna that he doesn’t think he has ever seen Bill happier than he is now with Will and Katie. Meanwhile Katie tells Bill that Thorne left but not just because of Darla and Aly; he thought she was still in love with Bill. Before they can explore that, Will comes in and wonders why his dad is there now in middle of the day. He gives his dad a big hug and thanks him for caring and coming over. Sally tells Wyatt she is touched but she doesn’t want him to be concerned with things between her and Bill. He says his dad might have gone over the rails in what he did to her but his greatest dreams will come true if he works with his dad at Spencer. She says she knows how important that is to him. He says he knows she has worked her way up the ranks at Forrester but he feels she could even do more than that on her own. She says his love and support means so much to her. He gives her the confidence to give it another shot so she has no doubt in her mind that her future can be just what Wyatt says it will be. She ends up on top of him just where the day started.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby agreed to marry Chad. He wanted to get married at the house. Jennifer talked to Julie about Jack. Jennifer didnít think that she would be back with him because he didnít remember her. Julie said that she has his heart. Jennifer said she had to fight Eve for him. Julie told her to stop fighting. Jack went to see JJ and asked him about Haley. Jack told JJ that he felt like a failure as a father. Jack reminded him about what happened when he tried to comfort Abby. JJ told him how he helped when he needed someone to talk to about Haley. JJ was grateful to have Jack to talk to. JJ told him that Haley is worried that her secret will come out. JJ asked him to promise that the secret will come out. Jack said he couldnít promise that. Leo interrupted Diana and Marlenaís conversation. He wanted to know what they were talking about. Leo told her that he was bringing criminals to justice. Will and Sonny were at the police station. Chad went to see Kate at the hospital. She told him what happened with Jordan. They talked about Abby and how she forgave him. He thought it was time that he forgave her. Abby told Jennifer and Julie that she had good and bad news for them. They wanted to hear the bad news. JJ and Jack argued over Haley being undocumented. Haley walked in while they were arguing. Marlena wanted to know what was going on with Will and Sonny, but Eli couldnít tell her. Marlena told Leo that he wouldnít get away with this. Leo said Will and Sonny got away with it. Jack told Haley that he wanted to make sure that his son didnít get hurt. She wanted to know why he would get hurt. Kate told Chad that they were going to take down Stefan. Chad said he won because he got his family back. Abby told Jennifer and Julie that they were moving to Paris. Jennifer didnít understand how she could leave. Julie gave Abby her support. Jennifer couldnít believe that Julie gave her support. Julie reminded Jennifer that she left with Jack years ago. Abby told them that she was leaving tonight. Jennifer didnít like the idea. Sonny and Will talked to Eli about what happened with Leo. Eli wanted to know why they didnít call the police. Will didnít think they would be believed. Eli wanted to know what they had to prove that it was attempted murder. Will said they had their word. Eli said that wasnít enough.

Abby told Jennifer and Julie that she and Chad were getting married at the house. Abby wanted Jennifer to invite Jack to the wedding. Chad told Kate that he and Abby were getting married before they left. He told her that he didnít have a lot of family and that she was it. He wanted her to be at the wedding. She thanked him for inviting her. Before Jack could tell Haley why he was worried about JJ, Jennifer showed up. Haley left the room. Jennifer told them that Chad and Abby were getting remarried today and wanted them both to be there. JJ agreed to go. Jack didnít think he should be there. Jennifer said Abby wanted him to be there and so did she. Eli told Will that someone else wouldnít believe his word that he and Sonny were telling the truth. Sonny said that it was his fault that they were going through this. Marlena told Leo that the truth would come out. Chad met Sonny and Will at the police station. They told him why they were at the police station. Chad told them that he and Abby were getting married today. Abby wanted Julie to officiate the wedding. Jennifer and JJ tried to talk Jack into going to the wedding. Jack reminded JJ that they were in the middle of a conversation. JJ said they could have it later. When Jennifer and Jack left, Haley wanted to know what Jack meant about her hurting him. She asked if he told Jack that she was undocumented. Diana wanted to leave the police station, but Marlena said she wasnít going anywhere. JJ told Haley that he Jack that they kissed. Abby said it was because of Julie why she has her family back so there was no one else she wanted to marry her and Chad. Chad wanted to help Will and Sonny. They told him to be with Abby. He reminisced with them before he left. Marlena wanted to know what Diana wanted to tell her. Diana wanted to be there for her son. Marlena offered to help her with Leo. When Diana left, Marlena wanted to know what was going on with them. Jack showed up at the Horton house. Julie was happy to see him. He said he didnít know her. Eli told Will and Sonny that he had to book them for attempted murder.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie and Peter wait for a lab tech to take the DNA test for Sasha and Nina. The tech explains that they are backed up right now. Maxie thinks it is an emergency. The tech asks what kind of an emergency. Maxie decides to go somewhere else to get this taken care of. Peter and Maxie go to a private facility instead. Elizabeth tells Cam that she went to visit Franco last night and married him. Cam cannot believe she did that and runs out in anger. He is sick of her putting him over her children. Elizabeth still thinks Franco is perfectly innocent.

Laura wakes up in the basement at Ferncliff with Kevin. They reunite. Ryan is there and informs them both that he will be killing both of them. Kevin thinks if he does that it won’t end well. Ryan doesn’t care. He is going to eliminate them both. Ryan proposes to Ava after Franco admits to killing Kiki. Elizabeth slaps him across the face.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Today was a tribute episode for Melody Thomas Scott's fortieth anniversary on Young and the Restless. Nikki wrote a letter to her grandchildren, from her jail cell, because she wasn't sure if or when she'd get out of prison and she wanted them to know the real Nikki. She wrote about her childhood and flashed back to moments with her sister and to killing her father after he tried to force himself on her. She had other flashbacks to meeting Paul, to her first marriage to Greg Foster, her romances with Victor and Jack, the loss of her son with Jack, and her granddaughter, Cassie. She remembered several significant moments with Victor, high points and lows, and wrote about their deep love for each other. She flashed to her struggles with alcoholism and the support she received from Jack, Neil, Katherine and Victor. She wrote about motherhood and remembered moments with her kids and fighting with Sharon about Nick. She closed the letter by telling her grandchildren how much they meant to her.

In her jail cell, Nikki is brought a cardboard box by the guard. Inside are photos that she begins to go through after telling the guard she needs to get her affairs in order. In the box are photos of herself when she was young. She sits down and writes a letter addressed to all of her grandchildren. She writes of her uncertain future and thus begins writing her life story, for her grandchildren, some of who will read now and some will read many years from now. She tells the story of her sister Casey and her mother Barbara Ann. Her mother became a successful doctor but was killed in an accident. She also tells of how her father was abusive and how she ended up killing him at a very young age after he attacked her. She writes of her younger years meeting Paul Williams in high school and how they were best friends. She flashes back to the two of them hiding out in the locker room at high school. She writes about her marriage to Greg Foster and admits she wasn’t ready for marriage and that she ruined the marriage.

Nikki continues on with details of her stripping days at the Bayou and how much she loved it and the attention. She flashes back to her stripping and dancing on stage with Victor in the audience. She writes about her relationship with Jack. Though they were once romantic she writes of the importance of his friendship and has several flashbacks to their conversations where Jack always supports her. However it’s always been Victor for her she writes to her grandchildren with flashbacks to the day he gave her a diamond bracket. She asked for one more thing for him to give her. Victor teases that she is greedy but that he may regret saying it but he tells her he will give her anything, thinking she wanted a material gift. But she surprises him and only asks for a kiss. She then remembers the bad times and their fights and his making her admit she has a drinking problem and how he only wanted to help her. She smiles and she remembers his romantic wedding proposal in the stables. She details several flashbacks of a younger Nicholas and several recent Victoria dramas. She then turns the pen to tell the story of her dear friend Katherine confronting her about her drinking. Katherine was her second mother, confidante and best friend, all in one. She recalls how devastated she was over Katherine’s death and how she leaned on Victor. She also remembers and writes about sitting at Victor’s grave and then feeling a hand on her shoulder to find Victor standing before her. She shares this joyous reunion they had when she thought he was dead. She ends the letter telling her grandchildren that wherever she is, they are all with her in her thoughts and prayers and she then signs the letter with all her love signed Nikki.

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