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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It’s Valentine’s and Hope tells Liam that it would have been their first holiday together with Beth. Zoe tells Flo that she is lying if she said her father switched babies. Flo says she wishes she were but that is the truth. Zoe does not believe her father would ever do that but Flo said he did and he did it to protect Zoe. So Zoe has to now believe that Reese took Hope’s baby and gave it to Steffy and her mom. Katie says Thorne does not mean it that they should not have married so why is he doing this. Sally laments to Wyatt that she hoped she did not overstep her bounds by giving the sketches to Hope but she just wanted to help in some way. He says no, it was a super idea. Liam suggests to Hope that they do something special for Valentine’s, go out to a nice dinner and maybe a movie, anything to get her mind off what happened. Katie tells Thorne they need to talk about this. He says no, he’s already made his decision. He wanted to be married and have a family. This is not about what they have done wrong. It is about him. If he is honest with himself he admits he does not want to get hurt. He sees her with Bill and how he is with Will and the bottom line he thinks she might want to be with him now. Katie reminds him that she has been divorced from Bill for years now and she married Thorne because she loved him. She’s glad Will is closer to his dad now but that is as far as it goes. Suddenly Will is there after his sleepover. He hands Katie a big old handmade Valentine and asks what are they talking about as they look so sad. Thorne finally speaks up and says he told his mom that he had to go away for a while.

Wyatt tells Sally they can pull out all the stops and go horseback riding in the hills. She says there is nothing she wants more than to be in bed with him right here. Sally then wants to take Wyatt out for Valentine’s. He fires back that his gift is to decline her gift and stay right here in each other’s arms. Something Liam says makes Hope think of that night and she remembers Beth’s birth or at least the start of it. Zoe tells Flo to tell her everything, her name is on the papers so she has to know more. If not, then she is going to call the police. Will asks Thorne how long he will be gone. Thorne says he hates to spring this upon Will and he will always love him but Will needs to remember the family he talked about. He realizes he was not strong enough before but he is now. He needs to go back to his house and deal with it. He says Will will be okay as he has his mom and his dad. Will give him a hug and says he will miss him. Katie says they will all be okay. Zoe refuses to believe that Steffy’s baby, Phoebe, is Hope’s baby. She calls Reese and says Flo told him everything. He bought Phoebe for Steffy to pay his gambling debt. Flo said he switched babies. And she knows he was there when Hope lost her child so that must be the child Steffy has. He tells her to settle down. He will catch the first redeye flight and be there to explain. He begs her not to say anything especially to Steffy or to Hope. All Zoe can think about is Hope and Liam.



Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara begged Jordan not to set the fire, but Jordan said Ben was a threat to everyone. Ciara said she wouldnít call the police, but Jordan didnít believe her. Ben wanted Hope to go with her. Chad wanted to go to the police station. He promised that Charlotte would be back in her arms. Rafe gave Kate CPR. She ended up waking up. He found a pill bottle on the floor. He asked her if she took all of them. Ted found Eli on the floor at the police station. Eli told him that Ben took the gun. Ted left to look for Hope and Ben. Ben took Hope to the park and told her that Jordan had Ciara. Jordan told Ciara that the cabin was the place that Ben attacked Chad and Abby so the police would assume that Ben did it. Ciara tried to reach out to Jordan, but it didnít work. Jordan threw a match at the gasoline she poured in the cabin. John talked to Marlena about Diana. When he wanted to talk to her, she got a message from someone she had to take. Roman asked John if he talked to Diana. John said that Leo is his son. He told him that she didnít want him to say anything. Roman asked if he told Marlena. John said he tried to tell her. The paramedics came to get Kate. Ciara cried out for Jordan to help her. Ben told Hope that Jordan had the baby. Hope wanted to know why Jordan would frame him. He said Jordan probably thought she was doing a good thing. Hope asked why he had Ciaraís phone. Before he could answer, Ted came up from behind him. They ended up in a fight. John told Roman that he couldnít keep Marlena in the dark about Leo. John said he couldnít keep it from her. Marlena wanted to know what he was talking about. Will and Sonny met to spend the day together. Ben ran away from Ted. Hope asked if he was okay. She thanked him from helping her. Ted asked if Hope believed that Jordan took Ciara and Charlotte. She wasnít sure if he was telling the truth. Chad ran into Ben. Ben told him that Jordan has Ciara and Charlotte. Ben asked him for his help. Chad didnít know if he should believe him. Ben gave him the gun. They left together. Jordan brought the baby back to Jenniferís house. Abby thought Jordan was Chad. Abby saw her in the living room and asked if that was Charlotte. 

Sonny apologized to Will if he was moving too fast. Will understood. They talked about Will not having his memory. Sonny didnít care because he had the love of his life back. When John was about to tell Marlena about Leo, Roman interrupted and said that John wanted to spend time alone with her at the pub. Marlena wanted John to know what Diana told him about Leo. John said she told him nothing that could help them. Rafe told Kayla what happened to Kate when he found her. Ben and Chad found Charlotte at the cabin. Ciara told Ben that Charlotte took Jordan to see Abby. Ben told him to leave. Jordan refused to give Abby the baby back when she saw that Ben was wanted by the police. Jordan told her that it wasnít safe. Abby said she could protect her. Hope and Ted went to check on Eli. Eli said he was okay. Eli told them that they thought Ben was telling the truth. Hope wanted to find him. Ciara thanked Ben for finding her. Ben apologized to her for what Jordan did to her. Ciara told him that Jordan wanted people to think that he kidnapped her and set the fire. He asked if Jordan hurt her. She said that Jordan drugged her. Abby asked Jordan to give her her daughter. Jordan refused to do it while Ben was out there. Abby wanted Charlotte back. Jordan threatened to give her an injection if she came near her. Chad came in and told her that he killed Ben. Chad asked for the baby. She asked if he killed her brother. Roman asked Kayla how Kate was. Kayla said they pumped all of the drugs out of her. She said she ran tests on her because something didnít add up. Hope and Ted left to go to the cabin. Ciara asked if Ben hated her after everything that happened. He said he could never hate her. Chad and Abby tried to convince Jordan to give them the baby. Jordan wanted to know how he killed Ben. He showed her the gun. He apologized for killing Ben and asked for his daughter back. Jordan gave him the baby. He gave Abby the baby when Jordan left. Kate flatlined while Rafe was talking to her. Hope and Ted showed up at the cabin when Ben and Ciara were about to leave.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam and Jason meet before Sam goes to DOD. They are sad they cannot spend Valentine’s day together. Spinelli shows up and explains to Jason that Shiloh’s father mysteriously died in a car accident right when he was set to be wealthy again. Sam goes to DOD and Kristina becomes jealous which leads to Sam leaving. Shiloh is not happy about this and convinces Kristina to find a way to get enough money to continue her training.

Carly and Sonny go to dinner with one another. Carly admits she is pregnant. Elizabeth and Franco get married by Drew while Franco is still in jail. Anna and Robert convince Cabot to give them information in exchange for his eye sight.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

It is a romantic valentine's day for some Genoa City couples but some couples get their hearts broken. Mariah and Tessa spend a rromantic date night at the Athletic club as do Jack and Kerry. Kery tells Jack that she has decided that her romantic life is just as important as her work. Nick and Phyllis spend a cozy night at home playing a game of strip trivia. Lolafinally bursts into the cabin after seeing Summer kiss Kyle and she tells him that she knew that sex is the only thing that mattered to him. Kyle explains that Summer showed up at the cabin by surprise and he was there alone wallowing in his misery because she (Lola) had broken up with him. Kyle tells Lola that Summer kissed him twice and both times he told her he didn't want a romantic relationship with her. Summer lies and tells Lola that Kyle gave her the invitation to the cabin after they were broken up and she met him their later. Lola believes Summer and storms out of the cabin. Kyle makes it clear to Summer he doesn't even want to be her friend anymore because all she does is hurt people. Rey questions Sharon about the 911 call the night of JT's death and tells him it was a misdial then she tries to distract him by talking about the next step in their relationship. Rey tells Sharon that even thoughhe is in love with he must do his job and take her in fr questioning by the D.A. or the assistant D.A.. Rey thinks Nick helped Nikki bury the body but whe nSharon doesn't say a word he continues with his rapid fire questions untill Sharon blurts out that Nikki acted in self defense and they had no other choice. Abby tells Mia they have to talk after Arturo tells Abby Mia said his name while making love to Rey and that is why Mia and Rey had an arguement.

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