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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that he knows she is trying to be brave but she does not have to do that with him. They just lost a baby and on top of that Steffy just adopted a new baby so that is a lot to handle. In speaking of Phoebe he says he had rather stay home with Hope today. She has a request; she’d like him to go and her to go along. He is not sure that is a good idea for Hope to put herself through that again. She says she knows he probably would not understand but she needs to hold a baby. He says again this is a painful reminder of what they went through. No one is asking her to forget Beth but this……might be too much. Wyatt and Sally talk about Steffy and Phoebe and even get around to this will all have to stop when they have kids, eating popcorn and drinking beer in bed. Then she becomes down and says she feels so badly for Hope and wishes there was something they could do. He says they just need to be there for Hope and Liam. Zoe tells Xander again that she is going to pay another visit to her dad’s apartment even if Flo is there. Flo looks over the adoption papers she and Steffy signed and stuffs them out of sight in a drawer. Steffy calls Liam about him coming over and he tries to ask if Hope can come but Steffy has to quickly hang up so she is shocked when Hope also walks in with Liam.

Hope says she hopes it is okay that she came and makes her intentions known. She would like to see Phoebe. Steffy says she is sleeping now. Liam tells her both babies will probably awake soon. Liam and Steffy keep throwing glances at each other as Hope pitches right in and starts folding baby clothes. Steffy tells her not to take this the wrong way but she is not sure this is a good time for Hope to be here. Liam chimes in that he told her the same thing but maybe this is the right thing. A baby cries and Hope says she would like to go pick her up if that is okay. She holds and rocks Phoebe and Liam and Steffy can see it on the Baby cam with Hope telling Phoebe about having but losing her own baby. Zoe lets herself in the apartment and starts going through drawers looking for any clues about her dad. She finds the adoption papers. Flo is alarmed until he sees it is Zoe again. Zoe says she came back to find more answers and guess what she found! She holds up the papers that say Flo had a baby and gave it up to Steffy. Zoe starts asking more questions as she finds it so unlikely that Flo has that body and yet just had a baby a month ago. She demands more answers and what this has to do with the baby that Steffy has now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby talked to Jennifer about Charlotte being missing. Chad went after Ben and accused him of taking Charlotte. Ben denied taking her, but Chad continued to choke him. Ciara made Jordan think that she saw the light about Ben. Ciara asked her if she could untie her. JJ apologized to Haley for going off on her sister. He reminded Haley about why he went off on her. He realized he was doing it again and apologized. Haley said that Melinda wanted to help people. Melinda ran into Abe and told him that the police force wasnít doing anything about Charlotte being missing. Abe said the police was doing what they could. She said that they werenít. She said that he wasnít going to be mayor for long. Eve talked to Jack about him running for mayor. She believed he could win. Eli stopped Chad from choking Ben. Eli told Chad that there was no evidence against Ben. Eli said that Abby needed him. Eli told him that he was making things worse. Chad threatened to kill Ben if anything happened. When Chad left, Eli wanted to ask him questions. Ben wanted to know where he got the idea that he kidnapped Charlotte. Eli said from his sister. Jordan was suspicious about Ciara going to the bathroom. Ciara said she wasnít going anywhere. Ciara offered to help take care of Charlotte. Jordan asked if she swore she wouldnít leave. Ciara said she swore. Jennifer tried to comfort Abby by telling her that the police would find Charlotte. Chad came back and told Abby that he would find their daughter. Jennifer had to go to the Spectator and wanted Chad to stay with Abby. Abby said she didnít need a babysitter. Abby didnít know why anyone would take her daughter. Jennifer called JJ and wanted to talk to him about Jennifer and the baby. When Jordan untied Ciara, she was upset that Ciara grabbed her phone. Ciara lied to and said that she was going to text Chad and Abby about the baby. Ciara told Jordan that she could see the message. Ciara was suddenly dizzy.

Jennifer went to Eveís room and told Jack that his granddaughter was missing. He left with Jennifer. JJ went to see Abby and Chad to find out what happened. She told him about Stefan stopping by. She thought Stefan kidnapped her, but Chad didnít. JJ asked if they thought Ben did it. Chad did, but Abby didnít. Eli told Ben that Jordan thought he was a danger. Ben left to find his sister. Ciara wanted to know what was wrong with her. Jordan said she gave her something that took long to kick in. Ciara passed out. Jordan took her phone. Jack went to comfort Abby, but she pushed him away. He said he wanted to be there for her, but she was upset. He thought it was a bad idea to be there and left. Chad told JJ that he went to see Ben and wanted to pay him another visit. JJ told him to stay with Abby. Abe defended himself to Melinda. Eve interrupted their conversation to criticize his job as mayor. Eve asked Melinda where she stood on immigrants, but she was late for a meeting. Ben went to see Abby. He wanted to talk to her. Melinda went to JJís place to see Haley. Haley wanted to know what would happen to her if she won the race. Melinda wanted to find her a place. Melinda asked if Haley said anything. Haley said she said something. Melinda was upset. Haley said JJ wouldnít say anything. JJ went to Benís place to look for proof. Eli told him not to ruin the case. Ben wanted Abby and Chad to see that he had nothing to do with Charlotteís disappearance. He offered to help them. She wanted to know what he could do. She told him that Jordan said he was off his meds. He asked her if she knew where Jordan was staying. Chad threw him out of the house. Jennifer told Jack that it wasnít his fault that Abby was upset. He said that it was his fault. He said she needed her father and he wasnít that man. She said the family needed him. He wanted her to leave. Eve tried to make Jack feel better about Abby. When that didnít work, she wanted to find information for the mayoral race. He said that he failed as a father. He told her that JJís friend had an immigration problem. Haley tried to comfort JJ when he was upset about Charlotte being missing. They ended up kissing each other. Chad told her that he was the one who took Charlotte from her and he was going to be the one who gave her back. Ben found Jordan in his room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam goes to the DOD house where Kristina is on her way to dinner with Sonny. Sam and Shiloh discuss the history of DOD and how Sam could benefit from it. Sam agrees to go to the Valentine’s Day event. Sonny has dinner with Kristina and just wants her to be happy. Jason and Spinelli discover a woman who used to be connected with Shiloh. Jason plans to go looking for her.

Alexis flirts with a guy at Charlies and ends up just complaining about Julian the entire time. She discusses how she needs to go to therapy. She goes to meet her new therapist only to discover it was the same guy she was talking with. Ava finds Franco and realizes he didn’t hurt Kiki. Ryan decides to murder Griffin and takes him to the roof to do so. Jordan and Margaux look further into Franco being the killer

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Newman family struggles to deal with the fact that Victor's trial is starting and all of them do their part to protect the family. Abby persudes Arturo to do a magazine article with some photos to talk about their upcoming wedding so that the press won't focus on Victior's trial so much. Sharon feels guilty that Victor is taking the blame for everything to protect Nikki and the ladies night group. Nick has a meeting with the ladies night group to get their stories straight for the trial. Nikki and the Newman family gather to watch Christine and Rey escort Victor to the courthouse but Nikki's nerves are on edge and she can';t stand to watch the love of her life go to trail for a crime she committed so after Rey puts the cuffs on Victor she tells Christine their won't be a trail today because she killed JT and Victoir was trying to protect her.

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