The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/7/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie brings breakfast to the cabin and a jigsaw puzzle which she dumps on a table for all to sit around and put together. Brooke tells Hope to just be herself. Donna and Katie will be there for her. As they progress Liam comes in and starts to leave but Hope tells him to stay, he’s good at puzzles. Zoe walks in on Xander during a workout and he is not quite dressed yet. That’s okay with her. She fills him in on going to her dad’s apartment and finding a Flo, but she still did not get any answers of why her dad came here for only a couple of months and now has taken off again with no word or warning. Wyatt and Sally drop in on Steffy and they talk about the adoption…..that it was Taylor that actually found the baby through her contacts even though Steffy was not sure she was ready yet. How it feels so right.

Steffy and Sally joke around like when Sally found Wyatt and settled for him to be her boyfriend. Steffy gives her a high five and says sometimes the Spencer boys have to be put in their place. Katie tells Hope they do not have to put the puzzle together. They really came just to be there for her so she can let her hair down and say whatever she feels. Hope says that is the problem. She never knows how she is going to feel or when this feeling will wash all over her. Zoe tells Xander that Flo was not there when she got there but did return and while friendly enough everything changed when she found out who Zoe was. All she knows is that Flo works or at least did work in Vegas and got to know her dad then. Hope tells them that she does not know God’s plan but she does think in the end they will be stronger and wiser. And as strange as it seems it has something to do with Phoebe. She laments when she visited Steffy and held Phoebe in her arms it was like an electricity that went throughout her body. She thinks now that is the reason she will have hope again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady told Victor that Stefan was shot at Dougís Place. He also said Chloe was almost killed. Chloe went to the DiMera mansion to look for Stefan. She told Chad that Stefan saved her life. She asked if he was there. Chad said he wasnít. Stefan went to Jenniferís house to give Abby Charlotteís Christmas gift. Sarah came out of Rexís room in her bra and panties and saw Eric in the living room. She noticed that he was upset about her being with Rex. Eli and Lani went to see Ben. They asked him about Ciara. He told them that he didnít know where she was. When Stefan came home, Chad told him that Chloe came to see him. Abby called Chad and told him about Charlotte. Jordan brought Charlotte to the cabin. Jordan noticed that Ciara was trying to get away. Sarah told Eric that she knew that he didnít want her back with Rex and how she didnít like her. Eric didnít want to talk about it. She wanted to apologize for hurting him. Chloe went to the Kiriakis mansion and told Brady and Victor what happened. Chloe told Brady that she wanted to send the kids to New York. Brady told her that she would move in the mansion with the kids. Victor said she wasnít. Abby told Chad that no one knew where Charlotte was. She told him that Stefan was there and could have taken the baby. Chad told her to call the police. Chad asked him where his daughter was. Jordan put Ciaraís wrist back in the rope. Jordan said she was protecting her from Ben. Ciara noticed that Jordan had Charlotte with her.

Brady told Victor that Chloe needed protection from Mateo. Chloe said she didnít want to stay with him. Chad accused Stefan of taking Charlotte. Stefan said he didnít take her. Abby talked to Lani and Eli about Charlotte being kidnapped. Jordan told Ciara that she was protecting Charlotte from Ben. Sarah tried to reach out to Eric. Brady told Victor that he was heartless for not helping Chloe. Victor wasnít interested in helping Chloe. Chloe went to see Stefan to thank him for saving her. Chad went to see Abby and told her that Stefan didnít kidnap Charlotte. Abby told Chad, Eli and Lani that Jordan was at the house. Jordan continued to tell Ciara that she was protecting Charlotte from Ben, but Ciara didnít believe it. Abby told Eli and Lani that she wasnít accusing Jordan of taking Charlotte because she is her friend. They said that Hope thought that Ben might have kidnapped Ciara. They thought that he could have possibly kidnapped Charlotte. Ciara told Jordan that Charlotte didnít need protection when she had two parents. Jordan said it didnít matter to have parents to protect you. She told Ciara that her mother didnít protect her from Clyde. Brady threatened to quit working for Titan if Victor was going to run his life. Victor promised not to interfere in his life. Chad comforted Abby.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava goes to Ryan and asks if he knows who was arrested for Lulu’s attack Chase shows up asking for the files. Ava thinks that means that whoever it was, was a patient of Ryan’s. They admit it was Franco. Ava doesn’t think that can be true. Ryan and her fight about it. Griffin helps Elizabeth as she is determined to show that Franco is innocent. Chase and his team go through Franco’s office. Scott goes to help Franco out at the station but they end up linking all the murders to Franco as well.

Alexis and Sonny discuss Kristina. Alexis thinks that they need to let Kristina do what she is going to do. Sonny is not so sure about that. He is tries reading the DOD book but thinks it is ridicules. The bartender enjoys it though. Oscar’s tumor has not grown and he celebrates with Joss. Joss is not happy to find out that Kim and Julian are back together

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola talks to Abby and Mia about her arguement with Kyle at Crimson Lights Abby advises Lola to not let Summer ruin her relationship with Kyle. Abby also tells Lola not to let Kyle's friendship with Summer push her to rush into having sex with Kyle. Mia advises Lola to have sex with Kyle because if she doesn't she mayt lose him to Summer. Mariah sees Kyle talking to Summer and tells him that if he doesn'tstay away from Summer he will lose lose Lola. Mariah also tells Kyle that if he wants to have sex more then he loves Lola then he should let Lola move on with her life.

Michael tells Victor that his trial starts tomorrow and given that Christine now has an audio recording which has his and Nick's voice saying they have to get rid of JT the best thing he can do is plead guilty and say it was self defense. Victor refuses to plead guilty to something he didn't do and tells Michael he is confident thathe will get out of this because he is a great lawyer.

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