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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge discuss Hope going to see Phoebe. He says she must feel she is ready. Brooke says she will feel safe as Liam is there. Liam and Steffy look on as Hope holds and rocks baby Phoebe. Charlie scolds Zoe and Tiffany for flying around on their copper scooters. He is head of security and he sees everything. He is interrupted by Reese though who has something to say to Zoe. He tells Charlie that he feels secure and will trust that he will look out for Zoe when he is gone. He informs him them he is leaving Los Angeles and going back to London. Taylor bursts in on Brooke and Ridge and wants to talk to them about Phoebe. It seems like Hope is accepting the adoption and she appreciates that effort but it has to be a painful reminder of what she lost in Beth. So for her to go see Steffy and Phoebe right now is a bit much. Though she has always felt this baby is a part of this family. Reese tells Zoe that he is not in any trouble but he has been called back to London for his former project. And he knows he stresses her out by being here and he does not want to complicate her life any more than he has. She says he can build his practice here and does not have to leave. He assures her that he will come here occasionally and she can always come see him. If she ever needs him then he will come running. So just be happy. She means the world to him and he loves her. Ridge tells Brooke that she handled Taylor well and he is proud of her handling the adoption so well. She says she hopes so as she will never get over it if Hope does not get to feel that mother and baby bond. Eventually she will feel that too.

Taylor drops in on Reese as he is packing up. He says the transfer came through and he will be leaving on the red-eye tonight. He asks about the baby and she replies she is just fine. Liam watches as Hope holds a sleeping Phoebe and they smile at each other. Steffy brings out Kelly and Hope says can you imagine how much they are going to enjoy being in cahoots with each other. Steffy says she realizes how difficult this might be for her but she could use all the family she can get and she would like Hope to be part of her life too. Taylor says she hates to see Reese leave so soon. He says he came and got all accomplished so it is time to go. Taylor tells Reese that Steffy puts up a strong front but she has lost so much in life. She lost her twin and recently lost Liam so she needed this new baby in her family. Back home Liam says he knows that was difficult but he’s proud of Hope. She says Phoebe will be part of their family for a long time. She laments that it was so surreal holding her. She could close her eyes and feel like she was hers. She would like to have that feeling. She cries that she wishes she could have baby Beth back. Meanwhile Steffy is holding a sleeping Phoebe and saying her mommy is here while we see Hope crying for her baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to see Diana. She kept calling him Roman. He told her that his name is John. She said she knew his name because she looked him up. Hope begged Marlena to tell her if Ben told her anything about Ciara. Marlena said that she couldnít tell her anything. Ted said that he would get a court order to make her talk. El Fideoís people showed up at Dougís Place to get Chloe. Claire apologized to Tripp for working with Ben to break up his relationship with Ciara. He was upset that she cost him his relationship. She said it wasnít her fault that he lost her. She said it was his fault. Hope asked Marlena to help her find her daughter. Diana told John that she ran into Marlena at the square. She told him that she lied to Marlena about who she was. He wanted to know why she lied. She said she didnít know how much he told Marlena. He reminded her that she left him. She reminded him that she shot him. He thought it was unfair that she knew about him when he didnít know about her. She wanted to know what he wanted. He wanted to know about Leo. One of El Fideoís men put the knife to Chloe. Stefan picked up a knife from the table while no one was looking. Stefan tried to threaten the goons by mentioning Stefan. Diana was upset that John wanted to know about Leo. Tripp was upset with Claire when she tried to blame him for why he lost Ciara. She said he was the reason why they broke up since he framed Ben for setting the fire. Tripp still blamed her for ruining his chances of getting Ciara back. Claire flashed back to Tripp threatening her. Marlena told Hope that Ben cared for Ciara. Hope asked if he was turning crazy. Marlena said she didnít. Hope wanted to know if he said anything else. She asked if Ben was off his meds. Marlena said he missed a dose or two. Hope was worried because he tried to hurt Ciara the last time he was off his meds. Ciara begged the person who is holding her captive to let her go. The person covered her mouth to keep her from talking.

Tripp talked to Claire about setting Ben up for setting the fire. He said that he didnít blame her for why he lost Ciara. Claire was relieved. She asked if he could give her another chance. He said he wanted to be friends. She didnít think they could be friends. She reminded him how they made love for why they couldnít be friends. He told her that he accepted his apology. He said he would give her another shot, but she couldnít lie to him anymore. Stefan told the goons that they better walk away. They wanted to know what was so special about Chloe. Stefan said his father would get them if they didnít walk away. Hope told Marlena that she appreciated her help. Hope was worried that Ben was going after Ciara. Hope was going to find Ciara. Ted said he was going with her. John asked Diana if she could tell him something that could help him with Leo. Leo showed up and wanted to know if they were talking about him behind his back. Leo asked if they knew each other. They said they did. John told him that he wasnít the type of person that would hurt people. He told her to ask Diana. Stefan told the goons that they would wish that their old boss have killed them compared to what Stefan would do. One of the goons said that Stefan hadnít been heard from in a long time so he would take his chances on his son. Hope and Ted searched through Benís room. Ben showed up and wanted to know what was going on. Hope asked him where Ciara was. He said she was away. She told him that Ciara was missing. He said that he didnít know where she was. John met Marlena and told her that he talked to Leoís mother. Marlena said she did too and told her what happened. He told her that Diana used to be his ex. Diana told Leo that she knew him when he was Roman Brady. Leo wanted to know his relationship with John. She said she was with him for two years. He thought she was still in love with John. When one of the goons tried to attack Chloe, Stefan fought him off. The goon got up and fired his gun. Marlena and John talked about Diana lying to her about who she was. Marlena said she must have had Leo right after she left Salem. Hope asked Ben how he talked Ciara into leaving early. She asked him about his medication. He said he missed one dose. He was upset with Marlena, Hope and Ted. Ted told him that Marlena thought he was a danger to himself and demanded to know where Ciara was. Jordan turned out to be the one who held Ciara captive.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny goes to see Anna in terms of getting a hold of Dante. Robert however informs him that Dante's life could become endangered if he were to be put into contact with anyone right now. Sonny understands. Jason goes to Kristina in hopes that she will understand what Sam has been struggling with. Kristina gets it but thinks that sense for her to join DOD with her. Sam meets with Shiloh who understands her struggles or at least tries. Sam later tells Jason she still doesn't believe him.

Lulu agrees to be checked out for other ways to get her memories back. Laura is against it but Lulu reminds her it is her choice. Jordan arranges for Kevin. Franco visit's Kiki's grave and is sad by her passing. Ava and him share a moment together.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Mia arrives home and is surprised Rey is home. He wanted to spend time with his beautiful wife and the newlyweds kiss. They later talk on the couch about how committed they are. They agree to always talk about their problems but Mia assures him there will never be any problems. As Rey heads off to work Mia tells him she is having drinks with Abbey. Rey questions it but Mia assures him it is a good will mission over cocktails. Back at the ranch Victoria calls for Katie who is in the wall. Katie calls out that she is there but that it’s dark inside. Billy and Nick pull apart the wall and are able to pull Katie out. Victoria and Billy assure Katie she isn’t in trouble. Victor looks into the opening in the wall and let’s out a “whoa”. At the GCPD, Sharon assures Rey that she is glad things are going well for him and Mia. She tells him she is glad nothing happened between them and that they are good close colleagues. Rey tells her their relationship is extremely important to him. He also tells her that Christine may not have enough to hold a conviction on JT’s murder. Sharon questions Rey why they would bring Victor to trial if they don’t have enough evidence. Rey assures her he will be going over the evidence again to sway someone like her. She wishes him luck. Meanwhile, Abbey meets Mia at the club and admits her surprise. Mia mentions she would like to be friends and they toast. Mia tells Abbey that she really liked her when she first met. Abbey reminds her of how Mia announced her and Arturo’s relationship in front of everyone. Mia explains why she did what she and that she needed to shake things up and it worked. Mia assures Abbey that things are over with Arturo. Abbey assures her that Arturo didn’t propose to her to compete with his brother. They discuss Abbey’s wedding and Abbey admits it’s her second marriage but Mia scoffs and tells her it doesn’t matter and she needs to make a splash and to not settle for anything less than the best. Abbey tells Mia she sure talks a lot about Arturo and tells her that it kills Mia that he made a commitment to Abbey. She tells her to keep her relationship with Arturo back in high school where it belongs. Mia just tells Abbey she is insecure, and Abbey fires back that Mia won’t get in her way of her plans with Arturo and up and leaves a stewing Mia.

Back at the ranch it is discovered there are cameras and audio watching the ranch within the hidden space. Billy takes Katie to see if she will talk with him alone. Shortly after, Billy fills Victoria, Nicki and Victor in on his talk with Katie and tells them that Katie’s visits with her friend had been going on for a week. She told him it was fun and she wasn’t scared. Billy then shows them the picture of the friend Katie had drawn. Victor says there is only one man he knows of that checks all the boxes and could have started the fire at the ranch and who could have done all of this. He believes it was JT but the others disagree and don’t believe he faked his own death. Nikki said it would explain a lot and Victoria agrees. Victoria and Billy take Katie back home. Nikki, Victor and Nick continue talking about JT. Nikki tells them she thought he was dead and that she hit him hard but questions that maybe they were wrong. Victor says it makes sense that JT would torture her and also him. Nick insists they must find JT as both of their futures depend on it. At Victoria’s, Billy and Victoria talk about how scared they were. Victoria thanks him. They share a coffee and continue talking. Billy tells her he misses his friend and hopes they can make their way back to each other as friends. Sharon visits Nick and tells him that Christine doesn’t feel she has enough evidence to convict Victor, and Nick thanks her profusely. She tells him loyalties matter more to her than her job. Back at the ranch Victor and Nikki continue talking about JT. Victor tells her he bets JT will come back and that will be the end of him. They agree they have to stop this person and she won’t feel safe until they do.

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