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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope keeps on her rap about she will never forget that day she lost Beth but seeing that sweet little face of Phoebe’s is like a relief. You would think it would make it more painful but it doesn’t. Zoe keeps after Flo that why the big secret. If Reese helped with the adoption surely he would not mind others knowing. Flo has to raise her voice and keeps telling Zoe that this was her father’s wishes so she will have to ask him herself. Meantime she needs to get dressed and start her day if Zoe doesn’t mind. Zoe says she will come back if she has to. Both babies awake and cry and Steffy goes to them. Liam mentions going home but Hope encourages him to stay as he is family and Steffy could use him now. Xander asks Zoe if she found out anymore after seeing Flo again. She briefly fills him in that no, it probably will take another visit. The baby isn’t her dad’s but Flo is hiding something else. She saw the adoption papers all about rights, etc. and she saw signatures and all she knows is that Phoebe is the name, Steffy’s Phoebe. Brooke tells Ridge that eventually Hope will get back on her feet and she thanks him for allocating more funds and getting her line back on track. The adoption has been a blessing for Steffy and Phoebe and Kelly but there is still a hole in Hope’s heart.

It is a bit awkward but Hope is still there when Steffy and Liam come out with the babies. Liam does not want her to go home alone but she insists that Steffy needs him now and she will be fine. Steffy looks a little uneasy with Hope fawning over the babies and looks like she does not want to leave. Hope goes back home and tells Brooke and Ridge where she has been. It made her feel better but she does slip back into that black hole every now and then. She knows that she was meant to be a mother and she cannot get over that. Liam asks Steffy if all of this is a bit much for her. She says yes it is exhausting but it is a good bonding experience and she is glad he is here. But his focus needs to be on Hope so he should concentrate on her. Liam says he had hoped Hope going back to work would be something positive and help. She was emotional today but once she calmed down she was okay. Maybe she is transferring her feelings for Beth over to Phoebe. Steffy says she cannot use Phoebe as a replacement long term. He says he knows and he knows Phoebe did not start out as her daughter but thank God since she is the best mother that he knows.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe remembered getting attacked by El Fideoís goons. She felt that she would never be safe. Ben was upset that Hope and Eli were still bothering him about Ciara. Ciara tried to take care of Charlotte when she was crying. Ciara called out to Jordan to help her. When Jordan dropped her bag, Kate noticed that she had something for babies. Jordan told her the things were for scrapes. Kate was suspicious about the things she was carrying around. Chloe told Brady that she was moving in with Stefan and would be safe there. Brady didnít like the idea of her being with Stefan. Stefan and Gabi got in an argument. Ben told Hope and Eli that he didnít know where Ciara or Charlotte was. Ben said he hadnít seen Ciara since she went to South Africa. Eli told Ben that Jordan told him that he saw Ciara. Ben said that he didnít say that he saw Ciara. Hope asked if he was hallucinating. Brady tried to talk Chloe out of staying with Stefan. Brady thought that Stefan wanted to help her to get to him. Brady told her that he was going to go to Victor and get him to change his mind about her living with him. She said she didnít want to live with Brady. Stefan told Gabi that he and Chad would agree about not caring about her business. She thought Chad would help her. She didnít want to stress Chad about it. They talked about how she let Abby think that he was Charlotteís father. Gabi admitted that she wanted to ruin his life the way he ruined hers. Ben told Hope and Eli to call Jordan again and she would tell them the truth. He said Ciara was trying to tell him where to find her. Hope didnít believe it. She thought he was relapsing. He said he wasnít because heís cured. She said he blacked out the last time and set the cabin on fire. He said Marlena cured him. Hope thought that he kidnapped Ciara. Ciara imagined that Ben was in the cabin. Jordan was upset that Kate didnít believe her. Kate noticed that she was defensive. They recapped about how Kate brought her to Salem. Kate accused Jordan of being Benís accomplice in kidnapping Charlotte. 

Chloe explained to Brady why she didnít want to live with him. She didnít think they should get back together. He told her that they would go slow if they got back together. She thought it would be risky. She told him that she couldnít lose him as her friend. Stefan told Gabi that her plan to ruin his life worked. He told her that she didnít care about Charlotte. He told her that she seemed to get off making Abby suffer. She thought that Stefan would use Chadís pain so he could be CEO. Jordan told Kate that she wasnít working with Ben. Kate accused her of helping Ben. She threatened to call the police if she didnít tell her the truth. While Hope and Eli were searching Benís room, Eli found Charlotteís blanket. Ben said he never saw it before. Hope told him that he was arrested for kidnapping. Eli noticed an extra phone in the room. Hope said it was Ciaraís phone. She asked Ben where she was. Chloe went to the DiMera mansion. Stefan was glad that she moved in with him. Hope asked Ben where Ciara was. He said he didnít know where she was. He said he didnít know how the phone got in his room. He said he tried to call Ciara, but she didnít answer. Eli wanted to know why he tried to hide the phone. Ben said because they were banging on the door. Hope wanted to take him to the police station to jog his memory. Gabi wanted to know what was going on with Jordan and Kate. Hope was convinced that the evidence they had against Ben would put him in prison. Eli hoped that she was right.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Drew attempts to plead with Jordan to get Franco released. Jordan explains that it is not up to her to do so at this point. Jordan admits to Curtis she is unsure of Franco is actually their suspect. Cam shows up at home with cuts on his face after getting into a fight with people over Franco. Elizabeth will stop this at School. Cam explains the teachers also hate Franco. Drew shows up as Elizabeth tells all three boys about Franco and tells them that Franco is innocent. Drew verifies these claims.

Spencer goes to see Sonny. He wants to stay with him for a few days. Sonny thinks that Spencer needs to tell Laura the truth about voter tampering. Spencer agrees after being convinced. Obrecht attempts to get to know Sasha but Valentin is annoyed by her being around them.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy offered comfort and reassurance to Victoria, who was upset about Nikki's arrest and blaming herself for bringing JT back into their lives. Rey took Sharon aside and told her that Nikki confessed. He asked her what happened at girls' night. He told her that he wanted to hear her story now, before it was too late for him to help her. Sharon stuck to the original story. Jack purchased an expensive tennis bracelet for Kerry. Kyle, who was bitter and upset over how things ended with Lola, went to the Abbott cabin by himself and drowned his sorrows in champagne. Summer dropped by the Abbott house. Kyle wasn't there. Summer followed Kyle up to the cabin. Lola confided in Mariah about her issues with Kyle. She felt that they had different priorities and that he felt that romantic grand gestures were the answer, but she knew they weren't. Mariah contended that Kyle was amazing and he'd played by all of Lola's rules, and that Lola wasn't being fair. She convinced Lola that it was time for her to step up, for once. Lola went to visit Kyle, but Jack told her he'd left for the cabin.

Mia set up a romantic evening for Rey. Abby and Arturo's magazine cover set Mia off, and she ranted to Rey about Abby being fake. Mia and Rey's Valentine's Day hit a sour note when she moaned Arturo's name while Rey was kissing her. Mia tried to fix things, but Rey stormed off. Sharon, Phyllis, Victoria and Mariah discussed the implications of Nikki's confession and debated about what to do. Phyllis was concerned that Nikki would throw her under the bus to protect Victoria. Phyllis was adamant that she wasn't going down for this. Phyllis vented her frustrations with Nikki and fears they'd go to prison to Nick. He comforted her. She pulled herself together and said she'd suck it up so he could focus on Nikki. He said his focus was on his family, and Phyllis was his family.

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