The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/30/19 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor fills Ridge in on Steffy maybe having a baby sister for Kelly today. Ridge says he knew about it as Steffy mentioned the home study but he did not know it would be so soon. Something does not feel right and he keeps asking questions. Taylor says the baby is beautiful and she knows he will be all for this when he sees Phoebe. Steffy goes over more details with Carter and tells Flo that she is doing the most unselfish thing a mother can do. Hope goes to her doctor who tells her and Liam none of this was their fault. She will need to run some tests and make sure her body is healing okay. She later tells Hope that she looks fine and there is no reason she cannot carry a baby to term next time. The thug is crazy. He follows Reese to the hospital and demands the rest of the money. Reese says he will have it today but if he follows him to work again he will call the police regardless of the consequences. He leaves and walks into the wrong room……the room with Hope and Liam and they all stare at each other. Flo only hesitates when Carter asks her to sign giving up her parental rights. She wants to make sure what happens then or who might be able to see them. Convinced it would have to be at her own permission she agrees to sign. She convinces herself that this is a good thing she is doing. Before he leaves Ridge accidentally turns over the suitcase and spies all that money - $250,000. Steffy must be adopting a whole orphanage with that kind of money. Taylor tries to assure him all is all right.

Hope’s doctor realizes Dr. Buckingham was the doctor in charge that awful night and she leaves to give Hope and Liam some time with Reese. He says it was the worst nightmare of his life but he will answer whatever they need to know. Liam says good as he is the only witness to anything that happened that night. He tells Hope she did nothing wrong. She says she remembers him saying to keep pushing and she did. He says it was a tragedy. She wants to know what happened when she passed out. Did the baby cry or move at all as she always felt her moving until that point. Dr. Buckingham keeps saying he is sorry and then he backs out of the room with a sick look on his face. Carter thanks Flo and says she is amazing and he can’t wait to meet the new family. Flo turns over some clothes for the baby that she has on hand. Steffy says now all they have to do is wait. Phoebe cries and Flo goes and picks her up. Flo tells Phoebe this is her new mommy and hands her over. Hope says she knows she has to let Beth go but it will never make any sense. Liam holds her while she vows she will always love her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah wanted to talk to Marlena about Eric. JJ told Haley that he had a solution to her problem. Someone showed up at Claire and Tripp’s apartment after they made love. It turned out to be Ben. He wanted to talk to her. Jack asked Eve if she was hiding something. She told him that Xander wanted to sleep with her. Jennifer told Adrienne that Jack was running for mayor. Jennifer told her that Eve was trying to manipulate him. Eve and Jack kissed each other. Marlena wanted to know what happened with Sarah and Eric. Sarah told her that she did something to hurt Eric and was afraid it hurt their relationship. Marlena wanted her to talk to Eric. Sarah said she tried. She wanted advice on how to smooth things over. She said things were awkward between them because she got back together with Rex. Rex asked Eric if he could bring Sarah back to the apartment. Eric said he could bring her there. Roman showed up and wanted to know if something was going on with them. Ben wanted to know if Claire heard from Ciara. He said he wanted her to help. Tripp wanted to know why he needed Claire’s help. Ben told him that she wanted him to help break up Tripp and Ciara. Jack stopped kissing Eve to ask her if Xander ever mentioned Dr. Rolf’s drug. Eve wanted to know how he heard about it. He said Jennifer told him. She said Xander never mentioned it. Jack asked her if she knew that Rolf kept a diary. She lied to him about it. He asked if she knew that the diary was turned over to the hospital and they misplaced it. He said that it conveniently disappeared when he needed it. Adrienne told Jennifer that there would be no doubt that Jack loved her when he got his memory back. Jennifer told her what happened when she told him about the serum. She said that he got angry over it. Jack told Eve that he wished Jennifer never told him about the serum. She told him to forget about it because he had her. Sarah wanted to know if Marlena thought it was a mistake for her to get back together with Rex. Claire told Tripp that Ben was lying about her. Ben said he had no reason to lie. She ended up confessing to trying to break up Tripp’s relationship. She said it wasn’t a big deal, but Tripp said he did. JJ told Haley that Melinda would rather see her gone so she could win the election. Haley was upset with what he was trying to say. She said she didn’t blame Melinda for her problems. She thought she shouldn’t have told him about her problems. Jack had to leave Eve’s room because he needed to be alone.

Rex told Roman that he slept with Noelle. Sarah wanted to know if Marlena thought it was a mistake to take Rex back. Marlena couldn’t answer that. Sarah told her that her mother thought she was settling with Rex. Marlena wanted to know if she was settling. Sarah said she didn’t come there to talk about Rex. She wanted to know if it was ridiculous for her to think that she and Eric could be friends. Haley told JJ that she shouldn’t have dragged him into her mess. Jack showed up while Jennifer and Adrienne were talking. Adrienne reminded him that she was his sister. She invited him to have lunch with them, but he left. Adrienne apologized for driving Jack away. Jennifer said it was her fault. Jack showed up at JJ’s apartment. Tripp ran into Haley at the park. He wanted to know if she was okay. Claire yelled at Ben for screwing things up for her and Tripp. Ben told her why he was honest with Ciara. He wanted her to tell Ciara that the break up plan was her idea. Claire said that it was probably too late. When she tried to grab him, he told her to take her hands off of him and called her a b*tch. Marlena told Sarah that she thought she and Eric would get through the rough patch they are going through. Jack told JJ that he felt a connection to him. Jack said he was glad that JJ was there. Tripp told Haley about his relationship with Ciara and how he tried to move on. He said it was a huge mistake. Claire told Ben that he was hurting her. He told her how she hurt people all of the time and it was going to stop. She wanted to know what was going to happen if she didn’t. He told her that she didn’t want to know what would happen. Jennifer told Adrienne that she should be grateful that Jack was there, but she thought things were easier when she thought he was dead. She thought it would kill her that he felt so far away. Ben told Claire that he wasn’t going to hurt her. He said he needed to talk to Ciara. She told him to go to South Africa. He said he couldn’t do that. She wished him luck getting her back. He said he needed to fix this because he couldn’t take Ciara hating him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Drew and Kim run into each other at the Metro Court and have dinner together. They discuss Oscar and their devotion to their children. Brad and Lucas have date night at a table near theirs. Lucas is not ready to be away from Wiley though. At Charlies, Willow runs into Michael who is watching Wiley. Julian tries to separate them but it doesn’t work. Brad shows up to pick Wiley up. Julian tells him that Willow is the original baby’s birth mother.

Joss and Oscar have dinner after studying all day together. Joss thanks Julian for not spending as much time with Kim. Anna points out that Alex probably was the one who met with Cabot. She points out that Kevin also went blind and he is a twin. At Ferncliff, Kevin has gone blind. Ryan makes him tell him about Cabot. He tells Anna and Robert about this. Anna still thinks there is more to this.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summmer's plan to make Kyle jealous with Fen backfires when Fen catches on to her plan and tells her that she can call him when she wants a real date because he is in no mood to play games with her. Kyle is envious of Summer and Fen but only because he is gettimng tired of waiting for Lola to be ready to make love. Jack almost breaks up with Kerry because he doesn't want to rob her of her dream of having a child. Kerry explains to Jack she is only freezing her eggs to give herslf the option of having children in the future. Kery also makes it clear that if she had a child she would raise the child on her own and wouldn't ask her signifcant other to help her raise her child. Jack and Kerry decide to take their relationship slowly and see what happens in the future. Katie continues to play with her imaginary friend but the friend may not be imaginary because once Victor and Victoria find Katie someone is watching on a security camera.

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