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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Brooke that Liam should be with Steffy as she welcomes Phoebe to her new home. Steffy watches Liam hold and feed Phoebe and says she knows she adopted her but she will always be his daughter. She says the moment she saw her she knew it was meant to be. And to think the bio father wants nothing to do with her. Reese tells Flo that he would have never crossed the line morally or otherwise with this baby if it were not for protecting his own daughter. He said he kept out enough for his own debts but the $50,000 is for her. He hates that he got her involved. She says $50,000 gave one woman a child while taking it away from another. He tells her to take it and use it anyway she needs as she deserves it and just know the bottom line she is giving that baby a good home. Brooke tells Hope that she is extremely generous in telling Liam to go and be with Steffy today. She says Beth will never be replaced in their hearts but this could be the beginning of his healing. Brooke says she knows she still has plenty of questions so maybe it would help if she even went over there and met Phoebe. Steffy asks Liam what she will tell Hope; she has to know he is here. He says yes, it was Hope who encouraged him to come over. He says he only got to hold Phoebe that once, that sweet little girl, but it was so strange. Beth will always be in his heart but he cannot get her back. But looking at Phoebe he can see a future. She is a miracle. She says a miracle to him too.

Reese says goodbye to Flo. She questions him just leaving. He says she knows his past. Trouble follows him and he wants Flo to be happy. And he does not want to follow his daughter around and drag her down too. He tells her he has paid the rent so she can stay here for a while. No one can ever know what happened, especially the baby’s mother. Hope tells Brooke and Ridge if she went over to see Phoebe today it might make her miss Beth all the more. But she thinks she might need to do this and if it gets to be too much she can just leave. She knocks on the door and surprises Liam and Steffy. Hope understands this happened so quickly but she’d really like to meet Phoebe. Steffy brings her out and introduces Phoebe to her Aunt Hope. Hope wants to hold her while Liam asks if she is sure. Her eyes are transfixed on her and she smiles and places a kiss on her forehead. She looks at Liam and he gives a big smile.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe walked in Dougís Place and saw Stefan in there. He wanted her to join him for a drink. Hope talked to Ted about Ciara not being in touch with her. He tried to get her not to worry about it. Ciara was tied to a bed. The person who held her captive let her hear Hopeís voicemail. Stefan wanted to have a drink with Chloe, but she turned him down. She finally agreed to have a drink with him so he could get off her back. Diana told Marlena that she knew her because she used to listen to her radio show. Diana said she got her through terrible times. Diana offered to buy her a drink. Leo flirted with Brady when he moved in the mansion. Leo told him that he wanted to get to know him better, but Brady wasnít interested after what he did. Leo said that Vivian was the one who put him up to it. Brady said he buried Vivian alive and would do the same to him if he didnít stop touching him. Stefan talked to Chloe about her kids. He opened up to her about how he felt when he thought Charlotte was his. Chloe said that he could still be in Charlotteís life since sheís his niece. He said Chad and Abby wouldnít let him near her. He showed Chloe the Christmas gift he still carried with him. Hope continued to worry about Ciara. The person who held Ciara captive lit a match in the cabin. Marlena agreed to have a drink with Diana. Brady threatened to attack Leo if he kept flirting with him. Leo kissed him. John walked in on them kissing.

Marlena wanted to know why Diana was in Salem. Diana said she was visiting her son. Marlena talked to her about her daughter. Marlena wanted to know her name. Diana told her her name. Marlena realized that Leo was her son. Brady wanted to know what Leo was doing. Leo wanted to know who John was. John said he was Bradyís father. John asked Leo about his mother. Leo wanted to know how he knew about his mother. Leo realized that John was the one who found his mother and called him a jerk. Chloe and Stefan talked about Brady and him running Titan. Stefan wanted to know why her relationship with Brady didnít last. She said they were closer now than they ever were. He wanted to know how close they were. Ted tried to make Hope feel better about Ciara being missing. Hope hoped that Ciara didnít miss Ben. Diana asked Marlena if she knew Leo. Marlena told Diana what Leo did to Will. Marlena said that Leo made Willís life miserable. Diana said Will was a fine young man. Diana apologized for what Matthew has done. Marlena wondered if she could do something to break up Sonny and Leo. Diana said she tried talking to him, but it didnít work. Marlena wanted her to try again. Marlena wondered what could have caused Leo to cause pain. She asked if Diana knew anything about it. Marlena wanted her to tell her something about Leo. Diana wondered if Marlena would give information about her daughter to a perfect stranger. When Marlena didnít answer, Diana left. John asked Brady if he could handle being CEO with everything that is going on. Brady said he could handle it. Brady told him that he and Chloe reconnected. John wondered if they were just friends. Brady said he and Chloe were just friends. Chloe told Stefan that she and Brady were friends. Stefan said the best relationships start off as friends. She said she didnít know if they were getting back together.  She questioned him about his relationship. Ted asked Hope why Ciara would miss Ben. Hope hoped that Ben kidnapping Gabi would be the nail in the coffin for her feelings for Ben. They ended up talking about Ciara being in the cabin. Hope thought that Ciara could have been with Ben. Hope wanted to get his help with finding Ciara. John asked Brady if he met Leoís mother. Brady said he didnít. John hoped that Leoís mother would help bring Leo down. Marlena went to the police station with Hope and Ted. Hope told her that Ciara went to see Theo to get away from Ben. Hope told her that Ciara came home early. Hope asked her if Ben knew where Ciara was. Hope wondered when she saw Ben last and if he mentioned Ciara. While Chloe was going through her mail, she saw a bloody knife in the mail. Stefan wanted to know what it was. She said it was the knife she used to kill El Fideo. Stefan wanted to know why someone would send it to her. She said that one of his goons said she signed her death warrant, but nothing happened to her when she came back. She was worried about what was going to happen to her. He told her to call the police. John went to see Diana. She called him Roman. Marlena told Hope and Ted that she saw Ben today. Hope told her that Ciara was missing and begged her to help her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle surprises Lola with a romantic lunch but she thinks that he is trying to prove to himself their relationship is in a good place. Lola wonders if Kyle is frustrated because they aren't having sex. Kyle admits that he thinks alot about it but he has never been truly in love like he is now. Rey and Arturo have a talk about his marriage and Rey wonders if he is ready for all the Abbott Newman family drama. Arturo tells Rey that he and Abby can handle it as long as they are together. Mia admits to Phyllis that although she is happy with Rey Arturo is in her heart because he is her first love. Billy , Victoria, Nick , Nikki and Victor search the Newman ranch for Katie and they finally find her inside a closit in the living room of the house.

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