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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Brooke and Ridge that Dr. Lin and Dr. Buckingham explained what happened to Beth but not why. Taylor meets Reese at the restaurant to hand over the money. They discuss how happy Steffy is now with this adorable daughter. She wants to thank him again. He says nothing is more important than family. The meeting is brief as she wants to get back home before Steffy does. Indeed when Steffy does the house is all decorated in pink balloons and banners. Taylor says it is a blessing for both of them. The thug and big boss come and Reese hands over the money in a steel suitcase and tells them it is all there, so lay off his daughter now. Mr. Thicke says he did not want to do it this way but Reese was not paying so he had no choice…..pleasure doing business until next time. Reese says there will not be a next time (sure, sure). Paying for his drink, he thinks one more time of the night with Hope and taking Beth and showing Hope a dead baby. And the questions she just asked a day before.

Hope assures all that she is okay with Steffy’s adoption giving a beautiful baby a good home and with Liam as a father. He should go and be with her now. He says the right thing by saying he does not feel right leaving her and she reminds him that he and Steffy are family too. Liam drops in unannounced and surprises Steffy. He says of course he would come when she brought Phoebe home. Taylor leaves them alone. He asks how she feels now being a mother of two. Steffy says great and her mom is helping so much. He says it is a gift for Kelly to be growing up with this adventure of a sister. She asks if he would like to hold her and of course he beams that he would. Though a million things must be going through his mind about another baby, he looks at her so lovingly. Steffy says she knows she adopted her but her mother is correct, Liam is her father too. They are family and always will be.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny talked to Adrienne about Leoís mother helping him get rid of Leo. Will went to see Diana to talk about Leo. Eli asked Hope if she was having an affair with Ted. She said she wasnít. He wondered how she could talk to him after he represented Ben. Ben went to Marlena because he needed her help. He told her that he needed help to get Ciara. Marlena wanted to know what happened between him and Ciara. He told her that he and Ciara had a fight. He said he found out through Hope that Ciara went to see Theo. He said he hasnít been able to reach her. Marlena wanted to know what they fought about. He said that he was working with Stefan and Ciara didnít approve of what he was doing. She wanted to know if it was illegal. He asked if it was confidential. She said if it were in the past that it was. If he was planning something illegal, she would have to say something. He told her it was in the past. He told her how he kidnapped Gabi. He said that Hope made sure that Ciara knew what happened. Hope told Eli that Ted defending Stefan was her idea. Eli wanted to know why. She thought it would help her get Ben. Diana told Will that Leo told her that Sonny wanted to track her down to get rid of him. Will said he had his grandmotherís husband track her down. Diana wanted to know what Leo had over them. Will told her that they killed Leo. Sonny told Adrienne that Leo wants him to perform husbandly duties. Will told Diana about the sexual harassment charge that Leo had against Sonny. Will told her that Leo would have killed him if Sonny didnít help him. He said that Leo hit his head a collapsed. She asked if he called the paramedics. He said they didnít intend for it to happen, but if they said anything about it, they would have looked bad. He told her what they did to Leoís body and what happened when he came back. When he told her about Leo working with Ted, she acted as if she knew him. Eli asked Hope if she knew when Rafe was coming home. She said she didnít know. He said that Rafe would come home if he knew that she was being wined and dined by Ted. She said that they were just friends. He asked if Ted knew that. Ted walked in on them while they were talking. When Eli left, Ted asked Hope about working together. Marlena told Ben that she felt the same way Ciara did about him working for Stefan. Ben said it was just a job. He told her that Chad fired him. Marlena asked if Ciara knew that. He said she knew that he was fired, but he didnít get a chance to tell her that he was quitting because of her. He told her that he worked with Claire to break up Ciara and Tripp. He said that she felt that he betrayed her. He said that Ciara was the only one who believed in him and felt that she changed. He said Ciara had his back despite everything. It made him feel like he could be a better person. He said he was afraid that he could turn back to the monster he was before without her in his life.

Eli arranged for him and Lani to spend time together at Dougís Place. Diana said she didnít know Ted. She read about how he represented Ben. She couldnít believe that her son would work with Ted. Ted wanted her help with getting Melindaís old job. She reminded him that he broke the law. He said he would be a better person. He said she would be a better person for her. Will told Diana how Ted and Leo worked together. She wasnít surprised. She told him how Leo tried to blow through their money growing up. She said he would have blown through all of it if she didnít cut him off. She told him how Leo tried to be an artist. Will asked her if she would be willing to help them. Marlena wanted to know if Ben felt like he could kill again. He said he didnít. He said Ciara made him feel like he had a purpose. He said he is lost without her. Marlena said that he couldnít let Ciara define him. He said he cared about her and it is killing him not to be with her. Diana wanted to hear Leoís side of things before she made any judgments. She wasnít sure if Sonny and Will purposely killed Leo. She wanted to know how she could help him. Will said that Leo gets agitated when he talks about her. He told her that Leo called her a monster. She said that Leo has called her worse to her face. Will thought she could give them information that they could use. She asked if they were looking for information. He asked if there was anything she could tell them. She told him that Leo has caused trouble over the years. She said it would serve Leo right if she gave him the info he needed. She said Leo is her son. Will said that Leo has hurt a lot of people. He thought that she could stop him from hurting people. She wanted him to leave. He wanted her to help, but she said she wouldnít. She threw him out of her room. Ted told Hope that she inspired him to do what is right. Theo called Hope and told her that Ciara left South Africa. Hope said that her flight she have been there hours ago. She wanted to know why Ciara didnít get in touch with her. Marlena asked if Ben had a support system. He said his father was in jail and he hasnít been in touch with Jordan. Marlena said he should reach out to her. She asked where he was staying. He said at a hotel, but he was going back to the homeless shelter. She asked about his medicine. He said he missed a couple of doses. She told him to keep taking his medicine. She gave him a prescription to get his medicine. She wanted to see him more often. She told him that she was there for him. Adrienne threatened to make Leo regret it if he made Sonny consummate his marriage. Leo thought it was funny that Sonny went to his mother. She said that she would make him pay if he went near Sonny. Will called Sonny and told him that Diana wouldnít help him. Diana ran into Marlena at the town square. Hope called Ciara and left her a message. Ciara was shown tied up to a bed.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan and Chase attempt to figure out how all the victims were connected. Franco is the only connection and they call him up. He is offended and has proof he never spoke with Peyton. After he leaves they still think he is a suspect. Elizabeth talks with Brad and Lucas about Aiden. They suggests they come for dinner to help normalize the idea of same sex couples. Elizabeth likes the concept and agrees. They warn her that things might not get better right away tough.

Alexis goes to a session with Shiloh and Kristina. Kristina wants Alexis to respect her. Alexis does. She just has a hard time sometime with her not doing what she thought she would in life. Kristina tries to get her to open up with Julian. Alexis leaves because she doesn’t want to deal with those feelings. Drew and Kim bond at her apartment. Julian then shows up and admits he never slept with anyone else.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle and Fen have to fill in at the Fenmore's photo shoot because the models they hired for the photo shoot got stuck in New York. Kyle is annoyed when Phyllis decides to use the shots that feature Fen because he has a hit song. Ana continues to be frustrated because Fen doesn't wat to work on their next song with her because he wants to enjoy being famoous. Ana can't make Fen understand that if they don't release another song soon his fame will fade away. Billy tells Victoria that he wants to build a solid relationship with her and he apologizes for what for telli ng her that she was incapable of caring for anyone anymore. Victiria tells Billy she needs time to decide what she wants to do about her life. Nikki wa nts to confess so Victor doesn't go to jail but Nicj talks her out of it and assures her they will prove Victor innocent and protect the ladies night group. Someone continues to watch Nikki and all the Newmans through a security camera. Nick tells Nikki to get some rest and she takes a nap on the couch before taking Katie for a walk. Nikki awakens from her nap when she hears a noise and calls for Katie but she can't find Katie anywhere.

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