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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam comes home to tell Hope about Steffy. She is still serious and in fact thinks she has found a baby to adopt. She informs him that she will keep her doctor’s appointment. Flo questions Reese as to exactly what kind of money is he talking about. He reminds her to say nothing in front of Taylor or Steffy. They are not selling a baby and they are not buying one. She says okay how much money is he getting for not selling a baby. She is aghast when he says $250,000. That is what he owes to keep his own daughter safe. He shows her the false birth certificate and tells her it is best that she not know everything so if anyone asks her she knows nothing and does not have to lie. She mentions they both could get in trouble for this. Taylor tells Steffy that she knows Hope will have some resentment but she will get over it in time. Even Liam tells Hope that Steffy is suffering in her own way and missing Beth, but out of nowhere this child came forward and seems a perfect fit. She had to say yes or no quickly. He said she even tested it out on him to say yes and he agreed.

Carter looks over the papers provided by Steffy. He says all he needs now is the birth certificate and Taylor says her contact will surely provide that. Reese tells Flo not to look so shaky. They are in the home stretch now and Steffy will be happy. Flo will have $50,000 and no one is going to challenge this. No one has a reason. The sharks get their money, his daughter is safe, and Steffy gets her baby. Flo asks what does the bio mother get. He blows it off that she will have other healthy children some day. Liam explains to Hope that this is a private adoption and they both fell in love with the baby girl right away. He explains that he has already met her. She wants more details. It can’t be any harder than what they have already gone through. He says he is not saying this to add to her pain but it is true. He thought of Beth, this perfect little creature and suddenly his hurt is not as bitter as it was. He tells her that her name is Phoebe. Hope says she is happy for Steffy. Maybe this is the beginning of a second beginning, God’s way. Steffy and Carter go to meet Flo. He looks over the papers including the fake birth certificate and says all she needs is to sign the rights to give her up child. Steffy realizes it is a happy day for her and a sad day for Flo. So if she needs more time or changes her mind she will understand. Flo says no, she will sign.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will told Sonny that John found Leoís mother. Leoís mother showed up at the Kiriakis mansion. He wasnít happy to see her. Sarah told Eric that she decided to give Rex another chance. Rex wondered why he wasnít happy about it. She thought he hated her because she slept with Xander. Eric said he didnít hate her for sleeping with Xander. She ended up having to go to the hospital. JJ confronted Haley about being undocumented. She didnít want to talk about it, but he wanted to help her. Sonny was happy that John found Leoís mother. Sonny thought that he could get rid of Leo. They told each other that they loved each other. Leo wanted to know why his mother was there. She told him that she was being followed. She told him that a man was asking about him. He wanted to know what he wanted. She said she gave him the slip. She wanted to go inside the mansion. JJ wanted Haley to tell her about herself. She opened up to him about her family. Maggie talked to Sarah about Rex sleeping with Noelle. Sarah said that Noelle has been leaving her messages apologizing to her. Maggie told Sarah that it was a good thing that she got Rex out of her life. Sarah told her that she was back together with him. Rex tried to defend Sarah to Eric. Rex told him to be mad at him and not Sarah. He said he drove her to sleep with Xander. John showed up while Marlena and Will were talking about him looking for Leoís mother. When John was about to give Will the info on Leoís mother, Melinda showed up to talk to Marlena. John told Will that he didnít see Leoís mother. Leo told his mother that she couldnít be at the mansion. Sonny caught them together and wanted to know Leoís friend was.

Melinda wanted to talk to Marlena about Haley. Melinda said that she knew Haley told her about her immigration status. Melinda admitted that Haley was her sister. Melinda threatened to sue Marlena if she said anything. Haley told JJ how Melinda treated her. Haley told him that she couldnít stay in Salem because of Melinda running for mayor. John told Will that his contact found Diana Cooper and told him about Leo. He said Diana gave his contact the slip so he didnít get to talk to her. He said he thought she went to see Leo. Leo lied about who his mother is. Diana told Sonny that she is Leoís mother. Sonny wanted Diana to tell him about her son. Eric told Rex that he wasnít in a position to judge the fact that he and Sarah got back together. Rex wanted another favor from him. He wanted Eric to be friends with Sarah again. Eric didnít know if he could, but Rex wanted him to try. Maggie was upset that Sarah was back with Rex. Maggie reminded her of what he did to her. Sarah tried to defend Rex to Maggie. Sarah told Maggie that she tried to sleep with Eric. Sarah told her that he rejected her. Maggie was glad that he did because they were good friends. Sarah said she ruined that friendship. Sarah said Eric tried to talk to her, but she wouldnít listen. She told her that he showed up at the mansion and got upset. Maggie wanted to know why. Sarah said he found her in bed with Xander. Maggie was shocked. Diana wanted to know what Sonny wanted to know about Leo. Sonny asked if Leo got in trouble with the law. She said he did and that it didnít compare to what he did. Leo interrupted their conversation by accusing him of using her to get rid of him. Leo said his mother would never say anything to hurt him. Diana wanted to speak for herself. Will sent Sonny a text to call him. Sonny left the room. Leo wanted Diana to leave. When he tried to throw her out, she slapped him. She warned him not to tell her what to do. She made him apologize to her. She warned him that she knew things about him that Sonny was anxious to learn. Sonny interrupted and wanted to know what he missed. Rex wanted to know if Eric would make up with Sarah. Eric wanted him to focus on his relationship with Sarah. Rex apologized to him for thinking that something was going on with them. Rex said it would have been hard to deal with if Sarah slept with him. Maggie didnít want Sarah to punish herself by being with Rex. Maggie told her that she deserved a man who loved her. Haley told JJ that Marlena was the only one who knew her situation. She wanted to know if she could trust him. Sarah told Maggie that Rex would cherish her. She said he made mistakes, but he loved her. Maggie said he had a strange way of showing it. Sarah said she was going in it with eyes open. Maggie wanted to make sure she was doing what she wanted. Marlena thought Melinda wanted her to keep quiet because she was running for mayor. Melinda said it was her job. Melinda thanked her for helping her sister. JJ told Haley that he would keep her secret. She was happy. Diana told Sonny that she would fill him in on Leo, but she needed to rest. Sonny invited her to stay at the mansion, but she wanted to stay in a hotel. He told her to stay at the Salem Inn. She told Leo that they had so much to catch up on.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu attempts to remember who attacked her. Jordan and Laura try their hardest to get her to remember. Ryan tries to help as well but it doesn’t work. Ava offers Laura her sympathy and the two share a moment. Anna and Robert try to ask Ryan about Arthur but he claims he never met with the man. They think he is lying but Finn stops them from interviewing him any further.

Sam tells Jason they have to break up in order to trick Shiloh. She is going to join Dawn of Day to get an insider perspective. They need to be broken up so that he thinks he has won. Mike tells Carly and Sonny he is ready to move in with Yvonne. He clearly no longer remembers anything. Carly agrees to take him to the home. Marcus and Stella start to rekindle their relationship as friends.

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

Summer returns home and Victor decides to have her assist Victioria at the company since Victoria has to take over for him while he is under house arrest. Victiria isn't happy but since she is a team player she hides her displeasure at her father;s decision. Katie disappears for a second time and Victir and Victoria find her talking to her imaginary friend. Summer infirms Nicjk and Phyllis that she is moving in with them since she sublet her condo and Victor transfered her back home. Abby brings Mia a wedding present and apologizes for Arturo proposing to her at her wedding. Mia wants to practice hairstyles on Abby that she might want to use for her wedding and she cuts a big chunck off the back of Abby's hair on purpose and doesn't tell her she did it to her. Jack admits to Kerry that he found a syringe in her purse and Kerry finally admits to Jack that she is taking hormone shots so she can freeze her eggs so that she can concentrate on her career. Jack thinks Kerry is with the wrong guy because his children are grown and he doesn't want more children. Nick thanks Phyllis for protecting Nikki , Sharon, and Victoria and he tells her that he is happy they are together.

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