The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/15/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zoe tells Flo that her dad texted and he is at LAX but she needs to hear more about her dad switching these babies. Wyatt tells Katie that he is thinking something a little more subtle and not all of Hope’s life out there on social media. He mentions Thorne and Katie has to tell him that Thorne left. Their marriage is over. When Wyatt does not want to believe it, she shows him the papers. He wants to know how she feels toward Bill now as even though they were divorced before, she eventually remarried him. Bill plays a cute little game with Justin with his magic coin….even pretending to draw an earring out of his ear and it is the old coin coming out of the ear trick. Justin asks about his sons and why they are not dropping by more. Bill’s ticked that they are still working at the dress barn. Justin reminds him that he was not in Liam and Wyatt’s life growing up but now he has a chance to bond with Will and the older boys too. Hope drops by Steffy’s. Liam did not tell her that Steffy needed help; she just thought she could use it. Steffy says she does know that her mother lives here too now and they had issues. Hope says that was before. She did not want to stay home alone in the dark. But now all the love she had stored up for Beth has a place to go.

Reese lets himself in the apartment and both Zoe and Flo pounce on him. Reese faces Zoe and says she wants him to say he is sorry and he could do that all day long but it won’t change anything. And at the time he thought he had no choice. Flo leaves and says they need to speak alone. Zoe wonders why she is not more furious with him for dragging her into this. Reese tells her he could not raise the money so the thugs were going to get Zoe. She says he never thinks about when the money runs out. That is his old pattern. He knows it is a demon. Phoebe cries and Steffy is surprised that Hope recognized it was her and not Kelly and wants to go pick her up. Instead she gets the bottle ready while Steffy brings her in and Hope gives her the bottle. Reese explains it was like a war zone and he had no time to think. He had to do something as the thugs had sent him a photo of Zoe and he did not have the cash. But he remembered what Taylor Hayes had said that she would pay anything to get Steffy the baby she wanted to adopt. Besides Hope there was another patient and she had a stillborn. He cleaned the baby up but she did not want to see it. So he had to put that dead baby in Hope’s arms and tell her that it was her baby that died. Zoe says Reese gave her life and all the opportunities she has but how can she say nothing now knowing what she does. He has to tell Hope now or she will.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby was happy that Chad got Charlotte back. Hope put the gun on Ben. Ciara told her that Ben wasnít the one who kidnapped her. Ciara said Jordan kidnapped her. Hope didnít seem to believe it, but she hugged Ciara. Kayla told Rafe that the drugs in Kateís system wasnít from the pill bottle he gave her. Chad. Kayla got a message from Chad to go check on Charlotte. Ciara told Hope why Jordan kidnapped her. Hope apologized to Ben for not believing him. He understood that she didnít believe. Rex ran into Jordan and asked if she was okay. She told him that her brother died. He apologized for her loss. She said it was probably for her loss. Kate woke up and asked how she got in the hospital. Rafe told her that he found her in her room and she overdosed on medicine. She said that Jordan stabbed her with a needle and he needed to stop her before she hurt anyone else. Jordan talked to Rex about Ben. Rex asked if she killed Ben. She said she didnít kill him. She said that Ben was a good person, but he was like Clyde. She said she had to do some things that she wouldnít have done. Ciara wanted to know how Ted was involved in her mess. Hope told her that he was with her when she got the call. Ciara started coughing. Hope wanted her to go to the hospital. Ben picked her up and took her to the hospital. Kayla said Charlotte was okay. Kayla wanted to run tests to make sure that she was okay. Chad and Abby thanked her for checking on the baby.

Rex noticed that Jordan had a scar on the back on her neck. She said she was in a car accident last summer and she hasnít been the same. Kayla called Rex and told her that Kate was in the hospital. Kate told Rafe what Jordan did to her. She told him that he needed to find Jordan. Abby told Chad that he was her rock and she never would have gotten through this without him. She thanked him. He said she didnít have to thank him. He said he would protect her and the kids. She reminded him that he said he would give her her daughter back. He said he took her out of her arms. She said this has given her perspective. She told him that she forgave him. Kate and Rafe told Kayla that Jordan injected her and made it seem as if she overdosed. Kayla wondered why. Kate told her what happened. Ben and Ciara apologized to each other. She wanted to work things out because she wanted to be with him. He was happy to hear her say that. He kissed her. Rex went to see Kate at the hospital. When Rafe left her room, Jordan was dressed in hospital scrubs. She hid before he could see her. Ben blamed himself for not protecting Jordan. Ted kissed Hope. Abby and Chad talked about what they went through. She told him that she wanted to be a family again. He said he didnít think they would ever get back together. They told each other that they loved each other and kissed. Hope told Ted not to do that again. Rafe saw Hope and Ted together. When Ben was about to kiss Ciara, Jordan hit him in the back of the head.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mia and Abby get into a catfight over Arturo an each woman gives as good as she gets both verbally and physically. Aby asks the clb manager to call Mia a car because she is drunk and when Mia gets home she continues drinking and throwing things to let her anger out. Lola arrives at the club later and tells Abby and Arturo what happened with Kyle and Abby tells her to get a good night's sleep. and listen to Kyle's side ot the story in the morning. Lola decides to walk home and Aby lends Lola her coat becaulse Abby left her coat at the cabin. Lola stops by Crimson Lights and Mariah and Tessa assure her that Summer was the one that threw herself at Kyle so Lola decides to go talk to Kyle but someone attacks her when she is walking from Crimson Light's to the Abbott Manssion. Sharon tells Rey the whole truth about JT's death and while he wonders why she didn't trust him to tell him the truth the night JT died he tells her that he will protect her and everything will be okay. Victoria has dinner with Billy and shortly after Billy promises to take care of the kids if something happens to her the police arrive to arrest her. Phyllis is also arrested at her house andall the ladies night group is taken to the police station.

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