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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The office welcomes Hope and Liam back to work. Quinn says there is plenty of support here for her. Brooke says they all just want to show her how much they care. Eric tells Hope that her line provided so much hope for so many; it is time for some of that hope to come back to her. She can jump in head first or take her time; whatever is best for her. Liam says he thinks they are ready. Eric says he waited until she wanted to come back and today may not be the perfect time but he’d like to bring back her HFTF line. They have allocated more in the budget after all and this will be good for the entire company. He can give her as much work as she can handle at her own speed. Ridge holds Phoebe and makes a fuss over her, irking Taylor until Steffy brings out Kelly too. Along the way Steffy says she thinks Hope can play a big part in Phoebe’s life if she is up to it now. And in so doing she tells Taylor again how grateful she is to her and her contact for finding this beautiful baby. Zoe tells Xander that her dad is gone but she still thinks there is more to the story than he is telling. She has his key since the lease has not expired and she intends to go over to see if he may have left any clues behind. Indeed there are clues. She lets herself in and first thing she notices when walking around is a cosmetic bag with lipstick and such. Someone walks in the door and Zoe asks the same thing the woman does – who is she. Zoe tells her this is her dad’s apartment so she can put the phone down and tell her why she is here. She can see now she must be living here. So again who is she and how does she know her father.

Ridge wants to hear more about the birth mother since he has never met her. He is not being judgmental but he does need to know more about her. Taylor looks back at the shrine on the wall of Hope and Liam and says she feels the same way. It is a shame that Steffy is going through this alone. Steffy says all it took was one look at Phoebe and she knew she was the one. Hope tells Brooke that the last time she was in this office she was pregnant with Beth and she felt her moving that day as she was getting ready for a babymoon in Catalina. She endured all of that nightmare and it’s been rough but just holding Phoebe at Steffy’s has helped. Taylor and Ridge look at each other while watching Phoebe interact with Phoebe and are happy how things turned out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie tried to convince Abby to forgive Chad. Julie reminded her about the things Chad did for her to win her over. One of El Fideoís goons shot Stefan. Stefan got up and fought him. Hope and Ted continued to accuse Ben of kidnapping Ciara. Ben tried to get them to realize where she could be. Ciara found out that Jordan was the one in the cabin. Jordan tried to convince her that Ben was the one who kidnapped her. Kate tried to get Chad to forgive her, but he wouldnít do it. He blamed her for why he lost his family. Hope yelled at Ben and wanted to know what he did to Ciara. Ciara didnít think that Ben would hurt her. Jordan said she thought he wouldnít do it either. Jordan tried to convince her that Ben was the one who brought her to the cabin. Ciara asked her to untie her, but Jordan wouldnít do it. Kate wanted to know what Chadís plans were for the company. He told her that he offered to quit so he could get Abby back. Kate didnít see why he would do that for nothing. He reminded her what he did to Abby so it was a lot to forgive. Julie told Abby that Chad was willing to give up everything for her. Abby thought that he would resent her for giving up everything. She couldnít go through that. She reminded her that he believed Gabi over her. She didnít know how she could forgive him for that. Chloe was grateful that Stefan saved her life. She was still worried that her family was in danger. Ben told Hope to arrest him if she thought he hurt Ciara. She threatened him before she and Ted left his room. Ciara was upset that Jordan couldnít untie her. Jordan said she would be safe. She said that she was worried about Ciara when she found out that she was dating Ben. Jordan said Ben was a psychopath and his true side would come out. She said Ciara knew that and that was why she left him. Ciara wanted to know how she knew that. Jordan said Ben told her. Ciara asked her to untie her.

Kate told Chad that Gabi manipulated her. He didnít want her to blame Gabi. Kate continued to get him to fight for the company or he would lose everything. He said he lost everything. Julie didnít understand why Abby would forgive Gabi over Chad. Abby said she didnít forgive Gabi. Abby told her why it was hard to forgive Chad. She thought they would have had good times if Stefan didnít come to town. Eli and Lani showed up at Dougís Place. Chloe told them what happened. Hope talked to Ted about what could have happened with Ciara. Ben ran into an undercover cop and told him that he didnít take Ciara. He told him to go find Ciara. Jordan said that she was protecting Ciara. Ciara didnít see how tying her up would protect her. Jordan said she would put herself in danger if she went back to Salem. Jordan said she was the only one who could stand up to Ben. She reminded her how she grew up in the house with Clyde. She was going to make sure that Jordan never murdered anyone again. Ciara realized that Jordan was the one who kidnapped her. Chloe told Eli and Lani that the cartel wanted to go after her family. Ted told Hope that Ben might have been telling the truth. He said he believed Ben. Hope said she wanted her little girl to be safe. Jordan told Ciara that she was going to be safe at the cabin. Ciara was upset about being there. Jordan reminded her about what he did to Abby. Kate was finally okay with Chad being with Abby, but she didnít want him to give up his legacy for Abby. Kate said he could win, but not if he gave up. Abby told Julie that she had to figure things out with Chad on her own. Julie said she and Doug would be there for her. Eli called Julie and told her about the shooting. Julie told her to cling to the one she loved. Chad told Kate to call before she showed up. She found out that Stefan was shot. She told him to fight for his family and his legacy before she left. Chloe went to see Stefan and to see how he was. She thanked him for saving her. Hope told Ted that the footage at the airport was going to show her that Ben took Ciara. Ben tried calling Ciara. Jordan went to see Abby.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason informs Carly that he and Sam have "broken up. She finds out the reasons why and sort of understands but still thinks they should be together. Nina and Valentin spend the day together at Wyndemere when Sasha shows up. Sasha is shocked to find out that Nina is still living with Valentin and that Nina is engaged too Valentin.

Elizabeth and Franco both take Aiden ice skating. Lucas and Brad show up. Franco can tell this was set up but thinks it is nice that they are there for Aiden. They all cheer him on and apparently Aiden is really good at skating. Ryan demands that Lulu be examined in private. Lulu agrees and Jordan and Laura reluctantly agree.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah helps Tessa get a job in Abby and Lola's new resturant by telling Abby and Lola that the reason that Sharon let her go from Crimson Lights is because Sharon doesn't want her and Tessa to be together. Tessa is thrilled about getting the job and she and Mariah celebrate by eating cake. Nick tells Michael about his suspicion that JT is alive and trying to frame Victor Niick also tells Michael about Katie's not so imaginary friend and asks him to take the security cameras to a lab to get tested for fingerprints so they can finally catch the person that is trying to frame Victor.. Mariah tells Kyle has to work to keep his relationship with Lola and not let Summer distract him. Phyllis tells Kyle that the pictures from the photo shoot turned out great. Summer figures out that there are problems in Kyle and Lola's relationship so continues to talk about Fen and how much he has changed so that she can make Kyle jealous. Abby warns Lola not to letr her guard down with Summer because she wants Kyle and she won't stop until she gets him.

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