The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/19/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Xander and Zoe sit with Steffy and say they don’t see how Hope can sit there and hold Phoebe and not see her own Beth. Reese tells Flo and she demands that he call Zoe as she cannot tell anyone at all. Zoe does not answer and Reese says he just prays that Zoe won’t say anything. Hope will be all right and he saved his daughter so there is no use for the truth to come out now. Wyatt says he knows Bill wants something from him so tell him why he is here. Bill says he wants to prove his loyalty. He offers Wyatt his job back at Spencer. Wyatt says he is doing just fine at Forrester. Bill scoffs that he is just pushing social media at the dress farm. Wyatt also adds they have had several conversations and he said he had no guts so he doesn’t need anyone like that around him now. Bill admits he is not perfect and he doesn’t know what was happening that day he fired Wyatt but they can get that back. He would fall on his sword if he still wore that necklace. He is making strides with Will and now he can do that with Wyatt. He is his son and he belongs here. Come back and let him be the father Wyatt needs. Conflicted, Wyatt says this is tough as he is living with the woman that Bill literally pulled her company out from under her. And now he is supposed to go tell her that he is leaving her on her own. Bill says no, bring her with him. Wyatt says she is into fashion. Bill plows through magazines and says he publishes many magazines on fashion so they could use her here at Spencer. If that is what it takes to get Wyatt back within the family then that is what he will do. Zoe tells Steffy there is something she should know. When she comes back Steffy has Phoebe with her. They both think she is beautiful. Flo tells Reese that she feels so guilty. He says he will testify for her if it comes to that. He drug her into this and she knew nothing about this. She says she does not know this Hope who was the mother but she knows they put her through a lot of pain and she cannot forget that. In a discussion with Brooke about Phoebe, Hope says she cannot explain it but when he holds Phoebe and looks down at her she feels complete. She feels that is the reason Phoebe is here, not just for Steffy who is her mother and she respects that, but she feels like she is here for her too.

Steffy feeds Phoebe and the mood is broken and Zoe cannot finish what she came to say. She just tells Steffy she has a beautiful baby and she is happy for her while sad for Hope. Reese continues to say he knows it does not make it any better but the baby has a good home. He saw the opportunity to give the child to Steffy while saving his own daughter. Zoe returns and they are happy she did not tell Steffy. Hope tells her mother that she did not tell her everything. She does not even understand it herself. But she feels guilty. Now Kelly will grow up without Beth but she will have Phoebe and Hope thinks about those two little girls and they need both Steffy and Liam living in the same house and raising them. Brooke points out that she has nothing to feel guilty about. She needs to focus on herself and stop pushing Liam away. Her love for him takes nothing away from those girls. And this is what Hope does, putting other people first. She needs to be there for Liam. Hope says she knows but when she lost her child it changed everything. Reese tells Zoe that he thought she went to see Hope. She says she started to but she went to see Steffy instead. He goes on and on again about how much he loves Zoe and he would do anything to save her life. She cries she wanted to tell Steffy but to take Phoebe away now seems cruel. She hates what Reese did, he put her in a terrible position. But she loves him and does not want him to go to prison so she will not tell but keep his ugly secret.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad comforted Abby when she had a nightmare about Jordan. Leo woke up tied to the bed. Gabi said that she was doing it to protect Will and Sonny. Leo told her that they were the ones who tried to kill him. Diana ran into John and asked if he told Marlena about Leo being their son. He said he didnít, but he was going to tell her. Diana didnít think he should tell her. Leo told Gabi how Will and Sonny tried to kill him. He said he was the victim. She said he wasnít. Chad found out that Stefan was making decisions that were costing the company millions. Abby said that they could fix the problem. He wasnít sure if he wanted to fix it. Leo tried to get Gabi to untie him, but she wasnít going to do it. Diana said that Leo didnít know the truth about his father. She said if he did know the truth, he could go crazy. John wanted to know what she was trying to tell him about his son.

Gabi called Sonny and told him that Leo was tied up. She said that Leo said that Sonny and Will tried to kill him. Sonny told her what happened. She wanted to know how far he and Will would go to stop Leo. Diana told John that Leo would go crazy if he found out the truth. She thought it would be best for everyone. He thought that the truth should come out no matter what. He said he was telling Marlena the truth. Eli told Marlena that Jordan had a mental break. He wanted Marlena to see if Jordan could be questioned. Chad told Abby that Jordan was arrested. They talked about him giving up the company. She didnít want him to do it for her. He said that he would do it for his family. He asked her about leaving Salem. He said they could go to Paris. He thought the kids would love it. She said it was a lot to think about. He said it was easy for him to do it because he didnít have much family, but she had her family there. John went to talk to Roman about Diana not wanting him to tell the truth. John didnít think the truth should come out. Diana ran into Marlena at the police station. Diana apologized for not telling her the truth when they met. Marlena told her to keep the apology. Marlena said she knew what she was hiding. Will and Sonny talked about getting Leo out of their lives. Sonny wanted to take care of him alone, but Will wasnít going to let him. Gabi cut one of the ropes so Leo could go free. John told Roman that Leo could get angry and take it out on Will and Sonny. Roman said that he could use his relationship with Leo to get him away from Sonny. John didnít think so. Roman asked if he could trust Diana. Marlena told Diana that John doesnít keep secrets from her. Marlena said John told her about his relationship with her. Diana said she didnít know what Marlena knew about her. Diana apologized to her. Marlena accepted her apology. Diana wanted to tell her something before Marlena left. Abby agreed to go away with Chad. He found out that Mr. Shin wanted him in Paris tonight. She was ready to go with him. She wanted time to say goodbye. He said they could do it at the wedding. He asked her to marry him. Roman told John that Diana wanted him to keep secrets from Marlena. Diana wanted to tell Marlena about Leo. Marlena thought it was about Leo and Sonny, but Diana said it wasnít about them. Will and Sonny told Leo that they were done letting him come between them. Leo agreed with them. Eli and Lani showed up. Leo told them that Will and Sonny tried to kill him and he had proof. Leo gave them the proof.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly and Sonny go to her OBGYN appointment. Kim is filling in for her regular doctor. Carly thinks they can just reschedule. Kim explains that she thinks it unfair she knows the news before them. She confirms that Carly is indeed pregnant. Kim and Drew later discuss what it might have been like to raise Oscar together. Kim thinks it would have been wonderful.

Maxie goes to a nail salon with Sasha. Maxie steals some of Sasha’s nails to take for a DNA test. Margaux tries to help Lulu prepare for Franco’s arraignment. Peter then shows up. Peter wants to let Lulu rest after everything. Lulu is insistent upon writing her story though. Kristina begs Michael for money so she can continue her work with Shiloh. Stella and Marcus reconnect further.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Kyle, Arturo and Rey learned that the doctors were concerned that Lola might have a problem with her liver. A devastated Mia went to the hospital to wait on news for Lola. Rey told Mia that the police didn't think Lola's fall was an accident. Mia told Rey that they should be together, but he didn't want to talk about their issues right now, preferring to focus on Lola. Rey was grateful that Mia came, given all that was going on. Mia, Rey and Arturo shared a moment as a family. Abby tried to convince Kyle not to blame himself for Lola getting hurt. Kyle lashed out at Summer when she showed up at the hospital. Summer was offended when Kyle wondered if she was the one who shoved Lola. Kyle and Arturo argued and shoved each other after Arturo tried to kick Kyle out of the hospital. Kyle reluctantly left after Rey convinced him to keep the peace by doing so. Abby reached out to Mia after she found her crying alone, and suggested they put their issues aside for now.

Mariah and Tessa worried about Sharon and that the police would find out they'd been part of the cover up. Nick tried to visit Phyllis at the GCPD but was denied access. Michael and Nick talked about the case and Nick learned that Phyllis didn't hire a lawyer. Nick told Summer that Phyllis had been arrested. In exchange for full immunity, Phyllis told Christine what really happened to JT and that the fireplace poker and the clothes JT wore that night could be found at the Newman ranch. Phyllis revealed that a video of them moving the body had been on the Dark Horse servers and told Christine to ask Mariah about all of it. Phyllis was then free to go. Christine questioned Mariah, who admitted she'd heard about the video. Mariah told Christine that Victoria probably threatened or pressured Sharon into being part of the cover up.

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