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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Xander tells Zoe that he knows her full attention is on her father but it is Valentine’s and he’d like to do something special with her. She says yes her mind is still at the apartment and she intends to return and find out something. Flo panics and texts Reese that his daughter is asking too many questions; do something. Reese calls back and Flo says Zoe is suspicious as she came over and found the adoption papers and she is asking more questions so he needs to get her to back off or all hell will break loose. Unbeknownst, Zoe is letting herself in the door and hears this. Later she tells Flo that she knows all about Steffy and wants the truth, all of it. Pam tells Hope that some folks call her pushy but she is just happy that Hope is back at work and they will all help her as much as they can. Wyatt and Sally show Hope some lounge wear sketches for her opinion. A bit down she says she does not know why she had to lose Beth in order to come back to work. He tells her that she needs to quit blaming herself for the loss of her baby.

Even though it is Valentine’s, Thorne brings Katie a cup of coffee and says he has something to talk over with her. He surprises her by saying he thinks they should have never married. She has to know while he did love her they hastily married for Will’s sake. Now Will's father is back in his life and Thorne is glad for that but feels like he is in the middle and not needed. He also still aches for his own daughter who died and perhaps let Will fill that vacuum. He hands her some papers and says he has had them drawn up and thinks they should annual their marriage. Flo lets Zoe in and says she is not sure what Zoe heard but it is no big deal. Zoe says Flo has to tell her right now or she will go to Steffy herself. She wants to know exactly what her father did. She can start with how her father got his hands on a newborn if it wasn’t Flo’s. Mumbling and barely able to get it out Flo finally says he switched babies.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe was back in Salem. He ran into Gabi and found out that Jordan is back in town. Jordan took Kate to her room and gave her a needle. Jordan said that she wouldn’t bother anyone again. Rafe left Hope a message that said he was going to follow a lead. Eli played the message that Ben left for Ciara. Hope didn’t see the point of the message. Eli told her that he didn’t think that Ben was responsible. Ben imagined that he was talking to Ciara about finding her. Sonny was upset with Leo and wanted to get away from him. Leo threatened to put him and Will in prison if he didn’t sleep with him. Will talked to Marlena about not being with Sonny. Marlena told him that John used to be involved with Diana. John wanted to talk to Diana about Leo’s father. She said it was a dead end. He wanted to ask a few questions. She said he would be disappointed if he wanted the information to get Leo out of Sonny’s life. She said Leo has done some bad things, but she wouldn’t betray him. She said she was the only family he had left. He implied that he could be Leo’s father. Marlena told Will about John and Diana’s relationship. Diana wanted to know why John thought he was Leo’s father. He said he checked his date of birth and did the math. She said that Leo is his son. Gabi went to see Sonny and wondered what was going on. Jordan went back to the cabin. Jordan said that Ben was arrested for kidnapping. Ciara wanted to know how that happened. Jordan said she planted evidence and led the police to it. Hope told Eli that they had evidence against Ben but Eli didn’t think it was enough. Ben remembered that Jordan was in his room when he wasn’t there.

Hope told Eli that Ben was off his meds and could have kidnapped Ciara. Ben told Ciara that Jordan was the one is his room and wouldn’t do that to him. Ciara thought Jordan was suspicious. Jordan told Ciara that she had to set Ben up. She said that Ben was where he belonged. Ciara wanted to know if she would let her and Charlotte go now that they are safe. Jordan said she couldn’t because she would say something. John wanted to know why Diana didn’t tell him about Leo. She told him why she didn’t tell him. Will thanked Marlena for her help. He told her that he didn’t think that he and Sonny would be together. She told him that she was going to let him give up on Sonny. Sonny talked to Gabi about his marriage to Leo. Sonny told her that he was going to sleep with Leo. She told him that he wasn’t going to do it. John wanted to know why Diana didn’t tell him about Leo when they met again. She said that Leo did too much to Marlena’s grandson to tell him. He asked if Leo knows the truth. She said he thinks Richard is his father. She wanted to talk about it some more, but he left to think about it. Marlena told Will that she and John had problems, but they survived. She told him that he and Sonny would be together. Gabi told Sonny that he was going to spend Valentine’s Day with Will. Rafe went to Kate’s room to ask her a few questions. Ben talked to Ciara about how Jordan went to the police about him. They realized that Jordan had Ciara and Charlotte. Ciara told Jordan that she wouldn’t tell anyone, but Jordan didn’t believe her. Jordan thought that Ben would be released. Eli told Ben that he was getting booked for two counts of kidnapping. Jordan told Ciara that he couldn’t let her go because Ben would be released and people would get hurt. Ciara said she wouldn’t do that. Jordan told her that she was going to die and was going to use it to keep Ben in prison. Rafe called Kate and left a message on her phone. When he heard a noise in her room, he broke the door to her room and went inside. John met Marlena at the pub. She wanted to know if he found out anything on Leo. When Leo was expecting Sonny to be in his room, it turned out to be Gabi. Rafe found Kate on the floor. While Hope was listening to Rafe’s message, Ben came up to her with a gun. He threatened to shoot her. Jordan said she was setting a fire to the cabin and the nightmare was going to be over.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam and Jason kiss as they prepare to leave for the day. Shiloh knocks on Jason’s door and they don’t answer it. Shiloh leaves him a message that they should talk in person. Sam tells Alexis and Kristina that she has broken up with Jason. Alexis in private tells Sam that whatever she and Jason are doing it is obvious they haven’t really broken up. Jason confronts Shiloh who claims that he has no idea why he is so angry.

Robert and Finn go to meet Cabot. Anna tags along and annoys both of them. When Cabot shows up it turns out he is a patient who has gone blind. Finn offers to fix his sight if he can give them answers. Anna ends up speaking and they recognize her voice. Willow admits to Brad that she is Wiley’s mother but she doesn’t want anyone knowing right now.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Charlie and Mattie work on a Valentine's Day video to send to Lily since Valentine's Day is also Caneand Lily's anniversary. The video makes Cane cry because he knows his marriage is in troube but he doesn't tell Charlie and Mattie the truth. Cane just tells them Lily had to teach a class today and she couldn't reschedule it to make time for their visit. Lola tells Jack that she was wrong to break up with Kyle and after a long talk Jack decides to give Lola the address to the cabin so that she can spend part of the day with Kyle. Summer takes advantage of Kyle's broken heart and shows at the cabin so he can cry on her shoulder. Summer tells Kyle that she just wants to be a good friend to him and persudes him to do the activities he was going to do with Lola with her. Lola borrows Arturo's truck to go to the cabin and arrives just in time to see Summer and Kyle kissing but she doesn't know that Kyle told Summer to stop because he doesn't love her but Summer kissed him again. Arturo arrives at Abby's office and gives her scuba gear because he wants to get married underwater but Abby says no to the idea. Mia is desperate to find Rey and apologize even going to the police station to ask them to put out an APB to find him. Mia tells Arturo that Rey will probably be looking for him because she said his name while she nad Rey were making love. Rey arrives at Sharon's and tells her that he loves her and he is tired of lying to himself about still being in love with Mia. Rey persudes Sharon that he isn't just saying this because he anb Mia argued so Sharon admits she loves him too. Rey and Sharon decide to talk about what is next for them and Sharon goes in the kitchen to make tea. Rey moves some of Sharon's papers from the couch to the table and notices a cell phone bill from April that says Sharon called 911 the night JT died.

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