The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/11/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zoe insists that Flo tell her what is going on now. This is her father’s place and she needs to know why Flo is here. And now she cannot tell her when she gave birth to her little girl or who the doctor was. Steffy asks Liam if he thinks Hope ought to be in there alone with Phoebe. He says Phoebe cannot replace Beth but maybe just being with her is what she needs right now. Steffy says Hope’s hormones are raging through her and she is holding her daughter. But Hope comes out and says Phoebe fell right back to sleep and all is fine. Hope looks happy. Zoe says she did not mean to embarrass Flo but she needs some answers. She infers that the baby girl might even belong to her father but Flo sets her straight on that score. Canoodling in bed, Sally tells Wyatt she feels guilty being this happy with what Hope is going through. He undresses down to just lounge pants and asks her to sketch some athletic wear and maybe that will get her mind off of Hope. Liam tells Hope they didn’t mean to eavesdrop but they did see and hear her on the baby cam. Hope says it is okay. She wasn’t sure she could open up to a baby but it was real easy with Phoebe. Just for a minute she could pretend so she thanks them both for that.

Zoe tells Flo that she doesn’t know why she is still here and not her father but she feels like he is in trouble. She thinks it might be over the adoption, what did he have to do with Steffy’s baby. Steffy tells Hope that she wants Phoebe to have strong women around her and so nothing has to change with Hope. And Hope is wrong, there will be other chances for her to have her own babies. Hope thanks her and says she will feel good growing up with Kelly and Phoebe and being a part of their lives. Flo says she does not know what Reese’s motivations were but she is glad he was part of the adoption so Zoe just needs to leave it alone. Zoe says that choice of words makes it sound like there is more. Flo tells her Reese did not want to be involved so only he, Flo and Taylor know…..Steffy does not. Hope says she has failed twice at motherhood, despite Liam’s denial that she has. She says yes but this way she can be around Phoebe yet she does not have that responsibility of actually raising her; she gives her back to Steffy. Steffy says she too has lost a child and she knows that darkness and would never wish that on Hope. Steffy says she is afraid this might make it harder to heal and not as healthy as Hope thinks. Hope thanks her again for letting her come and she thinks she might help her get through the impossible.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve wanted to know what immigration problems JJís friend was going through. Kate went to Jenniferís house. Abby wanted to know what she wanted. Ted asked Hope if Rafe was coming home. She didnít know. Ben was shocked that Jordan was in his room. Eve realized that JJís friend was an illegal immigrant. Jack told her that JJ wasnít involved with her romantically. She thought that JJ shouldnít get involved with her. Haley and JJ kissed. He felt like he was taking advantage of her. She said that she wasnít. Ben confronted Jordan about having Abby think that he took Charlotte. Kate told Abby that she was sorry about what happened to Charlotte. Abby reminded her that Chad wouldnít have known about Charlotte if she had her way. Kate said she knew what she was going through. Abby said she had no idea what she was going through. Kate reminded her that her kids were taken from her. Abby wondered how she would go on if she never got Charlotte back. While Hope and Rafe were talking about Rafe, Eli came in and told them that Jordan was back in town. Hope thought that Jordan could helped them. Jordan told Ben that she didnít throw him under the bus. He told her that she did. She blamed herself for the things he did. He said that he was better and wanted her to believe him. She said it wasnít a good idea to come back to Salem where people hated him. He said he didnít do all of the things that people are accusing him of doing. She wanted to know who did if he didnít do anything. Eve told Jack that Haley could be using JJ. Jack didnít think so. She tried to convince him to protect JJ from her. JJ talked to Haley about Ben being a suspect in kidnapping Charlotte. JJ also told her how Ben was a killer. Ben told Jordan that he didnít know who kidnapped Ciara and Charlotte. He was upset that Jordan didnít believe him. He told her that Marlena told Hope about his situation. He admitted that he was off his meds. Jordan wondered if he was sure that he didnít do anything. He wanted to know why she didnít believe him. She said she wanted to believe him. She suggested that he go back to Bayview. He said he would never go back to that place.

Ted and Hope continued to talk about Ben having Ciara. Hope was convinced Ben did something to Ciara. Ted tried to stop Hope from thinking the worst. Chad wanted to know why Kate was at the house. Abby wanted to check with the police. Kate said she would do anything she could to help him. He said he knew. She wanted to know what happened. He told her how Jordan and Stefan came by. Kate wondered if he thought Jordan took the baby. Ben couldnít believe that Jordan would suggest that he would need a padded cell. He said he wasnít going anywhere until he found Ciara. Jordan wanted to know what happened before Ciara left. He told her about the deal he made with Claire to be with Ciara. Jordan let it slip that she knew Ciara went to South Africa. He wondered how she knew. She said Abby told her. He told her that he didnít kidnap Ciara. He said someone was setting him up. JJ told Haley that Ben tortured Abby before. He talked to her about Abby and how close they are. They ended up talking about Melinda running for mayor and how she treats Haley. Jack told Eve that he wasnít interfering in JJís business. Eve tried to talk him into doing something. She said that Haley was in the country illegally. She thought Melinda would go after JJ. He said he couldnít make Haley disappear out JJís life. Eve thought he could if he exposed her. Chad talked to Kate about Ben taking Charlotte. When Kate was about to leave, Abby wanted to say something to her. Jordan told Ben that it was possible that someone was framing him. He said someone was framing him. He told her that he imagined Ciara reaching out to him. He told her that he wouldnít hurt anyone. She wasnít sure if she believed him. He said he was going to prove that he was innocent and sane. She wanted him to do that. They told each other that they loved each other. She said she had to go and would call him. Abby wanted to apologize to Kate for attacking her. Kate understood her reaction. Jordan called Eli. He asked her if she thought Ben kidnapped Charlotte. She thought it was possible that he could have taken her. She told him that Ben said he didnít do anything, but she implied that he was lying to her. Eve tried to talk Jack into helping JJ by turning Haley in. He said JJ should go to him. Eve told him that JJ didnít have to know. Chad and Abby did an interview about Charlotteís kidnapping. Kate and Jordan ran into each other. When Ben called Ciara, her phone rang in is room. He found the phone. The police were outside of his door.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason goes to see Harmony who cuts to the chase that Jason must be worried about someone if he has come to see her instead of going to see Shiloh back in PC. Jason explains his issue and Harmony tries to help out. Jason has an officer come in and tell him that he is illegally parked. He also was wanted for a crime in this city. Harmony gets the officer off Jason's back. Jason leaves. Alexis talks with her therapist about her father and how things were not great with him. She thinks it has to do with why she is so distant and chooses a certain kind of man.

Sam and Carly discuss Jason. She knows that they have to be apart but doesn't think it should affect their relationship. Sasha sits down with Valentin and Nina and Obrecht shows up. She clearly is not happy with what is going on. Maxie finds out through Peter that Valentin set this job up for Obrecht. Maxie is not happy about it.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Nikki insists Christine is arresting the wrong person and announces that her husband did not kill JT - ‘I DID’. Michael tells Nikki to stop taking but Nikki keeps going and turns to Rey and tells him he knew she killed him and mentions the watch. Christine agrees to postpone the trial but Nikki is coming in for questioning and Rey puts handcuffs on her. At the Abbott mansion Kyle tells Jack that things over over with Lola. Jack asks if he has talked to Lola and reminds Kyle he knew going in how busy Lola would be. Jack suggests he spend money on her for Valentine’s Day but Kyle tells him it can’t be about money and must come from the heart, Jack suggests the cabin but Kyle tells him he had tried to take her there before and admits Lola is a virgin. A surprised Jack suggests decorating the cabin and cooking dinner and he will have a horse drawn sleigh for them. Kyle texts Lola who agrees to meet him at Crimson. Meanwhile, Ana slams the door on Fen who showed up at the penthouse but he pushes his way in and apologizes and asks for another chance. He admits he was a jerk and insists he can’t loss this opportunity. His promises to work hard and asks that she talk to Devon. Later at the coffee house Fen is sitting at a table and Summer shows up. He fills her in on how he may be fired. Summer insists that people make mistakes. He admits he blew it. Devon and Ana arrive and Summer asks to talk to them. Fen insists it wasn’t his idea as Summer goes on to tell them it was her fault as she was having a major crisis and Fen stayed for her at the risk of his career. Devon insists in life you have to live with your mistakes. Summer gushes on about Fen putting a friend ahead of himself. Ana asks to speak to Devon in private. They come back and Devon tells him that Ana went to bat for him and tells Fen that he will be going on the road to tour and if he works hard and it goes well they will talk. Fen tells them they won’t be sorry. Kyle walks in and Summer heads over to him but Kyle tells her he is waiting for Lola.

At GCPD, Rey questions Nikki with Michael present. Nikki tells Rey she did what she was forced to do and begins to tell him about girls night with all the women and fills him in on her going upstairs and approaching as JT was choking Victoria. She tells him she hit him with the poker and how he looked at her with pure hate and then he left. She then says that Victoria and her went back downstairs to the party. She then says that later on she took the poker with her and tracked down JT. She says JT took off on foot and she followed him to Chancellor park where she told him she knew what he did to Victor, and that she raised the poker to JT and he taunted her. JT lounged at her and she swung the poker as hard as she could and killed him. Rey asks why she didn’t call the police but Nikki said she knew they wouldn’t believe her so she buried him. She asks if he wouldn’t protect his family member. Rey asks for a break. Rey asks Michael if he believes her, but Michael says he isn’t going to answer that, and Rey replies that’s what he thought. Rey goes back in to talk with Nikki and keeps questioning her. Why did she go after JT? Nikki tells him if he had children he would understand and she did what she had to do. She insists she killed JT and acted alone. Victoria and Nick arrive as Nikki is led away. Rey comes out and asks Victoria to verify Nikki’s story. Back at Crimson Lights, Summer watches as Kyle hands Lola a handwritten invite to the Abbot cabin. Lola tells him he just doesn’t get how big her chef opportunity is and how she cannot take time off and go on a vacation and he doesn’t understand. Lola suggests they go their separate ways. She leaves and Kyle brushes off Summer. Back at GCPD Rey is now questioning Victoria about the night JT died. Her story doesn’t match up to Nikki’s story. Victoria insists that Nikki was lying to cover for her father. Rey asks if she has a fireplace in her bedroom and when was the last time she used it to which Victoria tells him yes but she doesn’t remember the last time it was used. Back home Victor asks about Nikki. Victoria admits she didn’t get to talk to Nikki to collaborate on their stories and Nick mentions they shouldn’t contact Sharon or Phyllis via text as they are both out of town. At GCPD, Rey announces that Nikki will remain in custody and informs her that he will prove she didn’t do it alone.


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