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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zoe says she refuses to believe that she is Reese’s excuse for doing something so heinous. And now he has sold that baby to Steffy and Taylor. He goes on and on what he has always said before. He did it to save Zoe as he loves her so much. He is sorry for Hope but just let it be. Steffy will be a good mother. If Zoe tells he will go to prison and life as they know it will never be. It sounds selfish but he does not want to go to prison. She bolts out before he can stop her. Wyatt shows up at Spencer having been texted by Bill to get his butt their ASAP. Before Bill starts Wyatt tells him this will affect Will. Thorne has left Katie and gone back to Paris, annulling the marriage. But while it shocked Katie, Will seems to be like many kids who are more perceptive than you think they are and he will be okay. Bill says he is not surprised at that loser. Wyatt tells him there are probably a couple of reasons and one of them is Bill. Thorne thought Katie was still in love with Bill. Thorne saw the two of them co-parenting and doing better and suddenly he gets this idea that she is still in love with Bill. Bill scoffs that he was scraping the bottom of the barrel to think of an excuse to leave Katie. But he needs Wyatt’s help and that is why he called him to come today.

Katie tells Brooke and Donna the news and they give her a group hug. They briefly discuss that Thorne thinks she is still in love with Bill and maybe they do too at the way they are looking at her. Hope finishes giving Phoebe the bottle and thanks Steffy for letting her hang around for a while. Steffy says she will always tell Hope if she thinks it is getting to be too much for either her or Phoebe. Zoe goes straight to Xander and says she needs him to go with her – to see Steffy. Steffy is happy for the company but says she has a feeling it is for a specific purpose. Flo goes back to the apartment and asks how it went with Zoe. Bottom line Reese says Zoe may not go to the police but she might go to Steffy and tell her. Zoe tells Steffy there was no reason for Hope to lose her baby. Steffy says they just missed her, Hope just left. Phoebe makes Hope come alive and there is a special connection there. She felt it the minute they met. Zoe says it sounds like Hope’s feelings are pretty intense, almost like she is Hope’s own daughter.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate didnít approve of Rex telling Sarah to spend Valentineís Day with Eric. Sarah told Eric that Rex wanted her to spend Valentineís Day with him. Abby thanked Chad for what he did for her. He told her that he would do anything he could for her and the kids. He said that he took Charlotte out of her arms. She understood why he did what he did. She said she wanted to be together again. He thought they would never get back together. She said she was angry, but she never stopped loving him. He said he loved her. They kissed each other. Jennifer interrupted them. They told her that Charlotte was back. Hope told Ted not to kiss her again. Rafe called out to Hope. She was happy to see him. He noticed that she was upset. Jordan hit Ben in the head. Ciara asked what she was doing. Jordan said she was protecting her. She also said that he attacked her. She wanted to take care of him once and for all. She pulled out her needle. Hope told Rafe that Jordan kidnapped Ciara. She wondered why he didnít seem shocked by the news. He said Eli told him everything. She wanted to know what took him so long to come back. Chad told Jennifer that Jordan kidnapped her. Ciara tried to stop Jordan from injecting him. Jordan wanted to make sure that Ben didnít hurt anyone ever again. Kate talked to Rex about whether or not he cheated on Sarah. He said he didnít. Kate thought he shouldnít let Sarah eat with Eric. Rex thought Eric was boring so he wasnít worried. Rafe told Hope that Jordan tried to kill Kate. He said he left her a message. Ted said that she was busy saving her daughterís life. Rafe wanted to know how he knew that. Ted said he was with her all night. Ciara and Jordan fought over the needle when Ciara tried to stop her from injecting Ben. While Sarah and Eric were talking about Valentineís Day, she thought about a time when Rex helped a nurse and didnít come home. She thought he might have cheated on her. When Kate and Rex talked about Jordan, he realized that he talked to Jordan and that she tried to kill her. Kate wanted to call the police. Rafe wanted to know why Hope needed Tedís help. Ted said he abandoned her and left the country. Rafe thought Ted tried to insinuate himself in her life. He told Ted to stay away from his wife. Ted said that Rafe was the man who left to be with his ex-wife. Abby and Jennifer talked about Abby not wanting to forgive Chad in the past. Abby told her that she wasnít sure if she would forgive him until he put Charlotte back in her arms. Chad told them that Jordan was still on the run. Jordan tried to inject Ciara. Ben stopped her from injecting her. He asked her why she was doing this.

Jordan told Ben that she had to stop him because he as sick. He told her that she was the sick one and reminded her what she did. He tried to inject her with the needle. Rafe and Ted argued over Rafe leaving Hope. Hope stopped them from arguing. Rafe wanted to go see Ciara. When he left, Ted told Hope that Rafe took advantage of her. She thought he took advantage of the situation. She was glad that Rafe didnít see him kiss her. He said he wished Rafe saw the kiss. Sarah was upset that Rex cheated on her. Sarah wanted to get to the bottom of this. Abby told Chad that she wanted him to go upstairs with her. He told her that he wanted to make her happy. She said she loved him and would never stop. They kissed each other. Sarah called Rex, but Eric stopped her from calling him. She called the nurse and asked her about spending Valentineís Day with Rex. Sarah accused her of sleeping with her boyfriend. Sarah found out that the nurse was married to a woman. Hope thanked Ted for being there for her while Ciara was missing. She said that Rafe is her husband. Ted said that there was something between them. Rex interrupted to tell Hope that he met Jordan. Ciara tried to talk Ben out of injecting Jordan. He said she tried to take away the one thing that meant something to him. Rafe came in and grabbed Ben. Jordan said that Ben tried to kill her with the syringe. Kate told Rex to be with Sarah. Chad and Abby made love. Rafe wanted Jordan and Ben to come with him. Jordan said that Ben tried to kill her. Ciara said Jordan was the one that tried to hurt her. Rafe took Jordan out so Ciara and Ben could be together. Ben told Ciara that he wanted to kill his sister.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Spencer go back to her house with Curtis. Charlotte and Nina are waiting there to celebrate her homecoming. Nina admits she is getting married to Valentin again. Lulu and Curtis try to talk her out of it. Nina doesn’t listen and also claims that Lulu doesn’t know what she is talking about in terms of Franco being the killer. Charlotte threatens to expose what Spencer did. Michael goes on a date at the Floating Rib with a girl who is on her phone the entire time. Alexis is also there and runs into her therapist. The same girl Michael was on a date with also had a date with him and she doesn’t think he looks anything like his profile picture.

Chase and Willow celebrate the night together. Chase gives her gloves. Brad speaks with Julian about what to do about Willow. Brad thinks that he should be fine. Laura follows Ryan to Ferncliff but a nurse stops her from getting around. Ryan yells at Kevin for lying to him about Laura and the prenup. He leaves to take his revenge. Laura finally makes it to him and sees Kevin in the bed. She tries to get help but Ryan drugs her and she passes out.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Lola is facedown in the pool when Kyle finds her and pulls her out, begging her to stay with him as he calls 911 for help. Nearby an earring lays on the ground. Meanwhile Mia arrives home and frantically realizes her earring is missing. She calls the Athletic Club but no earrings were turned in. At GCPD, Phyllis, Victoria and Sharon are all having mug shots taken. Michael is with Nikki and he cannot understand why Victoria was brought in for questioning. Nikki agrees and keeps mum on any other info. Rey is in the interrogation room with Sharon who tells him that she trusted him and that this likely means he doesn’t love her. Rey tells her his feelings haven’t changed but this makes things more difficult. Brittany Hodges arrives. Rey is surprised Sharon called an attorney, but Sharon confirms that Brittany was the person she called as her one phone call. After Rey leaves, Brittany questions Sharon and concludes that Sharon was taken advantage of in her emotional state and that Rey didn’t read Sharon her rights nor did he have a search warrant to go through her cell phone records. Outside, Christine informs Rey that they still need solid evidence. Rey then enters the room with Michael and Victoria, where Rey tells Victoria he believes Victoria was there when JT died. Victoria maintains her innocence. Michael doesn’t look too convinced and later tells Victoria that he feels he isn’t being told the entire story. Victoria doesn’t budge nor divulge any info. Nikki then meets with Michael and Rey where she continues to insist she acted alone. Rey takes her back to her cell as they pass the other three women. Rey then meets with Phyllis and warns her that all four women may go down for JT’s murder. Phyllis asks to speak to Christine. Back at the Athletic Club Kerry and Jack are playing a couple’s game that Kerry found in a magazine, and prompts the question to Jack to tell about a recent time he cried. Jack becomes choked up while talking about Christmas with Dina.

Arturo arrives at the hospital to join Kyle, where he asked what happened. He is defensive and blames Kyle and wants to know what Lola was doing at Kyle’s. A detective arrives and wants to speak with Kyle. He later returns after questioning and Arturo and Kyle continue arguing. Abbey attempts to unsuccessfully calm the men down, and Arturo accuses Kyle of doing this to Lola and the two men get up into each other’s face. Kyle harshly tells Arturo to ‘Go to Hell’. He then informs Arturo that there were three sets of tracks found and that he didn’t do this to Lola. Later Kyle is waiting alone when Nate shows up to tell him that Lola has brain activity but that he has worried she has not woken up by now. Right now her prognosis is uncertain. Kyle goes in to see Lola and pleads with her, crying, and tells her he loves her and tells her that they will have their happily ever after. Back at GCPD, Arturo locates Rey, who brushes him off and tells him he is busy. Arturo insists and is put off until he blurts out the news about Lola. The two men leave immediately. Christine joins Phyllis in the interrogation room. Phyllis tells Christine that she will give every detail on JT’s murder but she will need Christine’s help. Phyllis then asks her ‘What kind of deal are you willing to make me?’ Meanwhile Mia frantically performs an online search for ‘Abbey Newman attacked’ on her computer and comes up with nothing. She is surprised when the buzzer rings and it is Abbey’s voice. Once in the apartment Abbey tells Mia about Lola to which Mia turns away and exclaims a horrified ‘NO’!

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