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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Hope there is no time limit that one can grieve so just give her work time when she feels like it. Everyone is being so supportive. Zoe asks Flo questions like what her name is and she must be friends with her dad. Flo says she is asking a lot of questions and Zoe says of course since she is living here in his apartment and he told her nothing about Flo. And frankly she is here looking for clues. Hope tells Katie, Wyatt and Sally that there has been an infusion of money for her HFTF line which means she will be putting herself out there for social media, answering lots of e-mail and of course have to make a statement concerning her loss. Brooke stops in personally on Steffy to thank her for handling things so well. She lost a granddaughter and it was not easy, but Hope is back to work today. There was no specific time for Steffy to adopt but Hope is okay with it. Flo tells Zoe that she has no plans to go back to Vegas as she lost her job. Maybe she will get discovered by some big Hollywood producer and he make her a star.

Zoe continues to probe. Flo says she has been polite and answered every question Zoe has asked, even very personal ones that seem to want to tie her in with Reese. She does not know the reason he left so soon. Right behind Zoe is a box of baby formula. So far Zoe has not seen this. With her back turned Flo manages to fold a blanket and put it over this box. Zoe says it still makes no sense that he re-located here and now just quickly gets up and leaves without telling her more. As Zoe continues to look around Flo picks up a pile of things including the box left behind and moves it to the bedroom. A baby cries and Steffy goes to retrieve Phoebe and brings her back to Brooke who has just looked over her shoulder to the shrine on the wall of Steffy and Liam. Nervously Hope explains to Katie what happened that night and ends up crying profusely. Brooke holds Phoebe and agrees she is a beautiful daughter and sister to Kelly.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman was with John and Marlena at the pub. They talked about Diana being Leoís mother. Leo went to Dianaís room with a one-way ticket. He wanted her to leave town. Ben told Tripp and Claire that Ciara was missing. Jordan went to see Abby. Jordan told her that something was wrong. Jordan told Abby that she had a confession to make. Leo told Diana that he was making a life for himself. She reminded him that he blackmailed a man to marry him. She acknowledged that she was a bad mother to him. She told him that she couldnít understand him. He thought it was because he was gay. She said she didnít have a problem with him being gay. She said she had a problem with him being a sociopath. She wanted to know why he wanted to stay married to a man who would never love him. He wanted to ask her the same thing. He didnít care about her answer because she was leaving. She said she wasnít leaving Salem. He asked if she wasnít leaving Salem or John. When Marlena left, John wanted to talk to Roman. Marlena ran into Eric. He told her that Rex was with Sarah. Rex wanted to make love, but she wasnít comfortable since with Eric hating her. He thought she couldnít get Eric out of her head. Jordan told Abby that she was worried about Ben. She thought that they shouldnít have let him out. Abby said everyone said he was okay. Jordan wanted to protect Abby. Abby left to get her some tea. Marlena asked Eric if he talked to Sarah. He said she was back together with Rex. Marlena said that Sarah knew her feelings. Marlena thought that she was with Rex because she couldnít be with him. Ben showed up and yelled at her. Eric stopped him from yelling at her. Ben was upset that she told Hope about his session. Marlena said that she didnít violate his privacy. She said that Hope wanted to know information about Ciara. He thought she was trying to say that he had something to do with Ciara being missing. Abby talked to Jordan about the last time she saw Ben. Roman wanted to know why John was uncomfortable about Diana. John said Diana left town and came back pregnant with Leo. John thought that Leo could be his son. Diana told Leo that she used to date John. Leo told her that John was married to Willís grandmother and Will was trying to get him. She said she wasnít going to let that happen. He said she would fall for John and he would be toast. She asked if he thought she would tell that he is a murderer.

Leo told Diana about the kind of mother she was to him. She said she was proud of him, but she would have sold him out. He asked if she would have really sold him out. She said he killed the man she loved. He said she didnít love his father. Roman asked if John knew for a fact that Leo is his son. John said he didnít. Ben yelled at Marlena for why Hope was after him. Sarah told Rex that she didnít forget about him cheating on her. When she thought about what he did, she felt like she wasnít good enough. He said that it was his fault. He said he hated himself for what he did to her. Tripp talked to Claire about Ben. Tripp thought Ben was suspicious, but Claire thought he was innocent. Tripp hoped nothing bad happened to Ciara. Jordan asked Abby if there was any hope of her getting back together with Chad. Abby said there was hope, but she wasnít sure. Abby told her what happened when Ben was working with Stefan. Marlena wanted Ben to go back to her office so they could talk. He accused her of pumping him about information. He said he would never talk to her again. He said he was going to find Ciara. He told Marlena that she and Hope could go to Hell. John told Roman that he didnít know how Marlena would react if she found out that Leo was his son. Diana told Leo that she loved his father. Leo said they always argued with each other. Claire wanted to know if he was going to shut her down for Ciara. He said he was only worried about Ciara because she is his friend. Jordan asked if Abby was worried if Ben was going to go after Charlotte. Abby said she didnít want to worry about Ben. Diana told Leo that she loved his father. She said he didnít deserve to die. Leo thought he got what he deserved. He said she would get the same thing if she didnít keep her mouth shut. Jordan told Abby that she deserved to have some peace. Abby appreciated her concern. Abby told Jordan to check on Ben. When Abby left the room, Jordan went upstairs.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nina spends time with Sasha and Charlotte at the park. Nina wants to know why Sasha was shocked that she got back together with Valentin. Sasha just didn't think they would. Nina feels that it made sense and that everyone should get on bored. Valentin meets with Willow and Willow tells him that she wants Charlotte to return to class soon. Nina later informs Willow she will be Charlotte's step-mother soon.

Maxie gets Peter to give Obrecht a job. Obrecht tells Anna who goes to Peter demanding why he would do such a thing. Peter claims he did it for Maxie. Maxie thinks it was a nice gesture. Anna is not happy about this. Peter needs to figure out what Valentin is up to. Lulu remembers that her attacker was Franco. Jordan arrests him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon decides to warn Nick about an anonymous tip she got at the police station a n e-mail with an audio file attatched to it in which Victir and Nick are talking about hiding the murder weapon and getting rid of JT to protect Victoria. Nick and Sharon wonder who could be setting them up because Nic k and Victor did have a conversation but important parts were left out of the audio recording to make them look guilty. Sharon tells Nick she thought about deleating the file but she would lose her job so she will have to tell the police because they will find out anyway since the tips have already been logged.

Summer goes out with Fen to make Kyle jealous and she couldn't be more happy when Kyle and Lola get into a huge arguement at Crimson Lights because Kyle didn't tell her about the photo shoot or show her the pictures in which he appears in a bathing suit but Summer saw the pictures. Lola tells Kyle that Summer will always come between them because Summer can give him sex and she can't right now because she is a virgin and has chosen to wait for a while to have sex.

Neil arrives for a suprise visit to support Devon and Ana at Fen's big showcase. Fen shows up very late since he is nervous about perfoirming in front of people but Neil saves the day when he persudes Ana to sing Fen's song instead of him so that Decon woon't be embarrased in front of the music industy elite that came to hear the new talant.

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